Friday, July 23, 2010

best week of my existence

EFY 2010 was AMAZING.
best week of my existince.
Deidre Edmunds is the best counseler you can get.
she changed my life.

my company was the GREATEST.
especially the people in my hall.
from late night girl talk, to looking for white pants ;) we partied.
best week of my life.

i dont know how to explain EFY any more then you just have to attend. it is completely worth $450. i love it

it taught me alot of things and i have a testimony. which...i will share.

cant say anymore but that.
enjoy my pictures.
ps: this first picture, yes yes, hes hot.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

cheer camp

cheer camp was a blast
we had cheer 6-8 am on tuesday and wednesday
thursday, friday, saturday we had camp 8-5.
-thursday we did tumbling and stunting and then off to take pictures and pf changs. us 30 girls polished off 5, 6 layer chocolate cakes in 3 minutes. YUM!
-friday we had choreographing and then to courtneys for a bbq, secret sister, and swimming
-saturday we had pyramids, stunting, and choreographing then had a parent banquet.
i love cheer so far and i think this year will be a blast:)
pics are below

Thursday, July 8, 2010

just a few

these are a few more pictures that i am posting from aspen grove.
so fun i loved it and miss it lotsss!

happy july

here are some wonderful 4th of july moments! well i guess it was the 3rd but whatevs! enjoy

Friday, July 2, 2010

made by keena.

i made these shirts for me and my cousin for july 4th (since its my fav holiday)
i also made these few headbands to sell at the store and just sell whenever.
7$ if you want one. pictures below.
love you all!

(sorry the pictures are bad quality...its my phone:/ )

good times.

these are my good summer times... random... but good.