farewell to being a freshman

 ^^^ the last of room #2217. i'll miss living here so much! i love these girls. we have had the BEST time here in our cute little dorm for the past year. living on my own and in this fab little place we called Heritage was the absolute funnest thing in the world. makes me so sad to look around my cute little dorm room that Briana and i share and know i will never be here again. moving out makes me so sad. i will miss it like crazy. ^^^

well, it's official. i just finished my LAST final... as a freshman. (4 finals in 2 days. did i die? almost) starting college at BYU has definitely been one of the hardest challenges for me (i am not smart! and the classes/tests here aren't easy people) but hey, the social part? amazing. i have made some incredible friends/roommates and i will always cherish the time we had together. it made me so sad to say goodbye to some of them last night. freshman year has been SO MUCH FUN. i have loved it. i didn't think i would cry so hard having to say goodbye to it. it's the end of such an awesome era.   

^^^ we had a little *last hurrah goodbye party with lots of cookies, hugs, and tears* last night. i don't even have to say bye to some of my girls yet (like Briana... i think i might die when i have to say bye to her)... and i am already crying! it's gonna be rough. that's for sure. anyways, can't think about that yet!^^^

as i look back on my first year at college (is it really already over? what the???? where did the time go!), i have made some amazing memories. it really has been the greatest. see ya later freshman year!

AND HELLO DISNEYLAND!!! i'm comin for ya in a few HOURS! woooo hoooo!

the fam and i are packin up my room, then packin up the car to head to CALI!!! i couldn't be more excited. can you tell? what an awesome way to end my freshman year eh? been countin down the days since we found out baby! see you in a week bloggin world! i'm comin for ya MICKEY!!!

because of Him

▲ because of Him i can serve a mission in Canada
▲ because of Him i have a loving family
▲ because of Him i can go to school
▲ because of Him i am able to grow closer to the man i care about the very most, hundreds of miles away
▲ because of Him i have second chances and new beginnings
▲ because of Him my testimony can be made strong
▲ because of Him i can experience seasons... and live in a beautiful place
▲ because of Him i am blessed with a beautiful life
▲ because of Him i can go inside the House of the Lord
▲ because of Him i can experience love
▲ because of Him i have food, water, clothes, a warm home, shoes, a bed, and so many more blessings
▲ because of Him i am able to live
▲ because of Him i can live again
▲ because of Him i can read the Book of Mormon. it changes lives
▲ because of Him i am able to be with my family for eternity
▲ because of Him i get to experience heartache and sorrow, only so i can know what happiness is like
▲ because of Him i can endure my finals... tomorrow
▲ because of Him i can do hard things
▲ because of Him i am able to grow more fully in His Gospel
▲ because of Him i am able to serve
▲ because of Him i have amazing friends
▲ because of Him i can be made clean
▲ because of Him i can be with Tyler again, soon
▲ because of Him i can pray for guidance, protection, help, and love
▲ because of Him i am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Jesus is the Son of God, our Savior and Redeemer. Because of Him, death is not the end, and life takes on new meaning. we can change, we can start over, and we can live again with God.

watch this amazing newly released video for Easter. because with Him, all things are made possible.

weekend full of celebrating

this past weekend was FULL of some serious celebrating. one of my besties, Ang, + mia and caleb all had birthdays so there was a whole lot of celebrating going on! friday night we surprised Ang (blindfold and all!) and took her to get all you can eat sushi. which happens to be hers AND my absolute fav. so yum. and yes i realize my forehead was peeling like crazyyyyyy but that's what you get when you have the nasty sunburn that i had! i'm just embracin it here kids :)

annnndddd disco skating. the best. but if you went disco skating and didn't wear crazy clothes and take crazy pictures and hold hands the entire time.... did you even go?

and here we are at midnight the night before (celebrating ang's birthday right at midnight!)... up at squaw peak. hello sunburn. (it's bad... i told ya!)

and even more celebrating... mia + caleb share the same birthday (so crazy cool!) and we celebrated their birthday's on saturday after the temple, and sunday with presents + dinner! happy 17th to mees and 15th to caleb. i love these guys so so much.

oh, plus i hiked the Y with my roomies this weekend. we were just happy we got Suzanna to the top after she was dying at the 3rd switch back ;) "are we almost there?" "ummmm there's 13 of these" "im out. im done. not going further" hahahah too freakin good. the videos we caught were hilarious im tellin ya. i'm going to miss these girls so much!! 

