Tuesday, January 31, 2012

i look forward to

1) COLLEGE with my cousin, Briana
2) COLLEGE with my cousin, Briana
3) COLLEGE with my cousin, Briana

did i mention i am excited & looking forward to graduate in a year and go to BYU with my cousin, Briana? + move into the dorms together and date hot MATURE men? well guess what... i am

Sunday, January 29, 2012

5 random pictures

1) the Salt Lake City Temple - i was up at temple square last Sunday night for the '100 Years of Seminary' broadcast with mom + dad + Malia. it was a wonderful meeting and we even got to meet Sister Dalton after! it was quite the experience. let's just say my dad is good at being sneakyyyyy
2) Hannah and I - this is us on friday. as a mentioned here i got to spend time with the siblings this weekend eating food, watching movies, but also having some friend time thrown in there & partying. cause what is a weekend without movies + friends + food + and partying? on friday Hanni and i hung out with lots of people at Megs house, then Saturday the fam and i went and saw 'We Bought a Zoo.' i liked this movie, however, i was surprised by how much swearing they allow in a PG movie these days. what is this world coming to? honestly. anyways, then Saturday night Hannah, Cait and i went to Yogurtland where we saw Matt and Alec. then they joined us at Megs after we went to The Chocolate for Joslynn's birthday (which is today, happy 17th jozzie!) it was quite a hoot at Megs that night. 10 senior boys + 10 senior girls + a LOT of food = PARTY
3) my day isn't complete without gym time + a Special K bar
4) sunday - people find me crazy for dressing up so much + wearing heels so dang often. i can't help it. i was BORN to wear heels + dress up.
5) my first coke - yes. my FIRST coke people. it has been sitting in my room for 1 year now. i finally took a sip. then handed it off to my brother... i prefer Dr Pepperhappy sunday! today the family and i are celebrating my Grandpa Horton's 74th (i think) birthday by eating Boiled Raisin Cake. EWWWW.... (his request) then tomorrow we celebrate Grandma Gillespie's 66 birthday by eating a yummy dinner! looking forward to parties!

by the way, in case you didn't know, my families store 7Circles DID start opening all week long! instead of Thur-Sat 9-7. we are now open Mon-Sat 10-7. there are AMAZING deals this week ($4 cardigans, $4 CK underwear, $6 pants, + ALL COATS 20% OFF!) so come visit me! i work Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday: 3-7

Friday, January 27, 2012

say hello to the 'new Keena'

braces are finally off! thank the heavens! after 4 retainers, 1 Herbst appliance, and 2 sets of braces for a total of 4 1/2 years, my teeth have just about had it. i am so happy to be able to say that my braces are off! and they are never ever coming back! :)

i am shocked at how amazing it feels. i mean, i have never had this before. the first time i got my braces off i still had a retainer {with fake teeth on it of course} but it still had a bar in the front, and now, i am bar free. the newest in retainers i tell you, and i love it! i am so thrilled and happy with my teeth and the results that i would say that those dreadful and miserable 4 1/2 years, were definitely worth it. wouldn't you?

last post i mentioned i was doing something '
quite big and daring at noon' if you can't tell by the picture above, my eyelashes got longer! yes yes i got extensions! i have wanted them for awhile now but haven't found a good price, so i didn't think it was worth it! well i found a wonderful gal to do them for me + a great price, and boy oh boy do i love them. how wonderful is it that i no longer have to put on make up? quite wonderful i'd say.

here is a before look {EW} if you must. check out the difference in eyelashes as well. {don't you love my new ones so much more? i know i do!} annnnnnd yes i realize my eyes look very blue in this picture but not in the top one. lighting my friends, lighting.
how i love how much change occurred! i'm a whole new woman! and i love it! first place i went after having braces removed = Zupas. AKA my absolute FAV restaurant! i love the Chicken Enchilada Soup + the Mango Berry Salad. this combo is uhhhh-mazing. seriouslyalso yesterday, i rocked some seriously great 'arm candy' {<---- that's what they call it now days!} but then again, i always wear tons of bracelets. i am in love with bracelets + my rose gold watch. what can i say? bracelets are my favorite piece of jewelry. that, and gold hoop earrings. LOVEalso, meggie + jos visited me yesterday at work to view my new smile! cheers to a wonderful weekend ahead! i can't wait to strut the town with my new face, turning heads as i go. just teasing! my parents are headed down to St. George this weekend for a speaking assignment, so the kids and i are partyin' it up! waaaa-hoooooo!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

1 week later....

shirt: H&M, cheetah pants: PacSun, zipper booties: Target, watch: Nordstrom

sorry it's been a week since i posted last, it happens. but i figured you could use a post, backyard photo shoot post? sure why not!

