Saturday, April 30, 2011

thursday-saturday {awesome weekend}

this past week has been good, the last time i blogged was wednesday,
so I'll give a {brief} summary of the days since then

A day. i went to school, and i usually love A days, but today, i was sick, and weak. i went to all of my classes then had lunch. at lunch my lotion exploded in my backpack, so i cleaned that out. since i don't have a 4th i was supposed to go down and work at about 12:30 - 7. but our car battery died, so my mom didn't come until 2. since i don't have a 4th, me and Chris wanted to hang out, but he DOES have a 4th. he ended up not going, and just said he would make it up later {he is so good to me. i love hanging out with that boy, he even made me not feel so sick anymore.... what a babe}

he wanted me to re-braid his "Jedi Braid" so i did....

i woke up at 5:15 and Edgar, Chris, Kevin, and Stevin came to get me at 5:50 for the Morningside at MV seminary. it was a really good morningside! i really tried to focus... but hey, THAT, is really hard to do, when you have a very attractive guy sitting right next to you... just sayin

after the Morningside, my mom picked me up for a Dr's appointment to check up on stitches. we went, and they took out my stitches! oh MY, it was SO much string! holy cow. but the Dr said it looked better and i NEVER have to go back there unless we have a problem....! did you hear that people?
I KEENA HORTON, AM HEALED! its a miracle....

the rest of the day was good, and i even finished the Biology CRT... YAY! it was an extended lunch day, so me, meg, Cait, Jos, and Emma all went to Paseana. i didn't eat but the others said it was good! after school i stayed at the school with Cait, waiting for Jos to do some math. i talked with Chris for awhile {which was good} Clint said he would give me Jos and Cait a ride so we headed to Joslynn's

la la la la la it eventually ended up that Cait and Jos went to Meg's surprise dinner at Brick Oven, and i went to Madi's with Hannah. Madi did both of our hair, and her own.

we look GOOOOOD eh?:)
we all went to Meg's surprise sweet 16 at Kids Village which was actually REALLY fun. i had a blast dancing it UP! i also had a BLAST with Chris... it was a great night:) {i ended up in predicament by the end of the night... but it is all worked out now, and i am SO glad... }

woke up, work, came home, showered, got ready, and now headed to Cait's house. i will report of my saturday night, at a later date. but as for now, im off:)

that's all

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

stitches, friends, and {life}

life, is good. i am so happy these days, that i haven't had a bad day, in a LONG time. even when i hate those B days, and Wednesdays, Chris cheers me right up everyday, and i love it!

it has been the usual, busy busy life. school and homework, {which i have quite a bit of since there is only SO many days of school left {YAY!}} i have also been working, sewing, and chillin with friends and family. so life has been pretty busy, but it has been fantastic:)

A day. i love A days. i have no fourth, and Chris got out early for soccer, so we stayed in the halls, talked to people, and ... yeah! after school i went to Cait's with her and Jos, since Chris had a game in Westlake. after Caits i went home, ate, showered, then went to mutual. we went to the Bishop's Storehouse, which was actually a REALLY cool experience. i loved it.

when i got home, i picked out my outfit, helped my mom, then headed downstairs to go to bed. malia and i are in our room {im in the middle of Face-timing Madi} when my mom comes down, running, telling us my dad cut his hand open, and needed to go to the E.R. i went upstairs to see my dad's bleeding hand over the sink, and him kneeling down, SO close to passing out. he eventually got up, and they went to the E.R. Chris and i talked... for awhile then i went to bed.. kinda late {for me at least}

my dad's hand, ended up being all wrapped up like a club,
and will be for the next couple days!wednesday
B day. i hate B days. luckilly, here comes Chris to the rescue to cheer me up, even though, as i mentioned before, everyday is usually EXCELLENT! but i did have to take 2 CRT's today, which was... heck. the rest of the day was good... i just chilled with friends

Chris and i at lunch today
life is fantastic. i love it

that's all

Monday, April 25, 2011

new shirt {life in general}

to start off, i made a new shirt last night! its pretty cute. it is made from this fabric

i did my same basic pattern, except i used a DIFFERENT shirt layout, and made it a little more fitted and tight down below, so that i could add some lace that would poof out a little

like it? its cute huh?

