Tuesday, April 30, 2013

shout-out to my girl

so the whole reason the cousins were down this past weekend was because Briana tried out for BYU's cheer team! tryouts were Friday/Saturday and Briana MADE IT!! 

**my good friend Haley also tried out, and although she didn't make it, she is a WAY talented cheerleader and did make it past the 1st Friday cut! still SO proud of you Hales.**

 ^^^ dropping Nan off for tryout number 1!

 you are looking at BYU's most talented, gorgeous, HARD working cheerleader for 2013-2014!! i am so proud of you Nan you are such an inspiration to me to work hard and get what you want.

i love you girl :)

congrats, you deserve it

Sunday, April 28, 2013

MV Prom 2013

let me just start off this post by saying i got the best date of them all. i don't know how i got that lucky, but i did! and he is amazing. let me ALSO say this dance topped them all. i have been to lots of fun dances, and this one was the most creative, thought out, fun dance i have ever been to! {+ i got to have Mia there! my bestie! her first dance, and i got to be there.}

let's just say, yesterday was the BEST. DAY. EVER.

Saturday morning we started off with a day date at 11. we went to Walmart and got a BUNCH of nasty food {plus they already had a ton!} then met the whole group at the park for a massive food fight! which turned out to be really fun. i was hesitant at first but letting my anger out by throwing ketchup / raw meat / cream of corn {threw a whole bunch of that at Tyler... hehe} / flour / syrup... etc. at everyone was actually SO FUN.

and to "hose off" the food, we had a massive slip n' slide {with shaving cream!}

after 3 showers and washing my hair twice AND bathing in perfume {not really. but i thought i would have to seeing how much ketchup was in my hair!} Mia and i got ready! we dragged it out during the day, and even had our cousins help us while watching chick flicks.

the boys picked Mia and i up at our house at around 6:30 {IN A LIMO. so cool.} and we had boutineer and corsage exchange + couple pictures by the parents, of course

and having the cousins wish us a good time! sending us off to prom

pictures were next! Tyler's mom took our group pictures {lots!} and i will show those soon. but Alex took some for us at the picture location!

dinner was at the Communal in Provo {which our limo took us to! took us anywhere and everywhere, all night long baby! what a dream.} which was delicious! the dance was at a place in Lindon, which ended up being pretty cool, mostly because of everything that was surrounding it. we spent about 20 minutes inside total, and other then that, Tyler and i walked around outside with Mia + Alex, exploring and having our own slow dances/songs.

after the dance we headed up to a cabin, watched a movie, and relaxed. which was THE best.

prom over all? magical. i can't even tell you. obviously i may sound all *dramatic* and *lovey-dovey* but i could care less because it was the greatest night in the world! every moment was perfect with Tyler and i want to re-live every second of it.

more to come about senior prom when i get the professional pictures

Thursday, April 25, 2013


the past 2 days have been amazing. nobody can take this smile off my face! life is simply wonderful. there have been ups and downs this week, and things that haven't worked out too well. but i have looked past the downs, and figure they will work out themselves. spending time with Tyler is what makes me the happiest, and makes me smile the most. and now that we do spend more and more time together, i realize it's what i have been needing the very most in life! someone to listen to me, care about me, want to spend time with me, and someone i can confide in. it's perfection, and i am smitten ♥

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

10 things | all about this week

1)  so last night for mutual we went ice skating. i haven't been ice skating since elementary school and let me tell you i am HORRIBLE. can barely stand up straight and balance let alone MOVE? it's a struggle. just like roller skating. {i'm not very coordinated guys.}

2)  on Sunday, we walked home from church. Kylie, Quincey, Caleb {the designated photographer. sorry bro} and i. we picked flowers and welcomed back the beautiful sunshine after lots of days of rain + wind! 

3)  technically, this was last week. but Friday i got my senior pictures done by the wonderful Ashley! same Ashley that took my photos for THIS photoshoot! she is an amazing photographer and i wanted her to do my senior pictures so badly, i'm so glad she was willing to!

*preview shot*
i get the rest back {all edited and cute!} real soon
mom and Mia came. being the amazing supporters that they are!

4)  soccer games are still going on every Tuesday and Thursday. Hannah and i go to EVERY game :) home or away. we have missed 2 {only 2, people. and i blame it on work.} we love soccer! anddddddd soccer boys. {the truth comes out...}

5)  Tyler Peery {aka, my prom date} and i are officially dating. i can't even express how happy i am :) been wanting this for awhile now, and i can't even sleep at night i'm so excited! we have been best friends since school started, and relationships are always best that way. best friends, first. some of my favorite memories of senior year are with Tyler. so glad things are working out :) i am smitten

6)  speaking of prom, it's SATURDAY. i can't. even. wait. Mia and i try on our dresses almost everyday because we are THAT excited :)

7)  guess who is coming on Thursday night? Briana :)

8)  so Tyler and i saw a movie at the Scera on Friday night "after hours." only us, and a few select friends watched Eagle Eye in the deserted theater. that place is prettyyyyyy freaky at night. just sayin

9)  27 days of school left. as much as i am excited to graduate, i am sad. 27 more school days with these people until i never see some of them again. i am actually excited everyday to go to school because i know this won't last. weird how fast time flies.

