Friday, November 30, 2012


Tuesday night Malia and i got the opportunity to do baptisms for the dead with the youth in our ward. it is such a blessing to me to be able to participate in doing this, and i sometimes forget how happy i am when i do it. 

we missed the first MV boys basketball game that night and at first we were really sad about it. but after knowing that the reason we missed was because we went to the temple, it just felt right. i love going to the temple because it brings me closer to the gospel. it reminds me of my own baptism day and how happy i was. knowing that i am making someone else just as happy when i am doing the work for them, just makes it all the better.

Wednesday night was ward temple night, and i got to babysit for some neighbors // close friends in my ward. i had studying i needed to get done but was willing to help my neighbors out. i didn't want to accept money because i knew they were going to the temple. i served that family in my ward and it felt really nice.

although i do simple deeds each day, i sometimes forget how nice it feels to serve people. i forgot how nice it is to go to the temple and feel closer to the gospel and to Jesus Christ. i forgot how wonderful it is to be able to let another couple feel good at the temple while watching their kids. it feels so amazing to serve and it makes me want to do it as much as i can!

i'm so grateful for this gospel and what it teaches me

{more information on the LDS church HERE}

Thursday, November 29, 2012

it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

 we put up our tree as a family on Sunday night! we always try to put it up RIGHT after Thanksgiving, we figure the longer we can have it up and celebrate... the better!

we got a pre-lit tree 2 years ago, and i think that just about completed my dad's life. the complications of putting the lights on the tree has been killing him since the day i can remember. he was happy as can be when we bought this tree! and now he doesn't even complain :) so after he and Caleb set the tree up, we added on all the ornaments!

 and here is the finished product! 

we have added more and more decorations to the house each day, and i am still trying to get around to decorating mine + Malia's room! i always put up lights + chains + sometimes even a mini tree! we'll see what i get around to this year :)

on another note, having major senioritis right now! as much as i LOVE high school and i know how much i will miss it when i am gone, having good grades and pointless classes doesn't make me want to go! its a constant battle between going to school and watching Friday Night Lights {my new FAVORITE show!} just counting down the days until the Christmas break :)

can't wait to welcome December on Saturday!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

10 things + black friday aftermath

shirt: thrifted, pants: Citizens of Humanity, heels: Target

1)  let's start this off right. with a random picture of this photo-shoot that i found on my computer. a little selfie while Mia was getting ready to be photographed! only cause its selfie sunday. and becuase i can!

2)  thanksgiving was absolutely wonderful. there is something so great about a day where you do nothing but eat really good food and spend time with family. we played games and ate pie. how awesome are dessert and games? such a good day to remind myself how much i am thankful for and how much i appreciate what i do have. {more HERE}

3)  Malia and i shopped for 14 hours straight for black Friday. FOURTEEN HOURS. we started at 9pm with Target {along with 5000 other people in Orem}, waited out at the mall for Gap {and a few other stores}, went to Old Navy, stopped for hot cocoa at the gas station around 4am, almost hit 5 deer {DEER. real deer in Orem, Utah} on State Street, waited out for 2 hours for Forever 21, and finished off with driving to Fashion Place Mall for H&M. {yes. we are stupid for driving on the freeway with no sleep at 7am.} 11:00 on Friday morning we called quits, and ended black Friday with a bang. KNEADERS. 

here we are... waiting out for the mall to open at midnight. this is where Branson and Tyler decided to join our adventure! the only reason they stayed in line with us was because they needed a bathroom...

at our Old Navy stop. the longest line EVER. Malia was soooooo done at this point. can you tell? i think she actually fell asleep right there... {which is why the hot cocoa was a MUST}

this was around 4:30 am. right after getting hot cocoa and encountering the deer. we were on our way to wait out for Forever 21!! that lovely 2 hour wait. Netflix and iPhones were necessary at that point.
it was honeslty the greatest 14 hours and i am SO happy we did it! i was exhausted, but the deals and amount of clothes i got... were totally worth it! its a tradition Mia and i will definitely keep continuing

4)  so i've been filling out my BYU application + essays all day. can i tell you how much i can't wait for them to be done? I CAN'T WAIT
5)  shout-out to the cutest couple in the world! Alexis and Tanner congrats on getting engaged i am so happy for you! can't wait for the wedding. pretty much the cutest couple alive. and the proposal pictures? i was crying...
6)  the fact that we have to go back to school tomorrow after a 5 day break. i don't even want to discuss that matter right now
7)  Hannah + Branson + Tyler + Edgar + Chris + i had a hot chocolate party last night. peppermint hot cocoa, Tim Tam cookies, marshmallows, whipped cream, and good friends. such a great way to welcome the Christmas season!

