Monday, September 30, 2013

thirty days left

///  i don't really like getting into the mushy mushy stuff about my love life because i feel like it's personal and my own feelings that i don't feel like pronouncing to a million people all over the internet. but as Tyler is leaving for his mission soon, i feel like sharing a bit more than i normally would... read if you please  \\\

Tyler leaves October 30. today is September 30, which makes 1 more month we have together. 1 more month with my love until he serves the Lord for 2 years. we've become best friends and inseparable over the past 5 months, and it's hard to even fathom what 2 years without seeing each other will be like. it will be hard. and i know there will be times where i hate it more than anything and would KILL to see Tyler. but i am nothing but supportive of Tyler going on a mission, because i WANT him to serve, and i know he will do an amazing job. i couldn't be prouder!

1 more month, until 2 years apart. let's make it the best. 

Sunday, September 29, 2013

the birthday girl


i love you with my whole heart. you are there for me every second of every day, and even on the days (most days lately...thanks college.) when i am really struggling, you are always willing to listen to my sob story. you are my bestest friend and i really don't know what i would do without you in my life. i love you :)

have the happiest birthday in the whole wide world. you deserve it lady. xoxo

Friday, September 27, 2013

on the tandem bike ride

so Tyler and i had a little bike ride on Wednesday. we rented a tandem bike for the afternoon // night and despite there being a massive rain storm at around 6:00, we had the greatest time ever! we rode from BYU, down the hill, past riverwoods, and all the way up the canyon (got stuck in the rainstorm and waited under a pavilion for about 30 minutes) then finished our trip by riding back down the canyon and all the way up to my house.

ANNNNDDDD on our little adventure we passed these little beauties! it made us sooo excited for October (which is in a few days!!) and all the halloween festivities coming up. if only we could have carried a pumpkin with us on a bike, we would have brought one home.

if only there wasn't rain, and i could have captured a picture of us on that cute little bike.

i can not express in words how happy i am it is friday. studying for exams all week has gotten wicked stressful and, i am ready for some sleeping in + a football game. happy weekend babaaayyyy!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

5 months

as a celebration of our 5 months being together, Tyler and i went up to the IMAX theater in south jordan to see a movie. it's a pretty awesome theater, because you buy a meal and eat it while watching the movie! grabbed us some mexican food and a shake & got dinner AND a show baby!

the only hard part was that we saw Insidious 2 (HOLY scary. my face was buried with eyes closed majority of the movie. thanks cuddle buddy.) so we had to eat our food quick cause the scary stuff was going to happen!

we got so freaked out from the movie that after we drove to the temple... yes. we were THAT freaked out. and the temple is the greatest place to be. + we were right next to the Oquirrh Mountain temple, so that was cool.

^^^ gorgeous right? simple and beautiful.

happy 5 months Ty. i am extremely grateful for you, my love.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

random title random pictures random post

^^^  it's cute as can be when my siblings come running to hug me when i walk in the door. i've been missed! is still go home all the time from my dorm, and i love that i can still see my fam all the time.

^^^  what's better than a cafe rio pork salad after a long school day? really though. it hits the spot. AND sometimes nan and i don't see each other all day because of classes... so getting some food together is really the best!

^^^  tyler and i went to a tailgate party (for the big rivalry game this weekend! BYU vs UofU baby) for his dad's work yesterday. i had my FIRST jdawgs! awesome right? gotta love it. i'm not a hot dog fan... but i had to have it because i have never had one. and yes i am wearing purple pants. red... blue... they make purple. get it? i totally made that up though and didn't dress in my BYU attire for the event... haha!

^^^ and i am THAT bored walking home from school that i take selfies. it's a long walk guys.

and today is GAME DAY! tonight at 8:00 my friends. still on the hunt for a ticket for my boy so we can go together... if we can't find one we'll be on the couch watching it on the tv with a massive bowl of treats.

guys happy weekend! happy saturday! happy no school! happy sleep in! WOO! (im a happy girl)

Thursday, September 19, 2013

on a wednesday at the falls

after i finished class yesterday around 3, tyler came over with some firewood + a blanket and suggested we head up the canyon. grabbed me some booties and a jacket and we drove up provo canyon!
^^^ trail walkin! ^^^

we really wanted some red and orange leaves to be up there. but i guess mother nature aint havin that. the air was crisp and cold though, so you can tell fall is on it's WAY! which makes us both super giddy.

we took some pictures together at bridal veil falls, and walked around the trails. even had ourselves a mini photoshoot on the bridge. and here is just a preview1000 pictures taken by tyler...

and here is the studly man himself

we finished up at the falls, and drove to vivians park. and even though our lighter almost ran out, we got a nice little fire started (yeah. we rock.) and called it good.

perfect wednesday night 

and hello thursday! you are one of my favorite days of the week. mostly because i have one (!!!!!) class and it's over by 10:45. not that i don't have a ton of homework... but it's like school in bed. sooo awesome right?

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

we love sister snow!

 our bestie kays has recieved her mission call and will be serving the Lord in the PHILIPPINES, BACOLOD mission! she is speaking the hiligaynon language and leaves december 4th. i can't believe we are old enough for this.

we are so excited for you kaylee! {and also kind of jealous. you lucky 1994 birthday....} 

i have never cried so much at a mission call opening. kaylees reaction was perfect and you can tell she wants nothing more than spending 18 months wherever the Lord wants her to go. everyone in the room was in tears, and the spirit was so strong

makes me 3853038539 X more excited to serve a mission myself.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

tylers cabin || round 3

well hello! sorry i pretty much fell off the planet and haven't blogged in a week. it's been crazy busy around these parts. school, family time, homework, work, studying, etc. that's what has pretty much taken up most of my time so the thought of blogging hasn't even really hit me!

even though i have been crazy busy with school and homework, i did find some time for some F U N this past weekend! i was lucky enough to get to head up to Tyler's cabin with him and his family again. ever since i went the first time {here, and 2nd time, here} i have absolutely loved it!

we left Friday afternoon after i was done with school, and headed up with his family!

games, movies, hiking, picture taking, walks, eating lots of food, and more games. it was a good weekend. we even visited the cemetery in Scofield! that was pretty cool. i just loved spending time with Tyler and his family and enjoying all the down//no homework time i could!

lovely little Aydelyn {Tyler's 11 year old sister} took some photos for us after an adventure to the swing set.

the best was not having a worry in the world about any homework, and just spending some time with my love. AND eating lots of yummy food in the woods. plus we took some fun walks in the forest!

we got home last night, and now it's back to the grind. see ya later C A B I N, you're the best.

