Thursday, May 31, 2012

farewell + friends + squaw peak

i woke up and went to the gym, gave a homeless man an umbrella ((yeah, i really did.)), went to work for about 2 hours, then went home and got ready for my family party! it was all the way up in Murray, but man did those people have a fun backyard. 

after the family party, we stopped at IKEA on the way home. Malia and i are re-doing our room ((more on that later)) and we bought some new curtains! sometimes that store gives me anxiety. but i love it!

Hannah came over when we got home, and we went and partied with some boys! there were tons of people there. we danced at a park with the music blasting and sat on top of roofs! Jos, Kaylee, and Meg also joined us and it was a heck of a night

Jos, Hannah, Meg and i went to Josue's farewell! he left on his mission to Louisiana today. it was a Spanish ward, so that was interesting enough, but Josue gave a great talk and i know he will be a great missionary! we also went to his house after the meeting for tostada's and brownies. 

i spent time with my family on Sunday and had a birthday dinner with my grandparents!

after dinner and a couple more presents, i went to Meg's with Joslynn where we talked about boys ((the usual)) had some 'snapchat' fun, took some crazy pictures and videos, watched the vow ((I LOVE THAT MOVIE)) then had a sleepover!

Meggie and i woke up and went to Magleby's with her family! cruising in her new Mini Coop and enjoying delicious french toast. YUM. after breakfast i headed to the gym! then i came home, showered, went to work, then had FHE with my fam. i also went to Yogurtland with Quinn, Tyler and Jordan that night!

yearbook day. one of the LAST days of school! i woke up late and missed the senior send off assembly, but i headed to school with Cait to sign yearbooks! we stayed at the school for a bit then went to her house. Hannah came over, then we met all of our girlfriends at Meg's to swim! i love my girlfriends.

i went to Young Womens at 7, then us girlfriends ((and a couple boys)) got back together and decided to head up to Squaw Peak! i had never been before, but MAN. that place is beautiful. there are so many lights and pictures just don't do it justice.

awww yeah. Jozzie and i looking all sexayyy. bootylicious.

yesterday i went to graduation and said goodbye to the seniors ((pictrues from that later!)) such a sad thing. i am not sure how i feel about the fact that our class is now seniors. i just can't believe that will be me next year, GRADUATING! yeah i really can't think about that right now. wayyyyyy too crazy.

Monday, May 28, 2012

my wonderful 17th birthday!

this year my birthday was so dang fun. birthday's are definitely one of my most favorite time of year because the whole day is about YOU! i think.... ((this may sound bratty, but then again, don't we all think this?)) that it's kinda fun one day a year for people to shower you ((just you! your day)) with gifts, hugs, songs, food, new things, and 'happy birthday!'s all day long. and you are one year older. you get tons of presents for just surviving a year. yeah, birthday's are pretty great

wednesday night
i was sleeping. when all the sudden i wake up to.. "KEENA!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!" and TONS of balloons floating everywhere! my besties/girlfriends awoke me at 12:30 to go eat breakfast! ((which i thought was pretty creative. everyone always goes in the morning, but why not 12:30? boo-yah))

we ate at Denny's! half of us had french toast, eggs, and pancakes. and the other half had fried chicken and fries. ((i opted for the french toast. even though i only slept for 30 minutes, it felt like breakfast time :) and i will give Denny's props for that delicious french toast. delish))

don't ask me why these pictures ((especially the black & white ones)) look so splotchy....?  not sure

 we had the greatest waiter in the world. his name was Booth, and he was nice enough to put up with our LOUD LAUGHTER ((seriously, we sounded like 7 drunk girls in Orem Utah. someone would say 'fried chicken!' and we would all be laughing so hard we were crying)) and so was the rest of Denny's since im sure those 2 couples wanted to kill us. he was also kind enough to take a picture of us!