8)  the fact that December is on Saturday is seriously freaking me out. how did 2012 fly by SO FAST? i just can't even wrap my brain around it. anyone else with me?
9)   we're decorating our tree as a family tonight. welcome welcome welcome to Christmas time! it's my favorite time of year :) besides the 4th of July of course
10)  so i made a new button for my blog! if anyone wants to swap let me know :)

happy sunday everyone!

ps: i got my hair done on Tuesday. i'm super thrilled :)

Thursday, November 22, 2012

a day of thanks

 happy thanksgiving! the Horton's celebrated today with our favorite way, each picking something we are thankful for and making a meal out of it! this year, like the last, we made a giant breakfast. cereals, french toast, fruits, juices/milks, and lots of yummy syrups.

we also enjoyed the afternoon at my aunts house eating the traditional thanksgiving food and playing games! such a great day
today i am thankful for many things. i am especially grateful for my family and friends. i don't know what i would do without their love and support! i am also grateful for the gospel and everything it provides for my life.

i could go on and on with a lengthy list of things i am grateful for, so i think i'll steal a few from last years list and improve it by selecting the things i really do appreciate the very MOST. i also put together a little collage while digesting my thanksgiving dinner today. if you are pictured here it means i love you and am very grateful for you! :)

 things i am grateful for, in no particular order

my family, my friends, my home, my father’s good job, 7Circles, my body, food, clothing, shoes, the LDS church, temple, the scriptures, my freedom, school, hospitals, doctors and nurses, dentists, changes, computers, Eternal Life, people who care about me, tooth brushes, cell phones, iPods, my senses, my grandparents, money, memories, cars, electricity, farms, museums, church music, learning, teachers, fruit and veggies, refrigerators, the Kardashians, Disney movies, Taylor Swift, makeup, aunts and uncles, the Twilight Saga, EFY, the people who have fought for my freedom, the Declaration of Independence, Disneyland, heat and air conditioning, my bed, the Holy Ghost, surprises, the employees of 7Circles, first kisses, medicine, the military, a healthy body, Walt Disney, weddings, family memories, everything in my body, smart people, music, decisions, sins, trials, Joseph Smith, toilets, the Temple, churches, firefighters, water, seasons, social media websites, stores, restaurants, laws, magazines, seat belts, telephones, learning, showers, the snow/rain, pictures, things that smell good, cookies, my imagination, dreams, the Pioneers, General Conference, parents that make me go to church when i don’t want to, parties, homework, tests, gardens, celebrities, Nordstrom, movie theaters, massages, flowers, jewelry, the New Era, the Ensign, the Friend, all the prophets, U.S.A, maps, memories, genealogy, soap, recipes, sewing, repairs, sweaters, coats, night and day, the ability to count, the days of the week, underwear, desserts, lip gloss, Personal Progress and Duty to God, the Earth that God created, the Atonement, seminary, pizza, Forever 21, Target, journals, the ability i have to bring God's children to earth, BYU, mountains, beaches, the ability to LOVE someone, surgeries, vacations, bubble baths, midnight snacks, holidays, police, movies, the ability to see colors, sunshine, road trips, future opportunities, the ability to cook, video cameras, birthdays, exercising, running, gym's, my dad, my mom, Malia, Caleb, Marcus, Kylie, Quincey

* * * * *
there are so many things i think i take advantage of and i love that i can look back on this list anytime and know that i am blessed with so much! i appreciate everything i have. 

and now. it's time. 
tonight malia and i are starting at 9 and shopping all night long. 
cheers to an all-nighter and blowing all our money.

i hope you all had a fabulous thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

more time with my best friend

 spending the weekend with Briana was so unexpected and SO much fun! i love her so much. i don't know if i have mentioned this before, but she will be in London for Christmas for cheer so she won't be coming down. because i won't see her then, it was SO GOOD to have her here over the weekend! 
things we did:
- saw Breaking Dawn part 1 together (i was hesitant when the fighting scene started because the rest of the movie was so much like the book, but in the end, i LOVED IT) (hurrahh to the final ending!)
- stayed up LATE (4 am on a school night? for me at least!) catching up
- lunch at Kneaders
- visiting grandparents (having grandpa give us kissing talks? hilarious)
- hung out with Alexis + Tanner
- shopping at the mall. Victoria Secret baby
- sushi at Happy Sumo with Lex + Tanner & walking around Riverwoods (Santa's lap!)
- watching the hilarious home videos of us as kids
- talking ALL about college and how we are so excited to live together next year! (crossing our fingers we both make it in to BYU)

i love you Nan. already miss you more than anything! see you in March...