lately i have been doing pretty good. life is the usual. sewing, hanging with friends, homework, school, family, la la la. i have picked up a new "love" life.... in case you haven't picked up on that from recent posts.... {nothing to brag about, i only have the most attractive man in the school ... wink wink}

i went to the DI with Nicole and Amanda on Friday, i got a dress to refashion a bit, and a couple shirts to add on and sew for 7Circles. Sydni came over that night, we babysat {read HERE} then slept over. Saturday morning we went to the mall until 12, when my family had a family get together, so she came with. after the party, we dropped her off at home. i went home, changed, sewed 3 shirts, and headed down to work @5. Cait and i worked till 7, then headed to her house. we were planning to hang with Chris and his gang, but we never got a ride, and Chris had to stay at his house. so we stayed at Caits, and played a fun game with her sister and sister's boyfriend {PS: i got 1st 2 times, yeah i basically just learned that game} we also had a "UGLIEST face contest" and took pictures.

here is one of the better photo's taken that night

i came home, and decorated 5 Easter eggs, so cute and colorful

like this one? i do. its dedicated to Chris Turnbull

after decorating, i talked to Chris for awhile, then went to sleep

Sunday, April 24, Easter Sunday
the family woke up at about 9 o'clock. we headed out to the family room to get all the candy in our baskets. after gathering it, it was all poured onto the floor,
where we then sorted it {family tradition}

after we sorted it out, everyone organized their baskets, YAY!

we then ate breakfast, where we all had boiled eggs
{from the eggs we colored} and orange julias

after church, we headed to a family dinner at grandma and grandpa's,
and also had a candy hunt/easter egg hunt

today was my first FULL day of school. it was still an early out day, but i stayed all day! after school, Madi and i went to the mall, to buy ourselves some nice new clothes:)

we went back to her house, chatted, then i went home. i just finished eating dinner {salad, chips, and sandwich's} and i am now blogging! we are about to have FHE, so i gotta go

that's all

Friday, April 22, 2011

NEW blog {shoutout}

right now, i am sitting here, sitting here blogging on my
*newly updated and decorated blog by Jane Rhodes*
i am SO happy! it looks SO much better and everything actually fits!
it makes me so excited! its awesome! i absolutely love it.

Jane- if you are reading this, i know i have said
it a million times now, but THANK YOU!

be sure to check out the new things on the sidebars, the things i have made, the search bar, and the archives. also be sure to check out THIS post, because i am now selling clothes at 7Circles.... come check them out! super cute. ALSO, if you haven't yet followed this blog, and you are reading it, shame on you. go ahead and press the "follow" button, right over there!

right now, i am blogging while one of my BEST friends, Sydni Garvin, is here. we are babysitting our hoodlum brothers and sisters, while our parents are out to eat. luckily in return, we are getting a sleepover and a mall trip in the morning:) YAY! sadly, the children are very wild, and loud.... crazy kids


dear christopher jackson turnbull,
you are now an 11... not a 10 {hottie} ;)


Thursday, April 21, 2011

surprise surprise!

okay, so as i said HERE and HERE i have been sewing SO much lately! night and day! i have been trying to make lots of things just for me to wear and some new summer shirts

BUT, after getting so many reviews HERE and HERE and also on facebook,
i decided that i am going to start SELLING my designs! thats right!

i will be selling them down at 7Circles
and for those of you that have never read before:
{my family already owns this store! it has great deals and great clothes, come visit!}

i DID have many pictures of things that were selling,
BUT something happened to them, and they got deleted.
it was a TRAGEDY, but it is true. i have been adding more and more things
to the collection of things selling down there, so make SURE to come take a look!

{website HERE}

{533 N. 1200 W. Orem, Utah 84058}

anyways, the things i put out are very cute, and inexpensive
come check it out!

dear ladies,
7Circles just got new stuff, wanna know what it is?
ModBe Swim wear! how exciting! its SO cute!
come get some, because summer is just RIGHT around the corner.

{oh, and instead of $45.... they are only $10, that is a DEAL}
{{i used to have a picture, but it got deleted. to SEE the suits. click HERE}}


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

new clothing {made by me} shoutout

so, as i mentioned HERE, i have been sewing, and sewing, and SEWING!
i've made a lot of new things, things that are pretty darn cute
{if i do say so myself}
#1: pink shirt
i already had this shirt, from Forver21 that i bought
when i did some back to school shopping this past year. all i did,
was add the adorable pink lace, that i happened to find in my sewing room

#2 black polka dot shirt
i used the same pattern, as THIS shirt. sewed it up, la la la
i love this one, cause it is silk! ah man i love SILK...

#3 blue shirt
okay, this is the SAME shirt as my pink one:)
i ALSO got it back in the summer before school!
instead of sewing lace on the bottom though, i sewed it on the top!