tomorrow is the day peeps. take one long LAST look at these son-of-a-gun braces. cause they ne'er e'er coming back. {you shall see a before and after shot of these teeth.... soon} seriously though, i can't wait ANY longer for these little babies to come off. 4 years later and my teeth have had just about enough.

last night i missed the bachelor to do math. that was theeee worst. no worries, i will be watching it tonight :) cause of course, no school tomorrow. i am also doing something quite big and daring tomorrow at noon. you will see, because come Thursday, i will be a NEW WOMAN. yes, tomorrow is quite the day people!

tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

body image + self worth

EVERYONE should watch this video, especially girls.
it is long, but totally worth it. it really helped me, and gave me a new perspective on body image and self confidence/worth. annndddd i am officially in love with this girl AND all of her videos.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

10 things

shirt: F21, skirt: Nordstrom, booties: Target, watch: Nordstrom

1) this deserves to be #1, braces come off in 10 days. TEN DAYS! next Wednesday :) after 4 years people. boo-freaking-yah!!
2) i can't wait any longer for Breaking Dawn to go into the dollar theater. when it does, you will see me there everyday; literally
3) finished a personal progress project yesterday. i made a blanket
4) my most favorite insta-grammer started following me last night. i have never been so happy about a stupid iPhone app. i literally was screaming when she also liked every single one of my pictures. holy freakkkk yes
5) went to a happnin' party on Friday night. it got a little intense when i got trapped in the middle of the dance circle. it was so hot in there. 'helppppp!!'
6) i, keena horton, watched Eclipse 4 times this week. FOUR. don't judge
7) so, 7Circles is going to be open all week starting January 23 visit me! i work Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and maybe Saturday.
8) got some deliveries being made to me this week. 2 new iPhone cases, and some new tan boots. woooo! can't wait
9) loving gym time lately. workouts are the bestttt
10) i really love my sister, Malia. she is my best friend {i love you sisssssyyyy!}

Friday, January 13, 2012

thank the heavens it is finally friday

i realized the other day, that i really don't put up that many pictures on my blog anymore. i am sorry about that. i don't like it very much, it makes me sad. i used too though.... at this time last year i was blogging everything from school projects, cheer, drivers ed, family, birthdays, etc. i guess i am lazy. that, or i can't find anything to take pictures of. <both?> anyways, i am going to try and be better about that.

sooooo, lets just say... it has been a LONG week. the last week of the semester is never fun, and having at least 2 tests or quizzes a day, this past week, has been terrible. too much studying. too much work. too much school. but it is OVER. say hello to the 3 day weekend. i have some seriously great plans.
+ i have had to tweak my schedule around tons this week. i had to get it just right. and guess what! Cait and i have every class together. just like last semester... boo-yah!

have a fantastic long weekend everyone! mine will be filled with lots of friend time, gym time, party time, sleeping time, family time, and lots and lots of eating. cause that is what i do best. EAT

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

rest in peace

Jeremy Peterson. i am so sorry you took your life today. i never new you too well, but we did dance in ballroom as partners. you will be missed; and all of Mountain View is thinking of you + dressing up just for YOU tomorrow. see you soon bud. much love XO

Saturday, January 7, 2012

3 things i think about all day, everyday

1. cute couples: having a Tumblr makes me see a whole lot of couples. couple videos, couple pictures, couple quotes, couples everywhere. i take pictures of everything and watch the videos of cute couples daily. so dang cute. yeah i mean everyone wants a boyfriend. who doesn't? that is not what high school is all about though. i decided to just wait for the right guy. which probably won't come until after graduation. this is not to say i haven't had some high school relationships. cause i have. plenty of them. some i have obviously liked more than others. some i ended, some he has ended. i'm even hoping for maybe some more since i'm like halfway done with high school? we will see. plus i think it is nice to date around while in high school get a good perspective of who i want as a husband. which brings me to number 2

2. my future with my husband: this should definitely be number one. this gets me through EVERY single day. sometimes i honestly can't fall asleep at night because i just think about all the fun things we will do together! i have lists and lists in my phone about all the fun things we will do and all the places we will make out.... and stuff like that {wink wink} not trying to be too TMI-ish i just like to think about my future is all :) my husband and i are going to be the cutest thing out there. look out!

