Monday, November 23, 2015


the long awaited reuniting blog post :) excited? holy cow i am! do you know how long Tyler and i have waited for this day????? well, 730 days... 104 weeks.... 2 YEARS. i really feel like "i cannot say the smallest part which i feel" when it comes to that long awaited hug. yes it was perfect because we have dreamed of experiencing that together for much too long! i am eternally grateful Tyler chose to serve a mission. and i am eternally grateful that because he served, i had the desire to as well. it changed the both of us, and we learned to love and appreciate each other every single day we were apart. i love him with all my heart, and though this was one of the hardest things i have ever done, and some days i thought it would never end, it did. and boy oh boy, was it worth it. that distance only made our hearts grow stronger! and we are happier than ever!

many great things await us :) ***including an awesome video about this awesome day!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

upon returning, part 2

 happy wednesday! here are a few more pictures from LIFE upon returning home...

^^^ i can't even tell you how happy i was to see that thing so full. DO YOU REALIZE HOW MANY STAMPS THAT IS???? Tyler is home now and it is AMAZING (ill post more about that soon!) but as the days were numbered before he arrived home, i couldn't help but just stand in awe that these 2 years have actually gone by. some days, i NEVER thought that day would come. those really really long days where i missed him dearly. i have stamped this thing since day 1! haha one by one... it seemed like it took forever. anyways... seeing it filled was a happy day!!!

 ^^^ a few weeks ago at Nightmare on 13th with the Peery clan for Jeselyn's birthday! so fun! and seriously SO SCARY.

 ^^^ temple trip with my girl Kaylee :) so great to see her post mission for the both of us!

 ^^^ girls night out with these ladies! my megan girl, mia + kels. we shopped our hearts out and finished off with dinner at Blue Lemon. one of my favorite places ever. so much fun!

 ^^^ a few photos from a super fun photoshoot i was a part of a few weeks ago with Mia! this was for a new online clothing boutique called DIVI. they have the cutest clothes! check them out :)

^^^so im actually recovering from 3 surgeries, a bone infection in my tailbone/body, and a 4 day hospital..."trip". its been quite the process/adventure. a few set backs but also miracles have occurred and im just grateful everything is happening when it is. as hard as it is sometimes to deal with all this right now, it has been a miracle just to find answers since i have been dealing with this since i was 13. and this is going to be the end of it! im kinda done talking about it all the time though... haha sooooo we're done with that. 

be back soon kids! --- "the fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is all we need."

Thursday, November 12, 2015

upon returning, part 1

HOLA! soooooo to be honest, i am not sure how i feel about coming back to the blogging world. serving my mission changed my life and it means everything to me... and it has been hard for me to step back into the real world and especially to do everything that i once did before my mission. even if it is keeping my online journal :) i have dreaded hopping back on my blog and am still not sure i will continue it but at least 100 people have asked me if i am going to continue blogging and update you all on LIFE.

with that said, the reason i love blogging is because i just love to have a space where i can post all the pictures i take and actually remember the little details about my everyday life! which is why i had my mom keep my blog updated while i was on my mission.... so i can look back at those weekly emails and miracles with all the pictures! and to one day show my future children + posterity.

even though i am not quite sure how often ill be blogging... i thought i would at least share a few pictures of the things that have happened in the last 2 months upon returning home. and actually, since there aren't just "a few" this will have to happen in 2 posts, hence, the part 1!

so, onward! lots of pictures updating on whats been happenin ova here as of late.

 ^^^ General Conference!!! MAN i love it so much. every time. i grew such a deep love for General Conference as a missionary. it really is like CHRISTMAS! my family and i were able to go up and see it live at the Conference center and we absolutely loved it. how lucky we are to receive such divine revelation from living Prophets and Apostles of God. alsooooooo i was able to meet Dawn Armstrong from the movie Meet the Mormons! she is such a doll and a huge inspiration to so many.

 ^^^ Peery family party! it has been so good to be with the Peery's again as well. i love them so. they cracked out the kayaks and we ate good food and played some volleyball.... it was so fun! love those cute cousins.

 ^^^ MISSION FRIENDS!!! so grateful for them. i was able to see my AMAZING mission mom -- Hermana Dudley who i love with all my heart! we went to the temple together and it was so special. also had a little get togethaaaa with some mission pals at my house. mission friends are life long friends!

 ^^^ my bestie mia and i at Womens Conference. i missed her more than anything and it has been so great to be together again :)

^^^ my LAST package for my love Elder Peery! YES he is home and ill post all about that later :)

 ^^^ cousin love :) so wonderful to catch up with them again! now that kenz is living down here and briana is a married woman!

 ^^^ babysitting my sibs + cousins for a week with mia was quite the adventure. my parents went to Hawaii for a week (luckies! they deserve it. i love them and they needed that awesome week) we took them to do a lot of fun activities even while mia and i were both working full time! annnnddd these delish treats were made one night. oh so good.

^^^ David Archuleta concert! me, ky, savan & aydels. so fun!

^^^ i got a job!!! an amazing job that i love so much. im a CNA at Provo Rehab and Nursing. it is so fulfilling, and i just feel like it's another transfer :) my next step in life. the next thing my Father in Heaven wants me to do. i help people all day long and i have developed such a love for these people. which is why i love work! unfortunately i am on a bit of a medical leave of absence because of all my tailbone issues (which is a whole other story...) but i can't wait to go back. this job was such an answer to so many of my prayers!

so anyways, hey guys, im back! it's hard to even scratch the surface the way i feel about my mission and i hope to continue to express my love for it + the deep love i have for the Gospel of Jesus Christ... AND missionary work! but blogging and social media in general is such a resource to spread that love! so here i am, a changed Hermana Keena :) xx

ps: shoutout to my lovers! thank you for all the love and support. also, part 2 comin soon.