a little about me  +  my other half 

Tyler and i met in the 7th grade. 
maybe this is cheesy, but Tyler was the first person i liked as a little 12 year old in a new school. (love at first sight? maybe.) yet, we didn't become friends until senior year of high school. we became super close after just a few dates.

i was crazy about Tyler. i just never told him how i felt. 
to my surprise, he felt the same way. he always had. 
i still had no idea, and was THRILLED when he asked me to prom.

things moved pretty quickly after that. 
we finally realized how much we adored each other. 
life became perfect. 

we graduated high school in may...

then spent every waking moment of the summer together, making memories and doing things we lovei couldn't have asked for a better best friend.

we even got to go on a few vacations together... 

Tyler received his mission call for the LDS church in August.
called to serve in the Arizona, Gilbert mission

not a moment was wasted. more memories were made & every day was spent together, even when i had to start school in September

October 30 arrived, and we said see you soon.
Tyler left to serve the Lord as a missionary for 2 years

i miss him more than anything. being away from him is harder than anything i've ever done. yet i am nothing but proud of him, & i wouldn't want him anywhere else than the mission field! as i have now joined him in the mission field as well, it's even more exciting as we are able to grow together in the gospel, even though we are apart.

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Tyler and i continue to write lots + lots of letters. we look forward to the day when we can wrap each other in our arms after 24 months of being apart, serving the Lord. i love him like crazy. it's an unforgettable love, one where distance can't stop it. because distance means so little, when someone means so much.