Sunday, October 30, 2011

yum, cookies

i was so dang festive yesterday. Cait and i made Rice Krispies with orange and black sprinkles, then later i made a large batch of Halloween sugar cookies {which still need to be frosted.... } it hasn't really felt like Halloween is coming up so i was trying to make it feel that way. it is probably because i am not dressing up {orrrr i just haven't found a costume yet.... } but the fam and i are carving pumpkins later after church, then we have a family Halloween party {which we have every year... and i love it} later tonight. gotta love holidays

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

i have never done this before

Shirt: Shade, Vest: Target, Belt: F21, Pants: PacSun, Socks: 7Circles, Boots: Forever Young

never ever ever, have i posted a fashion post. don't judge guys, im just testing it out. i know a lot of people don't really read my blog but hey, it's for fun k? AND it's my blog. anywhooo today definitely had it's ups and downs

-i got 46/50 on my Chemistry Exam... boooo-yah! i studied for 2 hours last night. i am relieved
-i hit my MAX in weight training today. at the end of August it was 87 pound squat. today? 105 baby
-i slept in. this could also be a con because i had NO time what-so-ever to get ready
-i had the best breakfast ever. power bagel from Einstein's. my fav
-i have an interview in 45 minutes for Old Navy. wish me luck guys! i really want the job
-i WILL have a killer workout tonight at Golds. i will.
-i watched the episode of The Office today where Micheal proposes to Holly. i watch 3 a morning... love that show

-i have math homework due tomorrow that i should be doing RIGHT now. oh, AND i don't know how to do it... joy
-it was a B day... hate em
-we did Body Composition tests today in weight training. KILL ME.
-i was supposed to work down at 7Circles today in the back for 3 hours.... yeah i didn't. but i guess i can just DO that since i own the place
-i have been on the computer too long and NOW i have procrastinated... i should do my math now

Monday, October 24, 2011

i re-did my blog. say whaaaat?

you like? i love. much more simple and cute.
soooo that's really all i had to say, but i guess i'll throw in a picture.

this is me, Malia, and Caleb on Saturday as Malia and i attended our first BYU football game {no big deal, my brother basically goes to every single one, + i have lived in Orem my whole life, you would've thought i'd been to one by now... but no} it was a BLAST though. BYU kicked A star star.... {am i allowed to say that? i think i am.} 56 - 3 ahhhh-mazing

oh, and i went to the gym 5 times last week...
im a little proud of myself so i just HAD to share
hip hip!

Friday, October 21, 2011

look what i got yesterday...

you can be jealous
{of my pre-bought Breaking Dawn part 1 movie ticket at 12:03}
be JEALOUS guys. it's awesome.

oh AND you can be jealous of my awesome best friends.
they are better than your best friends... just sayin'

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

my monday

i slept in until 8 then decided I'd get up and go to 45 minutes {the taking notes section} of math class.

then i headed to the ortho where i spent 2 hours in a chair getting my "not missed one bit, stupid Herbst Appliance" off. i even had to take a bathroom break and get up to brush my scrubby teeth off 3 different times. BUT, its OFF.

after 6 long months {which was supposed to be 8 months.... my Dr. is nice to me!} i am so glad it's off. oh, and you think BRACES are a lot of pressure when being pulled off your teeth? try THIS. holy heck... kill me

the HUGE metal piece that was in my mouth
YES i did get this junky piece of metal out of my mouth. and it was the worst.

anyways, now i have chained up teeth and a bunch of new brackets and my poor gums and cheeks just hate me for it. sleeping isn't fun, neither is brushing or eating. the problem is, they gave me new rubber bands i have to wear for 3 weeks until i get my braces off. if you have never had braces, the pain is just not describable, and i guess you'll never know.

* * * * *
after the ortho i went to the gym with Hanni. after we worked our tushies off for an hour and a half, we went to a soccer game with Madi {and we saw Louisa and Amanda there!} the boys won and are in Semi's!

THEN, i stole Hanni's car and drove myself home... muahahahagot home, and headed to grandmas. yep, me and little Kaden (he thinks he's my boyfriend :) haha little cutie.)then we made cookies together, Halloween cookies that is. okay, HE made the cookies with loads of frosting then i cleaned the dirty boy up. still worth it, i got some candy corn which = my FAVdid i mention he is spending fall break with me? ohhhh yeahhh. life is good

Sunday, October 16, 2011

this will be the best week ever + Clint

Elder Clint Madsen. leaving Orem, Utah for Puerto Rico {first the MTC of course} on Wednesday for his 2 year mish. as much as i really want to support my friends who are going on missions, i hate it. i hate goodbyes. {BUT, i'll write Clint; alot} his talk was amazing! i'll miss him

Ash was visiting from her new home in Arizona, today!
it was awesome to see her, i've missed her

so, we're re-doing our bathroom... it's coming along great!
new tile, paint, base boards, and vanity table. can't wait

friday night was the "Monster Mash" at MV. Hanni and i struggled with something to dress up as, but resulted in 80's chicks {which i result to EVERY year.... awkward} then we get to the dance and nobody is even dressed up! haha oh well, it was fun. we had fun finding outfits too

tomorrow is going to be the BEST day ever
-i get to sleep in
-im not going to first period
-it's an A day, only my absolute favorite
-i get my STUPID Herbst Appliance off at 10 am tomorrow, holy cow im so excited. so giddy
-it's early out day
-i have picture re-takes at 4. my pictures were terrible, thank heavens for re-takes
-dinner at my grandma + grandpa's house tomorrow night, + my cousins from Colorado are coming for the week and i get to see them tomorrow :) oh how i've missed my 'boyfriend' Kaden

this week is going to be the BEST week ever
-duh, tomorrow will be amazing
-NO SCHOOL thursday OR friday

boo yah?