3. being married in the temple: it literally is all i want in life. to have a beautiful marriage in the temple with my true love. the temple is what i look too and it is where i want to go one day. i can't wait for that day

i can't wait to be married

Friday, January 6, 2012

cousins in Utah. again

my 2 favorite times of year. when i see my cousins in the summer, and when i see my cousins in the winter. i was lucky enough to see them for a whole month this summer! they were down here for 2 weeks {see HERE and HERE} and we were up in Seattle for 2 weeks {see HERE, HERE and HERE} + Briana and Mackenzie visited Lex, Mia, and i in November! {see HERE} wow i just love them.

anywayyysss, this was quite the great Christmas break with them. they decided to fly this time, so we had 2 more days with them than we usually do! they arrived at 2 on Monday the 26 {the day after Christmas} we basically partied all day. everyday. we went shopping, eating out, gym time, watching movies, going to do baptisms at the temple, attend family parties, more movies, more eating out, and MORE.

Tuesday we went to the BYU basketball game
Wednesday, Brick Oven. a yearly winter time tradition
here is some of the extended family eating dinner. we do that a lot. {eat, i mean} + that night we opened exchange presents! i got myself a Twilight bracelet. that's right. Bella's bracelet! with the werewolf AND crystal gem charms. trust me, i love it. i wear it everyday :) {thanks to Michelle for picking it out! and thanks to Ali for giving it to me}
driving to one of the many places we ate out at that week. poor Lex wasn't included in this picture since she was working. luckily she was still at every place we ate at! thank heavens for lunch breaks right? right.
here we are, eating our slushies, at the White Elephant party. another yearly tradition in the Gillespie family. we get laughing HARD every single year! love my family and their sense of humor. so much
as i mentioned HERE, the cousins and i got fancied for New Years Eve
{Hanni also joined!} and here we are at the fancy dancy partay!
the last day. Monday. doing last minute shopping, movie watching, and eating {of course} not kidding. i think we watched 15 movies in that week. + 2 dollar movies. we love movies!
oh how i will MISS them so much. crossing my fingers that i will see them in April! XO

Monday, January 2, 2012

look over 2011 + resolutions

i loved Hunter Kofford's idea of showing pictures of my entire year. {stealing your idea sis! hope you don't mind!} i am going to share pictures, and highlights from that month! look out. this could be a long post. {click the pink links to see that event!} here we go!

-cheering for basketball games and swim meets
-making a new friend, Madi Bateman
-hanging with friends and working at the store
-Aspen Grove for Youth Conference
-getting my brand new iPhone4
-seeing the JB movie at midnight, opening night, with Mads
-spending time with friends
-Valentines day
-going to St. George with my family for Malia's soccer tournament
-more time with friends {of course}
-getting a bunch of tests done + many doctors appointments + finding out i had to get surgery again
-JB's birthday, spending it with my friends by seeing the movie again
-St Patties day
-Marcus' and my dads birthday celebrations
-getting my second tailbone surgery
-Meg's birthday party
-finding a new love life with Chris Turnbull
-spring break
-visiting East High School with my family
-the first sign of spring! it was definitely delayed
-my sweet 16 birthday
-first date {with my dad}
-park city for Memorial Day weekend with my cousins, for my birthday
-the MV soccer team goes to state at the REAL stadium
-finally finishing LOST
-school ended! hallelujah!
-making my summer list
-partying it up with my friends
-girls camp
-EFY with my most favorite person ever
-hiking the Y for my very first time with Hanni and Mads
-4th of July with my family + cousins
-more Chris + friend time
-spending 2 out of the 4 weeks at my cousins house in Washington
-starting school again
-Homecoming, my first date dance
-going to my first concert, Selena Gomez, with Syd
-more friend bonding timeOctober
-going to my first BYU football game
-friend time
-getting my Herbst off
-waiting out for 7 hours for the opening of Breaking Dawn
-having cousins come down for the weekend
-spending 11-11-11 with my cousins
-photo shoot with Hanni by Holly
-Christmas break
-cousins coming down AGAIN {that post is coming soon!}
-seeing temple square + the lights
over all 2011 was great, it definitely had its ups and downs, but honestly, i can't wait for this year! i'm ready for some killer resolutions that i actually plan to complete, unlike last year!

2012 resolutions
-be a healthier person
-loose _ pounds
-have more money in my savings account
-finish my Personal Progress
-run my first 1/2 marathon
-go to the gym 5 times a week
-take the ACT

welcome 2012! i'm excited!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

it's 2012 baby!

Malia, Mackenzie, Briana and i got all fancied up for a New Years party last night. these new glitter heels made their lovely appearance at that hoot of a party!

if you are wondering why i am blogging right now, it is just cause i LOVE you guys so much and felt the need to wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR! it's 2012 baby! this year has so much in store and i am so excited for new chances, new beginnings, and new changes this year will bring. not to mention the resolutions i will be setting. {definitely more about that later}

in reality, the cousins are gone to their grandparents {on the other side} and won't be back for a few hours. so i hopped on. much more to come once they leave, lovies! have a happy first day of the brand new year!