#4 shirt scarf
okay, this one is REALLY cool, i like it a lot:)
i was blog stalking one day, at my many blogs i like to look at {mostly craft blogs.... ah love}
and i came across a blog that had a darn cute tutorial {HERE} so i tried it out!
its a circle/infinity scarf, made out of t-shirts! SO cute!!

ah man i am in LOVE! i also went shopping, with Madi,
got some new clothes. my mom also bought me a cute new shirt, love!
i love having new clothes

i also went to the doctor yesterday at 11:00. we talked to the doctor,
he looked at my stitches, and he said, they might be getting infected!
i also have a little hole in my stitches, and if the medicine and the cream they gave me,
doesn't work by this Friday, i have to in for a 3rd SURGERY!
a THIRD ONE! AH! i REALLY hope this stuff works
pray for me?

this is a shout-out for Chris Turnbull
he wanted one... here ya go Chris!
your the best! ;)


Madi says HI, oh hey Mad..... ;)

Monday, April 18, 2011

DIY shirt {more coming soon!}

okay, so i have officially QUIT the blog challenge i was doing, and that is because i have WAY more important things to talk about here! i have been working my tushiee off
{oh wait, it has already been removed... haha} anyways, i have been sewing and making things at any chance i can get! i have made some REALLY cute things,
but as for now, i will share a DIY tutorial, on how to make a cute shirt that i learned to make!

i am using the same pattern that i did to make THIS shirt

i did get some new fabric recently, so i used some of that!
this is the fabric i chose, it is red and cream... cute huh?

first, i laid out my shirt that i use to measure. i already own this shirt, but it is a great loosely fitting shirt, so i used that to measure the length and width of the shirt i will be making!

cut out around one side of the shirt, and make sure that your fabric is doubled, so that you
are cutting 2 SEPARATE pieces. after you get to the halfway mark,
take off your "tracer", fold the fabric in half and cut the other side!
{we do it this way, because we want the shirt to be even and symmetrical}

your fabric should then look something like this

put right sides together, and sew up the sides

make sure not to sew all the way up to the top of the shirt!
sew all the way up to wear the sleeve will curve a little bit

then, sew the tops {or the shoulders}
as you can tell by this picture, mine is already sewn!
and that is because, i forgot to take a picture, until i had already sewn it.... OOPS!

after this, you will want to try your shirt on. make sure it fits you alright! check the neck, you don't want it too high! so that is why the next step is to measure the neck, and cut to your likings! make sure to cut to the half, then fold, because you want it looking symmetrical

after cutting it, sew up the neckline. unless you have a surger,
make sure to do a double fold to prevent any fraying

you then want to check your length. decide how short or long you want it,
then add 1.5-2 inches... and CUT!

sew up the bottom, and sew up your sleeves

i wanted to accessorize my shirt, so i added some lace on the bottom

and... your DONE!

pretty cute, eh?

**something i would have done different**
i would have made this shirt a LITTLE bit wider, i cut it a little bit too small,
and i would have made it a bit bigger
hope you enjoyed it! i really love making these shirts in silk,
i love LOVE silk, and i think it looks cute with a shirt like this!
i have a TON more things i have made recently, and i will be posting those soon, until then


Sunday, April 17, 2011

adventures of spring break

my spring break has been fantastic! i have been doing SO good. i still struggle with sitting {obviously} because my tush is so sensitive, but i can for short periods of time! i can not really remember what i did each day, but i do remember some, and i have pictures from some as well

we did a SLC day, where we spent the entire day, doing things in SLC
we left at 10:30 and got up there at about 11:30. we picked up my aunt Lauralee
since she would be spending the day with us, and she lives in SLC

our first destination was East High School! we tried coming here last year during the summer, but failed since it WAS summer so the school was all locked up. this time we went right in the middle of the school year, and right in the middle of the day! and just our LUCK, it was open!

{oh, and in case you didn't know, this is the school that HSM was filmed at.
YEP. you heard it, i walked the SAME halls and footsteps as the CAST of HSM!
it was pretty neat... i honestly loved IT!}

our next stop was my dad's place of work, which is the COB {Church Office Building}
we drove there, parked, and headed in to meet my dad. every time we go up to SLC, we always eat with my dad at the COB Cafeteria. Yes, it is a Cafeteria, but it has the BEST food! i love it. there is TONS of stuff to choose from! Mexican bar, Chinese bar, American bar,
Salad bar, Soups, Entrees, and there is even an ice cream bar! YUM!

after eating, we went up to my dad's office, while mom took Lauralee back to her home, since she had to go to work. up in my dad's office, he has an AMAZING view. he can see the temple! its pretty cool. we also went in the big conference room and watched Dispicable Me
on the large TV screen, while waiting for my mom

when my mom got back, we departed from my dad, and headed to the temple,
and to see some Church History Museums!