Monday, September 9, 2013

as summer ends

 ^^^ he's my favorite. more pictures from THIS shoot ^^^

i realized this weekend as it was chilly out, that summer has officially ended. it's bittersweet, bitter because i LOVE summer, but sweet because when summer ends, FALL comes. and is fall not the prettiest season ever?

as summer has come to an end, i wanted to reflect on everything i did because it was the best summer i have ever had. in early June i made a small bucket list of things i wanted to accomplish this summer. not only did i complete that, but TONS MORE. never a dull moment this summer...

click the event to see more!
x ]  go to seattle
x ]  watch fireworks
x ]  eat a sno-cone
x ]  7Peaks
x ]  sleep out at the parade for the 4th
x ]  orem summerfest
x ]  go to the temple
x ]  tubing down provo river
x ]  lake powell
x ]  move out
x ]  hike the Y
x ]  finish Gossip Girl
x ]  movie night on the lawn
x ]  boating

MORE things i did this summer
x ]  tailbone surgery
x ]  kayaking
x ]  the cabin
x ]  family reunions
x ]  dollar movies
x ]  get a melt
x ]  stadium of fire
x ]  get a job

what a busy but wonderful summer i had!  and fall, i can't wait to see what's in store.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

more from my first week as a college kid

 ^^^ HUZZAH! my first BYU game as an acutal college girl. i brought along my favorite person and converted him to the good side.... as a BYU fan. welcome, tyler. it's the wonderful side of things :) really though, that game was awesome. despite the hour delay because of the flash floods and huge amounts of RAIN, i had an awesome time!

^^^ cheers! we had a toast as roomies to kick off our year together as freshman rooming together. we can't wait for this adventure together. from left to right // veronica, danielle, angela, briana, angela, keena/me

^^^ not exactly from college life... but this week was Deah + Denny's wedding. we are so happy for you Deah! and thanks for providing the sparklers at your reception... we love them.

 ^^^ me and my girl! love her to pieces. she's recovering from her ACL surgery like a champ... she's the strongest girl i know. love you babeeeee

^^^ and it's finished! 300 pictures hung and a TON of white tacky... stuff. it took forever but i am IN LOVE. so amazing huh?

the college life is fun, but definitely busy. loving this new adventure i am in though!

happy sunday!try and guess how mine is spent.... yeah... homework. BUT, it's Book of Mormon homework. so bonus points for keen right?

Thursday, September 5, 2013

10 things i have learned about college in 3 days

^^^ smiling past my stress

1) books are expensive. WAY TOO EXPENSIVE. $180 for one textbook. ONE.
2) there are old people in your classes... college isn't just for youngsters
3) you have to read.... like a LOT
4) you get homework on the first day of school
5) don't run to class
6) stress comes easily
7) must make food all by yourself... this means spending money on groceries too wooo hoooo
8) sleep is your new best friend. and down time in general
9) you walk EVERYWHERE
10) you are all on your own... freedom

college is fun so far, but harder than i thought. i'll get back to my heaping amounts of reading now...

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

my first day of college

it was kind of surreal to wake up this morning in my dorm. last night was my first night sleeping in my dorm with Briana, and it was quite the adventure! tyler came over again last night to check out the new place with all the decorations up, then him, Briana, and i watched the titanic (for my first time!) and ate SLAB pizza during the rainstorm. it was a good night, and i'm starting to really like this having our own place thing. i really couldn't even sleep last night because my mind was racing at these changes.

until the end of October, i will only have one class on Tuesday's. i went to my nutrition class this morning as my very first class as a college kid at BYU. i feel all grown up! i feel like i have to be really responsible now too...

and even though i woke up late, missed breakfast (hence... my apple), got lost, and forgot a notebook on the first day, i think it will be a really good year.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

dorm room decor + lately things

I'M MOVED OUT! it's crazy. i have my own place! briana and i have spent SO MUCH TIME decorating // organizing // moving things it's insane. but i have been loving it! i'm definitely in love with the new set up, and the fact that we can decorate our room however we please. i printed over 300 pictures to hang on the walls and put in frames... and boy do i love them.
 ^^^ only like 50 of the pictures! i was hanging them all today, and ran out of putty... so the other 250 will be hung sometime this week! but it's lookin pretty snazzy eh?

 ^^^ my desk! jewelry plates, candles, frames, nail polish... etc. i love it

and here are some pictures of some things i did this weekend!
 ^^^ tyler and i kayaked down provo river! i fell in twice. THAT was freaking scary... but i survived!

 ^^^ briana and i at the freshman orientation down at BYU on friday. call us cougs baby!

^^^ my FIRST inn-n-out trip since my vegetarian days. got me a nice protein style burger. HELLOOO yum

happy sunday! i have spent mine at my new YSA ward down at BYU... and now i'm back at my house eating with the fam. Briana and i have yet to sleep at our place, but we plan to this week!

and welcome September! i can't believe you're already here. bring me some colorful autumn leaves please!