Tuesday, March 29, 2011


something that makes you laugh

this movie: elf
my fathersawyer: from LOSTmy best friend: Caitlyn Cosgrovetomorrow:
the person that has gotten you through the most


Monday, March 28, 2011

day6, day7 {my monday}

the person you would trade places with for a day

selena gomez
{why? cause she is JB's boyfriend, DUH!}

your most treasured item

my memory box

minimal day! it was grand. i was in school from 7:45 until 12

mom came and picked me up at 12 we headed to target!

i then, headed to Ernies to meet ma' peeps me and Joz shared an "All Star" YUM!!

after eating, we all headed to Madi Bateman's home
when i say WE, i mean
Cline, Caitlyn, Austin, Hannah, Edgar, Madi, Dallin, Joz, David, Chris, and me

everyone left, then me and Madi headed to Orem, for Taylor's baseball game!
it was quite chilly outdoors, okay it was actually 40 degrees
we were FREEZING. so before the game started, we went to the gym, and took photos!

we didn't stay till the end, since it was frigged, so i couldn't tell you who won

Madi came over, we chatted, tried on clothing, and that's pretty much it!!
oh, and i tried on my new shoes for her, LOVE!!

something that makes you laugh


Saturday, March 26, 2011

day4, day5 {my week in pictures}

the person you have "liked" the longest
taylor camp
a picture of your favorite memory

EVERY trip to Disneyland
i have been a little busy this week with it being the end of the term and all
so i have not really had time to blog about my school, social, family, etc... life


after school, i went to madi's with her... we ate eggs on toast
then went down to BYU with her sister for her job interview
we chilled in her car, while her sister was being interviewed!
boy did we have fun

then, we went back to my home, and chilled
we played with my brothers new mega-phone, it was quite fun

we ate dinner, then i drove us.....

to the LJHS choir concert!
day 19

went home from school with Cait. we did homework and ate yummy food!

i went home, got ready, and went to the Cheer Banquet

cheer was a good experience, as much as i want to say i'll miss it, i WONT
but i WILL miss my friends IN it:( no worries, me and Mad still plan on staying BFF's

when i got home me and Mad did some Facetime... love

after school i worked till 7
did homework
talked with Malia
and went to sleep

day 20
{yes i know its bad quality, im sorry. it's also blurry so ignore that too}


i called my mom after school to ask if me and Cait could get a ride
she said "Cait is supposed to be working"
AH! so after much confusion, me and Cait both decided to work
we went home, got some snacks, changed, and went to work

after work, we went to Cait's home
we got ready a little, ate some Ramen, and headed to Madi's

at Madi's, we could not decide what to DO! finally, some wonderful men came over
and we just hung out, sat around, talked, the usual

don't ask. David is.... odd haha

i ate too too too many gumballs at Madi's
i had a very sick tummy
i went home and headed straight to bed

a person you would love to trade places with for a day


Thursday, March 24, 2011

day3 {and news!}

a picture of the Cast of your favorite TV show

my ALL time 2 favortite TV shows
i do not watch Cake Boss too often, since i do not have cable, but when the seasons come on Netflix, i watch ALL of them!

Lost, oh Lost i love you. i watch Lost whenever i can, and whenever i have time. i just finished Season 3, so  am halfway done! 48 episodes left! i plan to finish Lost after my surgery!

who you have "liked" the longest

i was featured in the MVHS newspaper this month for my blog
it was pretty cool/great news and Leann did a great job writing it!
thanks Leann! love you.

today March 24, 2011:
is 5 years since my grandma passed away from Pancreatic Cancer
i love you Grandma


Wednesday, March 23, 2011


you and the person you used to be close withSarah Hinton

Sarah and I started out friends in preschool and i have known her ever since
our mothers did playgroups together so we basically saw each other EVERY day
we went to elementary school together at the good old Westmore Elementary
EVERY day after school we would call one another asking to play

Sarah also got me to start Soccer. I played for 4 years and we were on 2 teams together.
we are in the same ward, and still are to this day
we LOVED barbies. after school we went to my home and ate snacks
like fruit by the foot, pretzels, wheat thins, and lots of otter pops

the thing i remember most about Sarah and I? BARBIES.
it is honestly CRAZY how much we loved barbies,
we played them for hours and hours.
our "girls" would have 15 children, then we would start over
by having them find new boyfriends, and get married ALL over again.
we would let them go on vacations to my parents bathroom
and go swimming in the bathtub.
We gave them haircuts, make overs, new houses, piercings, you name it!

i LOVE YOU sarah!

tomorrow: day 3
a picture of the cast of your favorite TV show


Tuesday, March 22, 2011


a picture of you with 15 facts

0. my name is Keena Horton
1. i love blogging, with all my little heart
2. my father is the stake president, and has been for 2 months
3. i have only moved once. from Provo to Orem
4. one of my ALL time favorite treats, is muddy buddies
5. my hobby? shopping
6. i have an obsession with taking pictures
7. i am hypoglycemic
8. cereal is one of my favorite foods
9. i do not have a tailbone
10. i love to sew
11. face-timing is fun, with MADI Bateman
12. i do not have a middle name
13. i have a fear of horses and water
14. Justin Bieber is..... pure AMAZING
15. i LOVE Disneyland .... it truly is the happiest place on earth

tomorrow: day 2

picture of me and the person i used to be close with


Monday, March 21, 2011

a challenge to conquer

**before i begin this post, this needs to be said: you all probably think i am a goof, since i can't come up with a design for my blog that i like. i have been changing it a lot lately to try and find something that will suit me for the next little while. WELL, i found it, and i love it. so, no, there will be no more re-decorating to my wonderful blog, that's all, enjoy**

a lot of blogger friends lately have tried
the 30 day blog challenge first started by Erika
they answer questions or show pictures of things, that the rules say to do

a little while ago, i found my own blog challenge,
it is a challenge that is all pictures {which i love}
and i have been waiting for the time to finally try it out!

