Saturday, November 30, 2013

10 things

 shirt: old navy / flannel: Malia's / pants: American Eagle / booties: boutique / jewelry: thrifted + Nordstrom

1)  it has officially been ONE MONTH since Tyler left. sometimes i think wow okay... not too bad i guess. i can do this. and other times i think okay that was the longest month of my entire life. but 23 more those? i've got this.
2)  tomorrow is December. and now that thanksgiving is over we can all start celebrating Christmas! the happiest time of the year! i can't even wait to get that Christmas tree up
3)  it's back to the grind come Monday morning. and i have 2 weeks until finals. yikes.
4)  got myself h o o k e d on a show called Hart of Dixie. it's on netflix and i can't go a night without watching a few episodes. love me a good tv series
5)  black friday? well, St. George people don't go quite as crazy as the people of Orem, but there were still plenty of people out all night long. Mia + mom + i went to a few of the outlet stores including Old Navy where we met up with the Peery's and waited in the 2 hour long line together. but hey we got some good deals so it was awesome!
6)  mom + dad + Caleb + Mia and i did a workout video together last night. that was interesting to say the least
7)  cafe rio leftovers. nuff said
8)  took a trip to the temple today. the St. George temple is beautiful, and so white that sometimes it blinds my eyes when the sun shines on it!
9)  doing nothing but relaxing all week.... wow i am lovin it.
10)  meeting with my bishop this week to start on my mission papers. just let THAT soak in for a minute.

today was a really good day. i am wearing flannel and it's not freezing. more pictures to come soon of our last few days in St. George!

+ + + tomorrow the winner of the GIVEAWAY will be announced, so enter now! 

Thursday, November 28, 2013

thanksgiving... st george style!

H A P P Y   T H A N K S G I V I N G
the fam and i have had an awesome day together down here. the vacation has had an awesome start! after driving 4 hours we have arrived in St. George safe and sound! when we got here last night, we enjoyed some "side of the road homemade wood fired pizza" for dinner. sounds crazy, but it tasted amazing!

we spent the night in the pool and hot tub, which was super relaxing. today we slept in, had a prime french toast breakfast in our cute condo, and took a little dip in the pool together! it's not exactly * H O T * here, but the pool was warm and just seeing the palm trees makes us suuppppper happy.

we cleaned ourselves up, got dressed and headed to snow canyon, or as we like to call it, "pancake mountains." mom + dad had us take some family pictures, and we also went hiking all day! if you have never been to the red rock pancakes, i highly recommend it. they are awesome. 

and here is just a little sneak peek of our cute family pics! i don't have any of our whole family, but we got lots and lots of cute ones! * more to come later! i promise *

we came back to our condo and grubbed on some delicious food. my fam isn't too crazy on the "traditional thanksgiving dinner" foods, so we all decide on a meal together. this year was ribs and salmon! Y U M

today being thanksgiving, i thought i would just share a few things i am MOST grateful for.

my family
tyler peery
a home to live in 
the LDS church
the chance to be able to attend BYU
my dad's good job
eternal life
the atonement
supportive parents
a healthy body
future opportunities

there are SO MANY more things i am extremely grateful for. i sure do appreciate everything i have been blessed with in this beautiful life i have. i hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving!

and now, it's time for BLACK FRIDAY. my favorite part of this holiday ;) 

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

my first giveaway!

 ^^^ see that little box? for one lucky reader! read below!^^^

shirt: old navy / pants: old navy / shoes: online boutique / hat: cotton on / infinity bracelet: blue nile jewelry 

hi loves! happy thanksgiving break! can't even tell you how happy i am that school is over for the week. i am in much need for a good solid break. + the fam and i will be heading to St. George in the morning and i am thrilled to be spending thanksgiving there with my favorite people!

so glad to be finally hosting my first giveaway! i have been anticipating this for awhile. Blue Nile Jewelry was kind enough to send me this gorgeous sterling silver infinity bracelet and they offered to give one away to one of my fabulous readers! ($50 value! see HERE) it is lovely and i can't take it off!

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the winner will be announced on Sunday December 1, 2013

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Sunday, November 24, 2013

living like a college kid

happy sunday! this past week i have been doing more and more "like a college kid." which means hanging out with friends more, going to games, staying out late, not buying groceries because i am poor, and making the best of the few hours not doing homework! 

now that Tyler is in AZ, i am trying to get in my "college experience." (butttttt i am not going to lie i still see my fam all the time during the week. but who wouldn't when you live 10 minutes from home? maybe i'm crazy.)

anyway, it's been a pretty good week

^^^ byu basketball game with my new friend Megan! and even though they lost by 2 points, it was a really great game and we loved it lots. ^^^

^^^ Briana and i went in a photo-booth together. who doesn't love a good photo-booth film strip?^^^

 ^^^ check out what the Peery fam + i received in the mail this week! i sure miss Tyler's voice lots. (there is a file for me and his fam... it's 30 minutes long and i have listened to it 3 times. also a file for me. i can't get enough.^^^

 ^^^ Friday night date night at the Chocolate with Aydels. we shared a cazooooooki. which is the tastiest treat ever. ^^^

 ^^^ last night Briana and i spent the night in SLC at the Gateway together! we just happened to be there on the most perfect night ever. they had carols for Christmas and they lit up the tree. so festive we LOVED it!^^^

 ^^^ and to finish off the night we saw Catching Fire! which was A M A Z I N G. i give that movie a solid 10.^^^

and here's to a week with 2 school days and a vayyyycayy with my fam to St. George! woo hooo! 3 cheers to a BREAK. i can't even tell ya how happy i am. ( + black friday. HECK YES.) and i will be back later this week... i promise!

happy sunday!

