Wednesday, May 29, 2013

lagoon today

today was lagoon day! and BOY was it fun. i love lagoon! and i have only been there once, so i loved going again! Tyler and i even took the plunge and went on the skycoaster. the scariest, yet funnest ride ever! it was basically skydiving, or bungee jumping, or a mix. we got dropped in the air and it was the funnest thing ever!

+ we went on Wicked. which is also super fun! i mean, lagoon is no Disneyland, but it's as good as Utah supplies us with, right?

also this week:

family nights at the park with the Horton clan

 and a date night to the lift with some good friends on a night with a full moon

and tomorrow i graduate high school. which is SO WEIRD.

i am also flying out to Seattle tomorrow at 4 with the fam. i may be a little absent from my blog these next couple days because i will be having some wedding fun with my cousins!

much love, this is the last time i will blog as a senior in high school. crazy

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

18th birthday

my 18th birthday was amazing. i had the greatest day ever with my friends and family, and they all went above and beyond to celebrate with me! and now i'm an adult. which is crazy

so sorry i haven't posted this until now. i've been finishing celebrating... {not really, we just haven't had internet at the Horton home for a few days! due to a cut cord... oops!}

celebrating started off with dinner with the fam. for our birthdays we choose where we would like to have dinner, and i chose Malawis! i heard they have amazing pizza, so i knew we should try it out.
 ^^^ spinach asparagus pesto chicken pizza. to die for.

we had homemade pumpkin bars for dessert. my mom makes the best desserts ever.
mom and dad let me open my presents the night before! and even my cute girl Ky got me some body wash and Quince got me a necklace. they are adorable.
 ^^^ and i got Safe Haven! i LOVE THAT MOVIE.

mom and dad also spoiled me with a brand new laptop! which i am SO GRATEFUL for! i definitely need one for college next year, and it is the perfect fit. it's even touch screen! Tyler named it Joe. and we were all loving taking pictures on the new camera

Mia took me to breakfast, {and luckily let me know in advance so i didn't have to look like i just rolled out of bed!} we ate at Kneaders; which i absolutely love!

school was fabulous because it was my ONE day i didn't have finals, hallelujah!

after school, lunch with friends and sno-cones in provo!
^^^ Bransons epic fail at picture taking.

so we tried again... by ourselves... in Meggies car

Tyler came over, and boy did he spoil me.

he has been spending weeks on my gift. since Tyler is an artist, he drew me a picture. but not just any picture! it's a drawing of all of our memories // inside jokes. how cute is that? we have some really awesome memories together and we love to laugh. COULD HE BE CUTER?

he even put our picture in the middle from when we went to Manti
 ^^^ SO CUTE. trust me, i was dying.

Tyler also spoiled me with hot pink Nike 5's, and a red hot chile peppers CD. which is his favorite band, and the song we had our first kiss to. {too much information? oops. but it's kindaaaa romantic right?}

he took me to Cheesecake Factory {my first time!} and to the drive in movie {also my first time!} and it was the best night ever.

it gave prom a run for it's money, that's for sure

my 18th was one of the best yet, thanks to everyone who made it that way :)

xo, keen the 18 year old!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

tomorrow i will be an adult. AN ADULT!

^^^ my bestie/sister and i. just being cute on the sabbath a few weeks ago

how crazy is that? an adult. i know it's just a year difference, but it's weird to think that now im actually considered to be grown up. i will miss being a kid! a little innocent kid. i think that's what i'll miss the very most, is being referred to as a kid..... guess i will KISS THE KID YEARS GOODBYE!

17 has been good to me. i have made new friends, kissed some boys, taken some vacations, had my senior year of high school, been to Disneyland {twice! here, here,} earned my YW medallion, experienced being a vegetarian, taken *LOTS* of medical classes, taken an MATC course + awarded my CNA, *almost* graduated high school {1 week!}, graduated seminary, discovered true friends, and even found myself a boyfriend.

i'd say i have had an awesome year as a 17 year old girl.

i'm looking forward to the future, though. i can't wait to see what it has to offer! i can't wait to be old enough to make decisions for myself, and see what 18 brings me.

