Wednesday, September 26, 2012

this is all i think about...

the countdown continues... 
10 DAYS!!!
we have been counting down since we found out, and at that point it was 40 days, so we are 3/4 the way there! i just can't wait to be walking right down the middle of Main Street USA! we all know i will cry when i do. because nobody can stop the mad love i have for Disneyland :)

10 days, 10 days, 10 days, 10 days.... CAN'T WAIT

*pictures found here*

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

don't be fooled, i am not that great of a chef

so today was college day at school, and after attending 3 short presentations about our future life, Hannah, Meg and i decided we wanted pancakes. late last night as i was stalking fitness pro's i came across a new pumpkin protein pancake recipe! they looked somewhat appealing so i decided to try them out. also, to give fall a warm welcome, pumpkin was a must.

ours were definitely really runny {the batter} and required PAM spray on the pan quite frequently. but people were requesting the recipie, so i decided to post it! even though when i say "really not that great of a chef" i mean it.... {gotta pick up my game though for when i am a wife. and a mom}

Pumpkin Protein Pancakes

1 cup pure pumpkin
1 1/2 - 2 cups of Whey vanilla protein powder {AKA: my favorite thing}
2 eggs with yolk
2 eggs NO yolk {only whites}
1/2 cup milk
1 tsp baking powder
*dash of cinnamon* {i just kept dumping.... haha i love cinnamon}
---i also added 1 Tbsp of sugar, the original recipe didn't call for it.

mix, cook, enjoy! we topped ours with more cinnamon, and i even added peanut butter to mine! which was pretty dang good. since i love peanut butter. these have also kept me full for pretty much the entire day. so that's always a plus!

rainy days, pumpkin pancakes, and good friends. it's been a good Tuesday

Monday, September 24, 2012

the weekend that went by way too fast

as you know, my cousins came this weekend! it was a short little visit, and one that went by way too quickly. they came in town for a funeral {their grandmas} which was on Friday. the viewing was Thursday {which i attended} and then we spent the rest of the time with family, eating out, sleepovers, movies, shopping, and setting up/attending my moms 40th birthday surprise party Saturday night! it was quite the weekend :)

 we also went to the temple dedication on Sunday together. it was amazing. and it's funny how things work out, because my cousins couldn't come on a more perfect weekend. they were luckily able to come to my moms party, and the dedication with us!

there was also a huge tomato fight in my kitchen Friday night. Kenz + my mom enjoyed that while the rest of us died of laughter and filmed the entire thing! let's just say you should all wish you were in my fam. seriously missing out....

we all know i usually cry {even if just for a minute} when my cousin leaves, or i have to leave her. i don't know why, but this time i couldn't even control myself. as i am bawling my eyes out while we hug one last time, i remembered that i really don't know when the next time is i will see her. i mean, i know i will sometime, but usually we know for a fact that we will see each other at Christmas. this year she has a cheer competition in London on the 26, so i won't see her. it was bitter sweet to see her leave last night. love you so much Nan.

happy monday! i work a whole bunch this week, so finding extra time to blog should be real interesting... today was chilly, so i would like to take a moment and say,

it is good to finally see you

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

i am freaking out


 ** one of our many Facetime pictures. i look purple so that's cool ** 

as you can see i am super excited. 
this was unexpected and something i need badly! to see her. my best friend

she is staying until Sunday, so you could say there is a bright week + weekend ahead :) 

Sunday, September 16, 2012

guest post!

 i am guest posting over on Rebekah's blog today! be sure to check me out!! [HERE]

happy sunday! i had homecoming last night, and it was absolutely wonderful. every moment was my favorite, and i couldn't have asked for a better date! pictures coming soon!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

10 things

1)  this picture is from the photoshoot my cousins and i did back in July! we had a bunch of pictures taken {that are pretty fab} and i have yet to get some printed for my room
2)  i found a homecoming dress! hurrahh! i fell in love with it on the hanger, and i loved it even more once i tried it on. my aunt is adding sleeves this week, and i can't wait to wear it on saturday!
3)  i am officially addicted to Special K: Fruit & Yogurt.
4)  finally got my internship//school schedule worked out. i am now interning 7-9 am at UVRMC! if you happen to be on the 6th floor on A days during that time, come say hello :)
5)  loving a new class i have been giong to at the gym. it's called Power Pump, and it seriously kicks my butt.
6)  Parenthood finally came back on last night! Hannah and i watched it together, and i seriously love that show. 
7)  {for 7Circles... get it?} this week ALL our accessories are 50% off! bras for $3? heck yes. we even have cheetah ones. come come come! it's only threw saturday!
8)  Apple released the Iphone 5 today. i fell in love. and my cracked Iphone 4 is now pleading with me to be replaced.
9)  yesterday was 9/11. my heart goes out to all those who lost their lives, families with family members who did, and all people affected by it. 11 years ago, and it will always be a day remembered.
10)  24 days until DISNEYLAND!!!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

saturday at the state fair!

all day long on Saturday, Branson, Meg, Tyler and I went to the state fair! tickets were expensive, but we all decided we may as well, and headed up to Salt Lake to spend the day there! 

I have never been to the state fair, the only other thing I have been to that is something close to this, is the Orem Summerfest. but this was way less busy, and I actually really enjoyed the rides! they are definitely the typical carnival rides, the ones that make your stomach all flip floppy + the ones that turn you upside down so dang much. and although those rides are probably a million years old, and so beaten up they could fall apart any minute, those things were seriously fun.
 ride one
 the first ride, and Meg is already so dang scared...

let's just say, she didn't join in on round two, but Branson, Tyler and I surely enjoyed it! 
that thing made my stomach jump around so much. but I just love it! 

caught in action.... as the ride starts up, the giggles kick in

after enjoying a couple hours there, okay actually it was more like 5 hours, {don't judge us for having fun on kiddie rides.} we were starved, so we went to dinner at The Pie! 

**oh, and the homeless man on the side of the road that took this for us was rewarded with our left over pizza, who ended up not wanting it.... what a cute man he was**

those pizzas were delicious. 
except for the fact that nobody told me there was CHICKEN on our pizza. 
I ask the waiter:  "sir, does this pizza have chicken on it?" 

{I only asked because Branson wouldn't stop telling me it DID, when it wasn't on the menu} 

"YES! it doesn't say so on the menu, but we added it on. we give you the option because it is better WITH it. and your friends said yes to the chicken." 

okayyyyyy hi guys I don't eat meat. and you know it. hate you
the good part is that I took most the toppings off that pizza anyways, so who knows if i actually ate some. but it wasn't my fault.... so take that little vegetarian rule maker

the night ended with stopping at East High school in Salt Lake, and Fashion Place Mall in Murray, then getting lost a lot, almost running out of gas multiple times, and talking non stop about the Illuminati and what to believe. {we now call Tyler, Ben Gates {from National Treasure}} 

it was a thrilling night to say the least :) I for one, had an awesome Saturday

Thursday, September 6, 2012

labor day

Monday night we headed up to my mom's uncles house and had a BBQ with some family. he has a pond in his back yard, so we always get to go canoeing and fishing! which i have to say, is pretty great. 

i must admit that i am not always.... thrilled... about going to this gathering, but this year, it just happened to be pretty dang fun!

yes i realize i haven't posted as much this week. or last week even. but welcome to my senior year! i know this may be hard to believe, because senior years are usually filled with free time, activities, and release time classes, but this year is so insanely busy already i can't even believe it.

so i will apologize in advance, posting will be scarce.... #sorrynotsorry {did i really just bring in a hash-tag? in the blogging world? unheard of. and yet i don't even care}