Tuesday, July 30, 2013

some really great news

* quote from my hero! *
I have been hoping and praying all summer long that I could find myself a perfect CNA job while I am in school at BYU this fall. I have had the positive thought in my head ever since I got my CNA that I will find a job I love! as I mentioned here I applied for a job at the hospital on Saturday. I could totally still wait to see if I got that job, but something even B E T T E R happened yesterday.

I am somehow, in this amazing life, blessed with lots of people with connections. one of my young women leaders happens to work in the student health center down at BYU, and was able to get me an interview with the boss there. they hire CNA's to help with orientations, clinical work, and lots of other things that are A MILLION TIMES BETTER than working in a "rest home" {not that I don't love helping the elderly, that's just not the reason I became a CNA.}

anyways, i  g o t  t h e  j o b !!

I walked out of the BYU student health center yesterday afternoon with the biggest smile on my face! I can't even believe it. my first job as a nurse's assistant. AND, the best part is, it is right down the street {literally, not even a block!} from where I will be living this fall!

I start tomorrow morning, 9:00. my scrubs and I are giddy! could life get any more perfect? feeling very blessed.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

5 things on my mind

 ^^^ a couple pictures from pioneer day! the fam and I spent the day together up at Bridal Veil Falls, eating Jimmy Johns sandwiches and exploring the falls.

1  ||  yesterday I applied for a part time CNA job at the hospital! which is really exciting for me. so everyone pray for me. I need it real bad

2  ||  I also got a full time job yesterday, and I start tomorrow! I am working for my neighbor, and I am mostly just thrilled because I will soon see a paycheck again, which I haven't seen one of those since MAY. yikes

3  ||  Tyler cut his hair yesterday. missionary haircut style. not only did he cut just his hair, but he cut off his solepatch too. which is crazy because he has had it for a whole year! have no fear, we saved the hair in a little box. it will be missed, and it will be buried.

4  ||  watermelon. I just can't get enough

5  ||  this month I hit an all time record on my blog. you guys are the best and i am definitely feelin the love. and even though that's not the reason I blog, it is still pretty awesome. *and thank you for all the sweet comments! they sure make my day.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

3 months

we kind of celebrate a lot, Tyler and I. we love going on dates // going out to eat together. okay maybe we just love spending money together...

it was our 3 month anniversary on Tuesday, and although it is only 3 months, it means a lot to us and we found it good reason to celebrate! we only get so many anniversary's to celebrate together before Tyler is gone on his mission, so of course we should just celebrate everything ;)

we had free movie tickets, so we decided to see Grown Ups 2. dumbest movie we have ever seen, we walked out, haha. we walked around in the Riverwoods taking pictures, until it was our reservation time!

we ate at Tucanos! it was my very first time!

 ^^^ amazing food!

after eating, we headed up to Sundance, waited in the hour long line with the rest of Utah, then enjoyed the full moon lift ride together!

my favorite person to be with and we had the most perfect night together!
happy 3 months Ty! here's to a million more ♥

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


sorry it took me so long to get this post up. I was just waiting to gather all the pictures from miss Meg who took all the amazing pictures with her nice camera!

powell was w o n d e r f u l. we had so much fun as friends together, in our swimsuits with sunburned tanned skin all week long! we did nothing but relax and enjoy the time we had in the sunshine and in the water! we left on Sunday afternoon. it was a 7 hour drive, which took all day {and I drove separately because I left early for surgery!} but we were SO happy to arrive there, and take a dip in the water in the hot weather!

  ^^^ first night on the houseboat was spent at the marina!

Monday morning we headed out to find ourselves a BEACH. we spent the whole day in the water and on the sand! which was fabulous. and THAT is what we did alllll weeeeeek lonnnggg :)

 ^^^ my sexy boy.

 ^^^ I got buried!

T U B I N G  was freaking awesome. and at night? even better.

 ^^^ the whole clan!

for our last night {well, Ty and I's last night that is!} we had a photo shoot on the beach!