{each day has a picture of...}
day1 - yourself with 15 random facts
day2 - you and the person you used to be close with
day3 - the cast of your favorite TV show
day4 - the person you have "liked" the longest
day5 - your favorite memory
day6 - a person you would love to trade places with for a day
day7 - your most treasured item
day8 - something that makes you laugh
day9 - person that has gotten you through the most
day10 - person you do the silliest things with
day11 - something you hate
day12 - something you love
day13 - your favorite band or artist
day14 - someone you could never imagine your life without
day15 - something you want to do before you die
day16 - someone who inspires you
day17 - something that has made a huge impact on your life recently
day18 - your biggest insecurity
day19 - you, when you were little
day20 - somewhere you would love to travel
day21 - your favorite night
day22 - something you wish you were better at
day23 - your favorite book
day24 - something you wish you could change
day25 - your favorite day
day26 - something that means a lot to you
day27 - you and a family member
day28 - something you are afraid of
day29 - something that always makes you smile
day30 - someone you miss
as i saw my buddies doing their sort of challenge,
i noticed that every person, could not just do 1 THING
**example: if it said favorite singer? they do multiple**

which i actually like, since there is no possible way
i could limit some of these things to 1

i will be doing a MAXIMUM of 3 things, per day
**example: if it said favorite singer? i will do 1-3**
it will just depend

i will be trying out this blog challenge starting tomorrow
bear with me, as i try to do a post a day,
if it does not happen, i will post 2 days at once
{this will probably happen, just warning you}


Sunday, March 20, 2011

wednesday-saturday... WOOT!

alright. we have a LOT to catch up on

school was good, we took some pictures in cheer!

after school, me and Cait walked to her house
where we ate 2 pieces of toast, and she headed to soccer
i was planning on going home,
but her mom asked if i would like to go to the store with her
to buy stuff to make Muddie Buddies for Cait to take to Vegas with her

so i did. we came back and made them,
then we went to get Cait
me and Cait ate rice, then did math... good day overall!

day 17
me and Sess took pictures in Science
to celebrate the wonderful day full of Irish

after school, i worked at a wonderful place, called 7Circles
if you did not attend 7Circles, this week or last week, you MISSED out.
we had a HUGE winter sale, and there were SO many good deals,
but now it is over, and you missed out

A day. without Caitlyn. BOO!!
i have 3 out of 4 classes with Cait on A days,
so to have her gone in Vegas on Friday, i was lonely

after convincing Taylon to let us leave,
me, Madi, and Hannah, walked to Madi's home

i saw a walnut. i WANTED to walnut. so i picked it up!
don't ask why Madi took a picture of me picking up the walnut

we got to Madi's and i immediately had to surgically remove Hannah's sliver
YES. im a doctor, and i DID remove that sliver {it was wicked deep}

Madi's sisters friend
let me hold her baby Haven.... she is a DOLL!

we stayed at Madi's until Joslynn came over,
then we got in the car

and we drove to Taylor's Baseball game!

we also saw Hunter, Brittany, and Maddie there!

after the game, me and Madi headed back to my house
i made Muddie Buddies...
YES. im in love with Muddie Buddies

we got ready, put on each others clothes, ate dinner
and drove to Joslynn's! we helped Jos get ready, and drove to MV
we danced by the tennis courts with
Dallin, David, Branson, Chris, Claire, Maddie, Jantzen, Jenna, Edgar, Me, Madi, and Jos
{every weekend, at some point, we dance in the tennis courts parking lot}

then we headed to Madi's and partied in her basement!
awesome awesome night/day

day 18saturday
i woke up, watched LOST, did chores, showered, got ready
and headed down to work
worked my tushiee off for about 3 hours

then me and my father drove to the mall
where i got a new screen protector on my iPhone! YAY!

Madi came over, we took pictures
Heidi, Nicole, and Branson came to pick us up!
we all went to Farrs, then to the Mall

we then headed back to the Shurtz' home,
where we ate chips then they turned on the BYU game

me and Madi were bored, so we walked to Joslynns
{okay, i love BYU, i just don't always love watching ALL of the games}

we helped Jos get ready, then Dallin and Edgar came over
me and Edgar ate some Waffle Crisp

we talked a lot about movies, me and Dallin enjoy
Gentleman Broncos

Madi, Edgar, and I also put on some rub off tattoo's
unfortunately, we did not get a picture of Edgar's

here are more pictures of Saturday night at Joslynn's:

we drove to Madi's and observed her brother's room
then me and Jos went back to her house
since it was Madi's curfew, she stayed home

me and Jos talked for a little and ate some chili!
Taylor came and picked me up to give me a ride home

when i got home, me and Madi did some Facetime, WOOT!

sorry it was a wicked long post,
but hey, that's what you get when a teenager gets busy,
and slacks off on her blogging

overall? great week/weekend