10) today marks 1 month until my birthday. finally i will be 18!

happy Wednesday! counting down the days until prom. it's all i think about
prom prom prom

Sunday, April 21, 2013


boy talk, staying up late
getting advice, sharing a bed // pushing our beds together
sharing clothes
fighting about sharing clothes
staying up late on school nights laughing about absolutely nothing
making silly videos doing embarrassing things
getting ready together
playing games. {Stratego. i dominate.}
shopping until our feet kill
being 'sick' once school rolls around at 7:30 am
the fights and dramatic events
taking baths {on the daily}
decorating our room
gym time
long runs together
awkward stories. kissing stories
date nights with best friends
wrestling // making each other bleed
stories with mom and dad


i can't tell you how much i am going to miss every single second of living at home with my very best friend. August 28 is going to come quick. so i'm making every second count. because before you know it, i will be moved out. and i will never get these moments back. sure, new moments will come.but i will never be able to jump back to this moment in my life.

i'm making every. moment. count. ♥ can't express into words how much i love you Mia

Thursday, April 18, 2013

5 random thoughts + pictures

Wednesday and Thursday {today} were clinical days for MATC. i have never intended to be a CNA my entire life. this is most definitely a step along the way of my future in the medical field, and i will attest to this being the very bottom of the totem pole when it comes to nursing.

clinical's were.... interesting.

let's just say me and Sesselja are very glad it's over with. 2, 8 hour days of cleaning up poop, showering patients, changing briefs, changing beds, feeding, etc. not exactly what i had in mind but it's what i expected. i knew this would be the case when i signed up for the CNA program, which is why i have never planned on being a CNA for long.

and the good thing is, i am almost graduated from MATC ♥

so, monday we celebrated more for Caleb's and Malia's birthdays. we had a delicious dinner and dessert. their choice of chicken alfredo. for our birthdays mom let's us pick whatever we want to eat! she is the best i tell ya.

me and the birthday siblings. cutest

making bran muffins with the girls on Sunday. that batch has made so many that we have enjoyed them all week. delicioussssss

and here is Mia and i. leaving class early to watch the Office in bed because we have the greatest mom in the entire world 

and now i am going to Hope of America and THANKING the heavens above that i get to return to school tomorrow instead of the rest home.

happy thursday evening! 

Monday, April 15, 2013


obviously they happen. in ALL of the fun photoshoots Mia and i do.

i hope i don't portray myself as one of these "perfect little fashion bloggers" that are amongst the blogging world. because (as you can see below) i'm obviously not. and to portray that has never been my intent! Mia and i do photoshoots often, and we do them for fun. we have a good sisterly bond while taking pictures, and these are some of the best moments --- the bloopers.

we laugh, cause there are probably more *struggling* pictures then there are *good* ones! these are awful! and really shouldn't be shown. but they are silly and funny to look back at.

here are some recent ones from when we took pictures in the snow! it was very sunny out and we were definitely struggling.

 ^^^ wait. where's my undershirt... "is that my bra?"

^^^ so do i smile now?? "keen. just... no."

 ^^^ I CAN'T SEE YOU MALIA *squinty*

 ^^^ *no needed explanation*

 ^^^ K open eyes in 1-2-3 Mia

 ^^^ selfie. cause Mia was taking forever

 ^^^ *fake smile* *fake laugh*

 ^^^ annnnnnnnd Malia is still taking forever

 ^^^ *SNEEEZE*

 ^^^ *i'm fake laughing and i can't even seeeeeeee*

 ^^^ {she really couldn't see. +would only open her eyes for 2 seconds}

 ^^^ *caught* 

proof that taking pictures is 1/4 good shots and 3/4 screw ups :)

Sunday, April 14, 2013

last night: date night

so remember how i said i got asked to prom by doing a crazy scavenger hunt? i promised to share more about it.

Mia and i are sitting in school when we get called to the principals office & get in trouble for 'cyber-bullying.' that was clue #1 which was given to us by our administrator, Mr. Glahn. there were about 14 clues, and they were ALL around Orem. we couldn't get the next clue until we did the task! holding a tarantula, eating a steak sandwich, working out w/ a personal trainer @Golds, going to the Disney store, diving in a 13 foot pool (it was at the bottom!), baking a cake, and waiting until midnight. it took us ALL DAY so Mia and i knew we had to get them back GOOD.

we wanted to use the cops. we just happened to be going out with these boys last night (for Mia's first date!) and we knew it was time to take advantage. not even 2 blocks down the street from leaving, Tyler gets 'pulled over.' my dad's friend John helped us out, and he 'caught' them with a meth pipe, and cuffed both boys.

both these boys were scared out of their minds, and shaking like crazy. they were put in the back of the cop car, and Malia and i were DYING of laughter! too. freakin. good.

after almost making them cry and making them wait in the car for a good 10 mintues, the cop said "now. you can either pay (a ton of fine $$) and be booked for a court date + prison, or you can go to prom with Keena and Malia." it didn't even click in their heads, but once they knew, they couldn't believe it. i can't believe we actually pulled it off

SOOOO after all the crazy excitement, we decided to enjoy the date :)

we went to Provo Beach Resort down in the Riverwoods! bowling (which i am terrible at.... #embarrassing) and the ropes course!

thank you, kind lady, for this terrible quality blurry picture. you should consider practicing your iPhone photography skills.

we had dinner at Carabas then a movie at Alex's! such a grand old time with best friends.

what a fun night. now these boys know the true meaning of karma. am i right?

Malia's 16th birthday + Caleb's 14th birthday were both on Friday, and we have been celebrating all weekend long! more tonight with dinner + presents and maybe even some chocolate reeses cake. awwwwww yeah. gotta love birthday's in the Horton home!