 ^^^the girls! MY GIRLS. I love them all

BEST week in the world. so relaxing and fun to be with everyone for our senior trip! even better that I got to be with all of them, PLUS my boy. + I even tried wake boarding! AND got up! which I was very proud of. I forgot how much I love lake powell! it is truly the best. and the tan I came back with was just a little souvenir :)

Sunday, July 21, 2013

pretty pink dress and a really happy lady

 jacket: H&M, dress: Gap
life is wonderful. there is nothing I can complain about!

I have recovered from tailbone surgery faster than I thought I would, I get to spend everyday, ALL day with my favorite boy Ty, I got this dress for $65 cheaper than it originally was, and I just made muddy buddies which is my favorite treat to make. I even made it through the first hour of church today which is really a big step for me considering I got surgery a week ago. Tyler and I also signed up for institute {we have already been to one class!} which has been really good, and we get to go more this week. we signed up for mission prep and I am so giddy about it!
I was about to make a pros and cons list for this post. until I realized there aren't many cons because I am lovin everything life has offered me lately! I am content, I am happy, and I am loving lately.
happy sunday!

my sister, mia

 ^^^ us at our fabulous family reunion today. thank you Caleb the photographer. also my legs look really tan in these pictures. woo!

she is one of my very best friends, my sister. Mia is there for me all the time. I can tell her everything and I know she will listen, and always give me good advice. she was gone at girls camp this week and I missed her like crazy. the moment she pulled up in the drive way I walked like a turtle  ran out there *tailbone probs* and gave her the biggest hug in the world. I missed her jokes and her being around the house. Mia and I have so many inside jokes, that usually I can just mouth one word to her and we both die of laughter :)

D E A R   M I A,
I will miss you when I move out in just under 40 days. I will miss sharing a room for you, like we have for our entire lives. I will miss late night chats, and you jumping over to my bed after midnight on a school night. I will miss café rio runs, and shopping for hours at Gap together spending all of our money, then going to Target and spending more money on crap we don't need. I will miss going to the gym everyday with you, and watching movies in our room *safe haven, the vow, life as we know it* {those are some of our favs.}

I love you raspberry // abe lincoln // mallard // moo cow
and don't worry. I will visit you ALL THE TIME.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

just for fun

just your typical mess around photoshoot. *in black & white. of course* brought to you by Tyler Peery. the boy who uses my iphone more than I do.

just havin fun. just bein cute. just posting these to remember them.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

10 things

1)  here is a little preview of Powell! {kissing picture. *give me all the crap you want, I think we're precious :)*} I haven't gotten all the pictures back, but we sure did take lots! as soon as I get them back though... they'll be posted. it was such a fun week with ma freeeends
2)  I got 2 new pairs of shoes. {Ty bought me one!} and I keep looking for ways to get out of the house so I can wear them! *stupid tailbone injury*
3)  speaking of that, I am recovering pretty fast! faster than I thought at least. I have already been to the mall once, {shopping addict probs} Tyler's house 3 times, and target! yes I am proud.
4)  Mia and my dad are at girls camp right now. 1/2 of me really misses it and wishes I was there, 1/2 of me says good riddance
5)  I GOT MY TEETH IN. after 6 years of braces, retainers, and 3 separate surgeries of bone grafts and metal rods, I finally have my permanent teeth in f o r e v e r. do I love them? am I satisfied? am I thrilled I am finally done? YES.
6)  Tyler hasn't left my side since I have been home from the hospital. he is the best
7)   I currently have an obsession for fresh raspberries from my garden. with grapenuts for breakfast? everyday.
8)  Tyler started his mission papers on Sunday. I can't even expand on that subject. bittersweet.
9)  I went from non-stop vacationing for an entire month, to no more vacations the whole summer, AND I am bed ridden. ummmmm yuck.
10)  the perk I have to being on the couch all day: an excuse to watch the office with my boy, AND gossip girl. and movies. I love movies :)

happy Wednesday!