Friday, October 29, 2010

folks. your day dreaming.

today me and cait walked home, haha we had fun, we had our scarves wrapped around our head and were saying: FOLKS, your day dreamin (whistle whistle) AKA: Eli Herring. it is okay if you do not understand that, but we love it! HA! i love cait!

i am now off to the Halloween dance dressed as a 80's chick! hasta luego! happy haunting!

Saturday, October 23, 2010


mv/orem game
33-0 GO MV:)

i had a lot of fun
i also had a lot of downers.

pictures below
us chicks at the game

me and nicole at (afterparty/birthday party) UVU

us chicks at UVU

at the game

Friday, October 22, 2010

10-10-10 & 10-20-2010

10:10 10-10-10 a.m.
10:10 10-10-10 p.m.
10:20 10-20-2010 a.m.
10:20 10-20-2010 p.m.

i made a wish at all 4 and i had to take a picture each time
just for fun i guess:)

so here is all 4

10:10 10-10-10 a.m.
10:10 10-10-10 p.m.
10:20 10-20-2010 a.m.10:20 10-20-2010 p.m.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

the walk

i went on a walk yesterday
and i could not help but take lots and lots of pictures
the sun was at the perfect point for lovely photos:)

Monday, October 18, 2010

dentist visit

today i went to the dentist
just a cleaning.

our old one is now a mission president and so we got this new one
it was okay i guess.
it DID take 3 hours
(yes children..... 3 HOURS!)

but, I'm cavity free:)

my mom had to get one too.
so me and Quincey had some fun with her camera.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

UEA, quincey, and a mug

i don't know about you, but i had an awesome UEA!!
it was very fun.

Wednesday i went to Branson's with Amanda
Cait and Kait came over then we all walked to Walmart
then Brian and Jenna came
then me and Cait went back to my house and made new Carmex holders then went to sleep

Thursday me and Cait worked all day
then the "Garvins" came over and me and Sydni babysat
and played with the cute puppy (post coming about that soon:) that they brought
then me and Sydni slept


Friday me and Sydni woke up
went to the mall with Malia
went to Arby's
went to the Dollar Theatre
and saw "Knight and Day"
(AWESOME MOVIE) do watch out though.
F bomb. :(
then we went to Farr's and went out to her house with my family
me and her babysat again
then went to Walmart to buy Carmex
then watched LOST until 3a.m.


Saturday we woke up and ate and then watched LOST until 1
her parents brought me home
i showered
then went down to 7Circles and got Cait
then we went and got a new car:)
then we went to Target and i got some new things (YAY)
my parents then took us and the whole family (including "the new car":)
to a "Thai restraunt" (YUM)
then me and Cait went home and made bows and earrings.

it was a great UEA (i don't know if you can tell from my explanations but it was AWESOME)
i only have pictures of Wednesday night (tear tear)
but check them 0ut

me and Amanda on the Elmo car:)

all the girls on the Elmo car!

Jamba bench!

us through the machines

me and Cait in the ice-cream truck:)

me and Amanda!

Quincey has not been feeling good the last week
i got a call as i am at Walmart and she is in the ER
she had a lot of stomach pains that are very sharp and painful for her
so my parents took her

they did quite a bit of tests and they found
so she got sent home

here is Quince with her bear she got
isn't she cute!?:)

treats for them i made
along with
notes of everything i did Wednesday- Saturday
missed them like NO other!!
good thing they are HOME!

i got my mug back!
shes cute and

cereal in her:)
i named it "Penny"

i don't know why!
the end:)

Monday, October 11, 2010

color me mine, glue, and 10-10-10

this weekend was awesome! i had a lot of fun! i already told you about my Friday night....... "spider frosty" but Saturday was pretty fun.

Amanda and i slept over at Nicole's house. we woke up at about 9:30. we went to Nicole's tennis match! she lost, but she did SUPER good! after that we went to a "Relief Society Activity" in my ward! we made some earrings! they are SUPER cute {post about those earrings coming soon my dears!} i then went home, ate, showered, then Branson and Amanda wanted to go to Color me Mine! so we did. Nicole had some homework so she didn't end up coming. i pained a cool Hot Cocoa Mug! and i am going to pick it up on Thursday! i am so excited!

after, i went home and babysat. i was babysitting 7 kids, since cousins were there! i didn't want to be home alone, so Nicole came over. Amanda and Branson left to go to the Haunted Forest, so, Nicole and i partied it up at my house :) we didn't do like anything, but we had fun :) first we made a smoothie, then some hot cocoa, then we made a list of things to do, then we put glue all over our hands! we love doing that! we put a bunch on, let it dry, then peel it all off!

our "list. got a little destroyed by all the glue:)

my dried hand!

ladies and gentleman, boys and girls

yesterday was

i, of course, made a wish at:
10:10 10/10/10 A.M
10:10 10/10/10 P.M

just so you all know i ran out of sacrament meeting just so i could make a wish. and i also set an alarm at night so i wouldn't fall asleep and remember to make a wish at BOTH times.

wanna know my secret?

nice try, not telling you


Saturday, October 9, 2010

conference, photos, tv, spiders and 10

i haven't written about conference weekend yet which is sad
since it was a week ago, so i feel the need to write about it.

i did love conference.
i do every, i do not have a favorite. but i did love Sister Cook's.
loved that one.
i also loved Elder Lawrence's. he had some great points.
i love listening to everyone of the 12 Apostles and also the Pro
i am happy to hear about 5 new temples also:) thats exciting.

on Sunday we watched both sessions as a family, then @ 4:00 after the last session, we drove up the canyon to go check out the leaves and take some pictures.

the leaves were gorgeous and we had a great time taking pictures.

this was our first stop

grumpy quincey. she didnt want to take pictures anymore. (hahaha)

my cute parents:)
more news

i was at Nicole's last night, me, Nicole, Amanda, and Cameron. we wanted to go to Wendy's. we got money and went. i got a frosty, while they got a lot of other burgers, fries, nuggets and drinks. i am eating the frosty in the car and on the way home. i got into Nicole's house and was about to take another bite when...... i look down and there is a SPIDER IN MY FROSTY!

it grossed us all out so much.....that we all threw away our food. it was pretty gross.
this is a picture of the

tomorrow is 10:10 10/10/10
make a wish, and make it a good one.
this day will NEVER happen again.