and here we are on a tuesday afternoon. yesterday was my LAST DAY OF SCHOOL. so crazy but so freaking exciting. i have no more classes, just study study study until finals. which i am taking all in one day ps. just so i can go to Disneyland my friends! it's going to be worth it, obviously. just gotta push through this week! i also have to squeeze in moving out sometime. which i am extra sad about. this year has been so awesome, i am sad i have to leave. 

and tonight, roomie dinner at Brick Oven, as our last hurrah. college life (besides it being freaking hard) is the good life kids. xx

a day i'll never forget

going through the temple was one of the most amazing things in the whole wide world. the feeling i felt while in the Lord's House was something i will never forget. i felt so loved, and so blessed to have my family there. i was so lucky they got to come. i loved being in the temple and i couldn't have asked for a better day.

April 12 was definitely one of the greatest days of my life ♥ and i can't wait to go back 

tomorrow, my life will change

because tomorrow i am going through the temple.

as someone who is preparing to go on a mission, i couldn't be happier and more excited. it has been the only thing on my mind lately, and it's hard to even comprehend that the time has finally come. i feel like i have been waiting my whole life for this day, and it is finally here. less than 24 hours and my whole perspective on eternal life, special covenants, and every aspect in the Gospel will completely change. i will be a whole new person with a whole new attitude about this beautiful life  and i couldn't be happier about it

actually preparing to go through the temple has really helped me. my dad and i have talked a lot and he has prepared me so well for the temple. it has been such a blessing that i have him as my stake president AND dad so that he can be right by my side. having conference this past weekend was even more of a blessing. the men that spoke gave me such direction and guidance. this long time primary song has also been on my mind all week long as i have been preparing to go

i love to see the temple
i love to see the temple, i'm going there someday. to feel the Holy Spirit, to listen and to pray. for the temple is a house of God, a place of love and beauty. i'll prepare myself while i am young; this is my sacred duty. i love to see the temple, i'll go inside someday. i'll covenant with my Father; i'll promise to obey. for the temple is a holy place where we are sealed together. as a child of God, i've learned this truth: a family is forever.

tomorrow is that day. tomorrow i get to enter the House of the Lord. tomorrow couldn't come sooner. 

* to learn more about what the temple, see here *

st. george babbyyy

i am so sunburned i can't move. i'm serious. it's bad! i didn't even sleep last night because i am so burned on BOTH sides. yikes. i guess 8 hours of laying out was not the best idea when my bod hasn't seen the sun since August! hahahaaaa.... worth it. but boy did i love st. george. and the fact that it was conference weekend made it all the better! it was sooooooo nice *80+ degrees nice my friends!* and having the break from school was seriously so great.

^^^ pre-sunburn. hello white skin! and hello perfect park dayyyyy! ^^^

^^^ a great way to end conference sunday. ^^^

 ^^^ 8 hours. me + nan + our books + the sun. and surprisingly i put on sunscreen. okay so it was tanning oil with 8 SPF.... my body is now paying the price. still worth it! ^^^

 ^^^ speaking of reading. yes, this is what i read. and i finished it in 3 days. SHE IS SO AMAZING. i am totally in love. her story inspired me so much and i have so much respect for Elizabeth. love love loved it. i seriously couldn't even put it down! i suggest everyone reads this book. ^^^

 ^^^ takin a nice little walk and finding a dead lizard. nice little adventure with my sibs. another pre red face pic guys... pre red face! haha oh if you could see it after the days of sun. ^^^

^^^ trip to the temple! so white it amazes me every time. i love it though. there is something about a temple + palm trees that just makes it SO pretty. gets me every time ^^^

 ^^^ on the shuttle to our hike! yesterday we went to Zions for the day... and it was SO SICK. ^^^

^^^ we hiked Angels Landing. basically a MASSIVE 5,000 foot high mountain. just check out that view man! it was crazy high and pictures don't do is justice. when we were at the bottom... i thought noooo way that's the cliff we are getting on top of. sure enough. 2 hours later... on the top! not gonna lie... it was SO HARD. towards the top it gets so sketchy you have to hold on to a chain.... which you pull yourself up the mountain with. crazy, i know! but so worth it :) ^^^

and now i am home. Briana, Dad and i have work/school *blech. wish i could be there still!* so we drove back late last night. skipping a few days of school to be there in the sunshine with my fam was so worth it, even if i am a walking lobster! st. george, you were the best. you really always are.