Thursday, October 13, 2011

check it out boys

isn't she gorgeous? this little babe got her braces off yesterday.
all those boys were AFTER her cause she is lookin DANG good
with those brand new pearly white teeth.
lucky mads... i love this girl

Monday, October 10, 2011

i miss Disneyland

all i want right now, is to go to Disneyland. i miss it there. i love the feeling of Disneyland. i just want to get away for a week, to the beach, but mostly to Disneyland. November, in the past, is usually when we go. i am not expecting to go this year but i have just been missing it. we have also gone in February, December, October, and April.

the last time i was at Disneyland was December 2010. {read about my Disneyland trip in December 2010 HERE} that time, we didn't go with the Garvins. which was still just as fun, because i love my family :) i do LOVE to go with the Garvins though {i love them so much} we have not gone with them since February 2010. yes. my family loves Disneyland so much we went TWICE in 2010. we are spoiled. but what can you say? it was our Christmas present!

oh my good golly i miss Disneyland.
here are past trips we have been on to Disneyland

April 2006
November 2007
October 2008
February 2010
December 2010
call me a child, but it's my most FAVORITE place on earth. ever

Sunday, October 9, 2011

soup + the gym + football + yogurt

it was a cold week. unusually cold for the first week of October. you really can never predict the weather in Orem, Utah though. one day it was 80 and the next it was 40! crazy crazy. i kept warm by having warm soup with Cait, going to the Gym with Hanni and Meg, and getting hot cocoa {my favorite} the weird thing is, is that it's supposed to go back up to 70 later this week. crazy Utah

Friday was the Orem vs MV game. last year we kicked their hineys 33-0. this year they beat us by ONE point. it was 34-7 and somehow they managed to gain 28 points and beat us in the last 2 minutes. i am not going to ramble off about football and school rivalry {which i love by the way} because this picture says enough. i still have my bruin pride :) way to go boys

Hanni and i were bored out of our minds last night, but managed to scrounge up $4.95 in change {purely pennies, nickels, and dimes} to buy some Yogurtland. it was especially embarrassing when we go to pay, and discover we really only have $4.00 in change, so we manage to mooch off others {including a little from the worker... haha} for that .95 cents. it was well worth it.

Monday, October 3, 2011

nothing tastes as good as healthy feels

i got a Gold's Gym pass today.
hip hip! hooray!

tomorrow at the gym you will see Me, Hannah, Jos, and Meg. plus i ate healthy ALL day long... except the little doughnut i had just barely {shhh, they are my mom's homemade; it was a must}

'highway to healthy babaayyyy' {our team name, we chant it everyday in low 'man' voices}

eating healthy + exercising + new gym pass = happy Keena
woot woot

Sunday, October 2, 2011

the conference weekend

i love conference weekend! but then again, who doesn't?

Malia and i decided yesterday morning that we'd had enough of our closet and room. the clothes drag on the floor and there just wasn't enough room. we spent the morning listening to conference and re-doing our room! we got a new vanity table and basically a new closet. it is absolutely amazing! i am in love.

my dad also re-did {or is still doing.. it could take awhile} our bathroom, so the Horton home was crazy yesterday! i also went to Madi's house with Hannah, Haley and Maddie to watch the second session.

last night was games night at Branson's house. planned by me! Hannah, Edgar, Chris, Jos, Kylee, Branson and me. i am SO pro at Scattegories; i dominated. then a bunch of graduates decided to join. Clint, Rick, Rob, and Bennett. that is when Clint and i dominated even MORE! we rock.

today i woke up to the usual 'conference sunday morning waffles' which was absolutely delicious, awesome job dad. in between sessions the fam decided to go up to Provo and walk the trail.
fall leaves + water + trees + my family = awesome photography.

new favorite thing to do: go planking. i love to plank on everything. it's so fun!
i thank Haley Lindley for introducing me to it. today i planked on something very high
*see below* most epic planking job EVER!

To-Do tonight:

-eat dinner with my family and cousin {and her roommate} we are having bran muffins.. yummy!
-do my math homework, that is due tomorrow... that i just remembered i have. dang it
-take a shower. a needed shower... {don't judge}
-make cookies for my neighbor to thank her for letting me wear her necklace to homecoming. uhhh homecoming pictures? those are coming guys, im sorry. i have some i could put up but i rather put up the professional ones we got taken... and we haven't gotten those back yet. wouldn't you rather see professional ones? yes i know you would.
-watch Cake Boss with my fam. i really love that show, and Buddy
-pick out my outfit for tomorrow. i got 2 new belts and new shirt... decisions decisions
-read my scriptures. this is a must
-Facetime my cousins with Malia. a weekly event on Sunday's at 10 our time, 9 their time. i look forward to this time EVERY week
-go to bed at a decent time... i struggle with this every single night. stupid iPhone4 addiction.