Friday, November 22, 2013

when he was here

Tyler's's mom is a photographer, and teaches photo at our old high school, MV. before Tyler left, his mom took pictures of all of us in the studio one night. i am really close with Tyler's siblings, and we had so much fun together! i came upon these pictures the other day, love how they turned out. it sure makes me miss my boy.

  ^^^ oops. sorry Ty. ^^^

i have lots of fun pictures coming up next week as we welcome Thanksgiving. i am even hosting my FIRST giveaway! so get excited! and hellllooooooo Friday. this week flew by and i couldn't be happier it is the weekend. i have fun plans with my cousin Briana and i also hope to go see Catching Fire! also, package making. always.

happy weekend! xx

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

as of late

 ^^^ me and my mini me, Kylie ^^^

^^^ i drew this for Tyler. he is going to love it :) we stand proud as the worlds biggest Disney fans! ^^^

^^^ dinner at Pizza Factory for Quincey's 7th birthday. my siblings are the best. ^^^

 ^^^ Mia and i. we call her Mallard now. thank you to Tyler who came up with that nickname! ^^^

 ^^^ bowlers. i am terrible at bowling (no... like wayyyy terrible. it is pretty embarrassing when you can't make it above 100 and all of your siblings beat you. but HEY! i got a strike. so what's up.) but i have fun trying! ^^^

 ^^^ my countdown. 710 days to go! ^^^

 ^^^ sleepovers with the peery girls! stealing keen's phone and taking selfies ;) ^^^

^^^ from Tyler. #officelovers #strategolovers ^^^

nothing much is new, just keeping busy with school and homework and getting wicked excited for thanksgiving break! which i am totally counting down the days until it gets here. St George is just callin my name baby.

i did get to chat with Elder Peery over email yesterday for his very first P-day in the mission field! that was exciting, and we luckily get to do that every week. which is literally going to be the best thing ever. 

happy tuesday! 

Thursday, November 14, 2013

10 things

 plaid + bow shirt: XXI / jeans: American Eagle / booties: Target / jewelry: Etsy, Nordstrom, NYC

1)  loving every bit of fall before WINTER hits. in love with fall clothing. it is my very favorite season to dress for by far! Utah, i can't believe you haven't snowed yet. this is monumental for Utah weather guys.

2)  in case you do not follow me on Instagram i will announce it here as well. i work in the MTC and i SAW Elder Peery, the day before he took off for AZ. it was the craziest thing ever. i had gone out to get a patient, and when i looked up, there he was by the reception area. he looked up because he heard my voice! we didn't talk to each other, we just smiled. it was cool, but it was hard. i have missed that smile already.

3)  as if having 4 pairs of booties isn't enough, i ordered more. HA. i love them, what can i say.

4)  my parents announced to us that we will be heading down to St. George for Thanksgiving! totally looking forward to that week of pure relaxation with my family.... AND a pool. thankkkk youuuuu mom and dad.

5)  forcing myself to go to the library these days to study more, and study harder. the semester is coming to an end my friends! it is seriously awesome. yet freaky at the same time because the thought of finals comin up in December? holy yikes.

6)  nobody can stop my flannel obsession. i own a LOT and i am totally okay with it. it's a daily thing now.

7)  christian and i saw "city of bones" yesterday in the dollar theater. weirdest movie ever. i love movies though, so it was fun to go. i personally can't wait for "hunger games: catching fire" to come out next week. woooo hoo!

8)  everyday while walking home from class i walk past the mail room to check for a letter from Tyler. yesterday i got a letter, and along with the letter there was more. i tell Tyler all the time that i am the worlds biggest Disney fan and now he is testing my knowledge with a quiz that him and his companions made!! it is wicked hard but i am determined.

9)  today i am working in the MTC again, and i have finally received my name tag! guys, i am official. i am an MTC employee *even though i have been here for 4 months now.*

10)  after having hardly any food in my dorm... my {wonderful and amazing} mother, who i adore, took me grocery shopping. and now i can finally eat dinner and not starve :)

happy thursday! tomorrow is friday and i have a fun weekend ahead of me. AND there is only one more week of school until thanksgiving. plus i took another exam today so i only have 2 more before the break.

school is kind of getting overwhelming... can you tell? but that is why tonight... it's me and the temple.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

from UT to AZ

this morning at 6 am, the peery's and i woke up to a call from Tyler. i had a sleepover with the girls so i could talk to Tyler too. we got to talk to him for over an hour together, and i think we can all agree that it was the BEST THING EVER. 

it made things a lot easier, and realizing how much good he is doing makes me so proud of him. he is loving every minute of being there, and learning so much about the Gospel and getting ready to teach the people of Gilbert, Arizona. Tyler is doing an amazing work, i can't wait to do the same.

it was so good to hear Tyler's voice again, and it's really easy to miss that sense of humor of his.
letters are the best, and even though that way of communication is our only way, we love it already.

and now, my love is Arizona bound.
let the 2 year journey begin! i know he will do such an amazing job.

i love you kid, i'll see you soon.