Saturday, November 17, 2012

best. surprise. EVER

 look who came for a visit...

as i am walking into the theater to see Breaking Dawn part2 on thursday night, out of no where she walks up to me. BEST MOMENT EVER. i was so happy to see her! they sure got me good! i had no idea she was coming and i don't think i have ever hugged someone that long and hard. i love her so much :) 

we have spent the past day and a half together (with Lex too of course!) and luckily she doesn't leave until Sunday night! i am so happy she is here you have no idea. this will be the greatest weekend ever

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sadie's 2012

introducing my date, Dallin Kelly! i asked him to Sadie Hawkins this year and we had so much fun!

after much discussion and confusion on what to do for our day-date, (we made probably 10 final decisions that all ended up failing) the girls and i decided (VERY last minute) on having dinner + dessert + games + movie (and a spontaneous snowball fight) at Megs house!

we decided for Friday night instead of doing it Saturday afternoon. we met at Megs house at 7 for everything! we had dinner {pasta bar} and dessert! {hot cocoa, muddie buddies, brownies} we also played games and watched 'What Happens in Vegas.'

Saturday night we picked the boys back up (all dressed up in our fancy outfits. which was also MUCH confusion and debating before we finally decided to have 3 tennis player couples + 3 boxing couples) and had pictures!

Keena and Dallin
Kaylee and Alec

Emma and Alex

Joslynn and Jayce

Meg and Edgar

Caitlyn and Austin

we decided to have dinner at Wingers and it was delicious!
after dinner, the dance! which was SO fun. we left the dance and headed to Kaylee's where we watched a movie and mostly all fell asleep! 
  this dance definitely goes on my list of favorites, especially since all my best friends were in the same group! after all the stress that we went through to get this dance prepared, i am so glad it all worked out!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

i'm in a hat

shirt: thrifted, pants: H&M, boots: Delias, hat: F21, awkward picture: bloopers

it's been an interesting week. i have had more ups and downs in the average day then i usually do. i don't know why i'm feeling so out of the ordinary; but it may have to do with the amount of senioritis i have, or the fact that my current love life is an emotional mess. and/or nonexistent now. (yes that's dramatic. but what can ya do)

i will say though, Sadies was this weekend and going with Dallin + our group was a BLAST! i also bought my ticket to Breaking Dawn for this Thursday at midnight, and I AM SO EXCITED.

let's hope this week is a good one... i need it!
happy sunday!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

10 random pictures + my thoughts

 *for lack of a better title.... here are some random pictures that i never got around to posting!*

Malia and i were starving after working 5 hours on Saturday, and decided to pick up some Zupas. our all time fav is the Mango Berry Salad. mmmmm so good. after that we enjoyed shopping!

 about 3 weeks ago now, Jared took me on a date to Cornbellys! we went in all of the haunted mazes + houses. and lets just say i am so glad he was there... i am a scareeed-eee-cat. he planned out the most perfect date and it was honestly one of the most fun dates i have ever been on! there were about 7 other couples there... and we had such a great time :)

 so, the next weekend i went on a date with Tyler (hey, that's what high school is for... right?) he took me to the Sundance full moon ski lift! it was FREEZING (thank heavens for blankets) but we had so much fun :) Branson and his date Maddie also joined us! and after, we devoured some hot cocoa! marshmallow flavor if i might add.

 the Hortons are a bit busy (not even just right now... we're just ALWAYS busy.) we all have different schedules and none of them match too well. so even though Quincey's birthday isn't until saturday, we decided to celebrate Monday night for FHE! 

for dinner, Quincey chose Brick Oven! one of our family favorites :)

after chowing down a bunch of delicious pizza + pasta + really delicious root beer that breaks our healthy eating... we decided to go bowling!

pretty random picture i'd say! but hey. they had to be posted somehow

the results of the election surely were sad to me, and even though i was predicting Obama to win, deep down i had hope that Romney would win because of how close it really was. not a fan of electoral collage voting system, and knowing Romney won the popular vote... KILLS ME. really wish Romney would have won, but here's to another 4 years with President Obama. Obama, sir, i really hope you can do a heck of a lot better job this 4 years than the last 4 :) but, i'm really happy for a well functioning government and a country that i am free in! so i really can't complain!

and now that i have given my political rant. 

have a happy Wednesday everyone! i should probably go to school now...