18, i can't wait to see ya.
i can't WAIT to see what tomorrow has in store ♥

see ya later 17, it's been real.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

the dentist today. another surgery

^^^ me in the dentist chair. i hate that chair.

it's sad to see how long these surgeries have gone on. who knew having 2 missing teeth would be so frustrating and annoying? who knew it would be such a process to put 2 teeth in my mouth.

like i mentioned HERE, the process takes 3 separate surgeries that have to be at least 6 months apart. the first surgery i had done April 2012, and the second i had done January 2013.

i knew this last one was coming, but i didn't exactly know it would be today. i left school at lunch and headed to the office at 1. they called this a 'follow up' so mom and i were both shocked to see that i'd have the last surgery today.

i didn't get put under, however, like i have for the other 2; so that was nice. but i think i would have rather been put out, because instead i just got a dozen painful shots. blechhhhhhhhhh. next up, the teeth being FINALLY PUT IN. luckily the screws are in, so all they have to do is screw in the teeth!

thank heavens the worst is over! say hello to fluids for the next few days i suppose. {i better get REAL FOOD on my birthday!!!} xo

Monday, May 20, 2013

matc + seminary graduations

weird to think time is going by so fast. i can't even believe it! this week i have graduated from my CNA class at MATC, and last night i graduated seminary. how crazy it is that it's already over.

MATC graduation was last Thursday. i actually didn't know that it was best dressed, so it was real awkward when i was the only one who showed up in pants.... {but i at least dressed nice!} we had speakers for our ceremony, and walked on stage to receive our diplomas. i still have state tests i have to take + pass, but it felt soooooo good to graduate!
^^^ me hugging my cute CNA instructor, Margo. she is such a sweetie and has been such a good teacher! i love this funny lady.

last night was seminary graduation. 4 years of seminary and it's hard to believe it's actually over! i spoke at seminary graduation, all about my thoughts on seminary. made me cry to reflect on the great memories i have had in seminary, and how much i have learned. it has been amazing

 now, just high school graduation.


it is bittersweet, that's for sure.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

I AM ALIVE {manti with Tyler}

it has been quite the week. i have barely had time to sleep let alone blog. not that i been swamped with school work but just that there has been lots going on! it's the time of year when there is never a dull moment. i have also been studying for my state tests and making sure everything is set for graduation. this week is my last week of high school ever. which is really sad. i am making the best of every moment, which is why i haven't blogged all week!

the boys had 2 soccer games this week for state playoffs. we won the first in Logan, and *sadly* lost the second in Bountiful in double over time + PK's. Han and i supported both games even though it meant 3 hour drives both ways and a windy cold game. i am so sad it's over!

MORP {the last dance of my high school experience} was yesterday, and i asked Tyler. Tyler had a wedding in Manti that morning {which is 2 hours away} and he wouldn't be able to go to the day date we had planned. the Peery's were spending Friday night in Manti, and because Tyler's mom felt bad he couldn't go, she invited me to the wedding.

we headed down on Friday and enjoyed every minute together + with his family ♥

Friday night Tyler and i explored the city together. out walking in the dark and it starts pouring rain, so we found ourselves in a McDonalds warming up // drying off + enjoying hot fudge sundaes at midnight. ironic how we chose to eat ice cream while freezing and wet... it was a YOLO kind of night

the wedding was Saturday morning at the Manti temple. i had never even seen this temple before, and it was absolutely beautiful.

Tyler's mom is a photographer, and took a bunch of pictures for us! his dad and brother decided to join too. and it was also very windy. long hair + wind.... yeah no good :) let's just say we tried our hardest in these pictures.

luckily Tyler and i were able to make it back for the dance, which i have pictures of! and i have a pretty low key week this week so i promise to blog more + share all other pictures i have.

my birthday is also this Friday, i will finally be 18! and i can't wait to celebrate :)

tonight i also have seminary graduation {HOW CRAZY IS THAT. life is moving too fast!} which i am speaking at. which means i should probably prepare my talk now... happy sunday!

Monday, May 13, 2013

to the best mom in the whole wide world

 ^^^ this is why i love my mom. because we laugh way too much together to even get a cute smiling picture.

mom is one of my very best friends, and out of all people in this world, she is there for me the very most. she does whatever she needs to for our family, and is always willing to do anything for any of us even if it is inconvienent to her.

i have never met a more patient and loving person, as my mom. i have also never met someone who has the motivation to workout like she does, and the greatest story teller of all time. she is there for me when i need advice, and she always wants to hear what is going on my life. there are not many moms who try and stay involved with their kids lives, and always welcome in any friends, but she somehow perfects it.

so here's to the mom with the BEST cookies and dinner recipes {seriously, if you haven't tried them, sorry but you are missing out} in the whole wide world, and the woman i hope to be someday.

i love you mom!

i gave mom a picture {^^^ that picture} framed in a cute black frame, and a 2 page long letter about my love and appreciation for her. it was nothing big, but since it made her cry {aaaalottttt} i would say job well done. i don't know how i was lucky enough to be given the best mom in the world, but i did.

love you mom, never forget it.

hope you all had a great mothers day as well! and showed the love you have for mothers. not only your mom, but grandmothers, aunts, cousins {who are moms....} and even friends moms. moms are the greatest thing that happen to any of us. i think everyone can agree that moms are the best.