Madi, Jos, Meg, Me, Kaylee, Hannah, Cait

happy birthday to me! probably one of the best parts of my birthday was eating all the junk food i wanted to. the one day where i didn't say no to anything that was offered me. its honestly embarrassing how much junk food i ate that day, and yet, i am so glad i did! it's all i ate

i woke up and went to school, and Cait gave me a present! a brand new shirt ((that i adore)) and 2 huge sugar cookies from Smart Cookie. yes, i ate both. 

in Chemistry ((2nd period)) Sub Zero came and gave us a lecture + free ice cream made right in front of us! yep, ate that too! 

during 3rd period Meg gave me 20 of those huge suckers. ((like the ones below)) man i love those.

for lunch we went to Jamba Juice. can't say no to a Jamba! Orange Dream Machine all the way. one of my favorites that i hardly get because out of ALL my fav's it has the highest calorie/fat content! but did you think i cared about that on my birthday? heck no.

after school ((which wasn't even school. every single class period we just sat around, talked, or watched movies! i didn't even bring a binder. burned that thing. hahaha just kiddin')) i talked with Edgar, Chris, Amanda, Cait, and Hannah for awhile then headed home.

Taylor came and got me and we enjoyed some snowies. ((always lovin' me some snowies)) Taylor dropped me off after and i headed to dinner with my family! we went to Pizza Factory. one of my favorite pizza/breadstick restaurants!

we always go to Pizza Factory when one of us in the fam has a birthday! and we always order a cheese pizza in the shape of your age!! 

after, i headed to Meg's house to go swimming with my girl friends! our first dip in the pool of the summer. and boy did it feel good. 

SUCH a fun time :) i went home, Carson dropped off a gift ((another Jamba baby)), and i opened presents!! i got new running shoes, new clothes, a new curling rod, and my hair done! ((yep. im SUPER blonde now! as you can see....)) i just had the most wonderful birthday ever!! i had such a fun time with my family and friends and i am so thankful for everything they did to make this the greatest birthday ever!! 

i am finally 17. finally :)

Friday, May 25, 2012

GIANT snowies

summer is almost here! today was our last full day of school. Monday there is no school, and Tuesday we have an assembly {that's it}, so technically school is already done for! to celebrate the 80-90 degree weather we have been having here in Orem {well, some of the days. today?? windy + cloudy}, 3 of my girl friends and i decided to get snowies on Wednesday!

these are not just regular snowies, as you can see. they are HUGE. HUGE! almost bigger than my head.

and the best part is, this snowie shack is local and cheap. who doesn't love a good snowie {bigger than your head} with ice cream in the middle for $2.50? heavens yes! 

Madi the model. {boys, she's single.} just sayin

the best snowies ever! i got creamy coconut and POG {a fruity flavor i guess? tasted good so who cares what it was!} the first time i ever visited this amazing snowie shack down in Provo, was EFY last summer with my cousin! i've definitely missed these delicious things

i have a feeling those workers are going to get sick of me and my friends, cause something tells me we'll be there plenty more this summer pounding down the snowies!
sooooo my birthday was yesterday! i am now 17 years old :) finally! i had so much fun yesterday with my friends + family {they all did so much to make sure it was the perfect day for me, and it WAS!} i also took plenty of pictures and i have a post to show them coming real soon!

for now it's time to have a party rockin', junk food eatin', dance party happnin' weekend with my friends. looking forward to a fun filled weekend! birthday post coming real soon, promise. XO

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

soccer semi-finals baby!

this year our boys were kickin' trash in soccer. just like every year of course, and we made it to the state semi finals! we made it last year as well, {and all the way to Rio Tinto finals!} on Tuesday we headed up to the game which was in Bountiful! basically the entire school went {3 packed susses} even though it was during school. i mean, who wouldn't go? i for one, wouldn't miss it!

on the way up, everyone on the bus just insisted on having the windows down. it was a tad bit windy to say the least, and both mine & Hannah's hair was just flying everywhere! 
the game started at 1:30 and it was 85 degrees outside. i was in a black jersey..... black jersey + 85 degree weather = ONE HOT GIRL {in more ways then one.... HA! kidding}

 we ended up losing 1-0, but i am so proud of my boys! WAY TO GO boys you did amazing! even though we lost, you can blame it ALL on the ref {since we did score a goal and it didn't even count.} no but seriously, blame it on the refs. 

you all played amazing, and thank you Jake for letting me wear your jersey! better luck next year boys. and even though you lost, i had a wonderful time :)