Friday, December 31, 2010

fun with the cousins and such

my wonderful cousins are here! i love them so much! we have been having so much fun and i am super sad that this week is almost over. 

also, one day this week my cousins went up to visit their grandpa in SLC, so Amanda and Nicole and i hung out for a little bit! we went to Zurchers and took silly pictures! 


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

{flashback} family pictures

a little while ago we got some
family pictures
they were for our Christmas card
i couldn't put them out until the Christmas cards when out...
so i am finally putting them up.


Monday, December 27, 2010

december of the 25

or in other words
Christmas Day

the day of Christmas is a celebration of Christ's birth. i tried hard this year to keep my focus on that, and the feeling of giving rather than receiving!

on the 24th, we did our family gift exchange! earlier in the year we drew names, and each person got the person they drew a $10 present. we love to open these presents on Christmas Eve!

after the gift exchange we all opened 2 more presents!
new Christmas slippers and jammies!

december 25
we all slept in the playroom on Christmas Eve! tradition every year :) the little kids woke little miss Malia and I up at 7:59.... so early! but we walked into my parents room at 8:00 on the dot

Santa sure did visit us this year! as we walked out we were all so excited but we did remember last week.
last week was Disneyland {go here to read about it} which was part of our Christmas!

we all had a great Christmas!

Merry Christmas
Mom and Dad
Love: your great kids

these are a few things i got that i loved lots!

hope you all had a very very
Merry Christmas!


Friday, December 24, 2010

to: YOU

{christmas 2009}

thats all till Sunday where i will report of my Christmas
love, keena

Thursday, December 23, 2010

december the 23 with flashbacks

today is the 23 of december, and tomorrow is Christmas Eve!

this is at Caits Surprise party on Tuesday night.. LOVED that night
{that party was written about HERE}

the following 5 pictures are all from the cheer party on Wednesday.. SO funny
{that party was written about HERE}

my white elephant gift: TAMPONS! haha wow..

me and Mads have the same boots... LOVE!

Chels made this shirt for her white elephant. it's Taylon... saying "DUMB GIRL!"

this morning me, quince, and my dad headed to the bank and to deliver Christmas gifts! we love listening to Taylor Swift together!

also, Sydni called me and asked if i could babysit their friends dog, Izzy for like an hour! cutest dog ever!


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

christmas time means

laughter / happiness / smiling / parties / family / giving

lately i have been quite busy with gift buying, wrapping, and giving! i have also been going to lots of Christmas parties!

gift buying and cleaning the house, then monday night i went to the Garvins house with my fam! we had dinner and exchanged presents. i got a cute chidken wire frame to hang my earrings! love it!

Syd came back to our house and we slept over :)

me and syd woke up, got ready, and went and saw inception!

i also went and visited Nicole {with Amanda} who just got her wisdom teeth out on tuesday morning!
so we brought her a Jamba and exchanged our presents for each other

6 o'clock was Cait's Sweet 16 Surprise party that i planned
attending was:
Cait, Me, Kenz, Meg, Kait, Joz, Kaylee, Emma
such a fun night! love you girls!

today i had a cheer party at Sleepy Ridge, we had food from Magleby's that was delicious! love their french toast. we also did a white elephant there... so funny!

tonight was the Horton Family party!
after the party i went to Nicole's house. we had treats and played Imagineiff with her brother!