yesterday was the last day of spring break, i got up, worked,
came home, then headed to caits at around 4

when i came home from work, i noticed that our yard looked absolutely GORGEOUS! my mom had been doing yard work since 9 am! it just looked so pretty. freshly planted flowers, new dirt on the ground, newly mowed lawn, ahh it just looked SO good!
i just love seeing that in the spring/summer time! its beautiful....

as for the rest of the week, i mostly just chilled with my girl Cait
we watched movies, ate food, tanned, slept, went to stores,
made smoothies, babysat, cleaned, and slept over 4 times... in a row!

ahh man, gotta love spring break

well, it is back to school tomorrow, but lucky for me, i only have to go till 10
mom and dad have to go to SLC for something with my dad's work,
so i get to come home at 10 to babysit Quince.
plus i won't be able to last 6 hours in a hard metal chair.
NO, NO, not with this tush.

SO SO SO, over you ......NEW fella;)

i just want to give a quick shout out, to my friend Nicole Hales
i love you Nicole, and i would NEVER want to lose you as a friend
i miss you a lot. i hope we can hang out soon, love keen


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

recovering from surgery

uh-huh... i QUIT the blog challenge. i was slacking behind... a little bit too much actually. not to mention that it was getting a tad bit boring to share things i don't care to talk about
i am dearly sorry that i have been slacking on my blog, i have been trying to recover more and more everyday, and i have been basically laying around all day watching lots of LOST. on the bright side of that, i have finally gotten to season5! i watched it all day Saturday and Sunday and finished season4 and watched 3 episodes of season5! i was very happy. that show is getting pretty intense for me though, there is now time travel involved there is SO much information to handle and sometimes it is hard to keep up! if you have seen LOST, you probably know what i mean.

other shows i have watched are:

Karate Kid, Toy Story 3, Tangled, Toddlers and Tiaras, Say Yes to the Dress,
Revenge of the Bridesmaids, iCarly, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody,
and basically anything else that happens to be on Netflix


we celebrated Malia and Caleb's birthday {which is actually Today, April 12} Kylie and i decorated the house with many streamers and balloons, then much family came over for dinner! then after dinner Malia and i gave each other foot massages!
{Hunter also brought me cookies on Sunday, THANKS Hunter! love you}

yesterday i actually made it out of the house for the entire day! i woke up, took a shower, ate, did some chores {including putting my overflowing laundry basket of clothing away}, and got ready. mom and i went to pick up Cait and me and her headed to the Mall theater where Joslynn met us, and we saw Soul Surfer. SO SO good! i loved it. it was so inspiring and made me so excited for the summer to come! and in case you did not know, it is based on a true story!

after the movie, we went to Ernie's to eat a sandwich, then to Sally's to look for nail polish. we did not end up buying any! we went down to River Woods to walk around and go in many shops!

we went in Victoria's Secret {which i absolutely love}, Suel {i think that is how you spell it}, and Called to Surf {i want SUMMER} after spending much time looking at adorable stuff that we all wanted, we went back to Cait's while she did her chores.

after about an hour:
my parents came to get me, and the Fam and i headed to Brick Oven
to celebrate Caleb and Malia's birthday! it was very yummy

we went home, and me and dad went to Lowes, after Lowes he dropped me off at Cait's. Joz came over, and we went to Blockbuster to get a movie. we got Valentine's Day,then went to Maverick to pick out some snacks {Sister Cosgrove's treat} we went back home,
watched the cute movie, then fell asleep

as you can tell, i was out ALL day long! i have no idea why, but i just felt fantastic! like i didn't even feel like i had gotten surgery! i still walk a little funny, just cause im hesitant of the stitches, but im doing excellent! it is such a miracle to me, since i was planning on being stuck in bed watching movies, not being able to move, for at least 2 weeks!
and 4 days later, im {basically} back to normal!

things i still struggle with:
bending over, sitting on {wood, metal, or hard} chairs,
laying on my back, sitting for LONG periods of time, and walking normal


Friday, April 8, 2011

day16,17 {my surgery}

someone that inspires you
{this} blog/Jane Rhodes
someone that's made an impact on your life lately

Madi Bateman :: a new friendThursday April 7, 2011
i went in to the AF hospital to get my surgery on my tailbone

i woke up at 5:30
got on some sweats, and got in the car
mom and i drove out to the AF hospital and were there at 6
we were the first ones in the hospital, for same day surgery

we checked in, and headed to my room
i had to do another urine sample, then i got dressed in my gown!

they also put a bracelet on me!

then, a BUNCH of nurses and doctors came in, and asked me the same 2 questions
whats your name? whats your birthday?
man, they asked me that a lot

i watched some TV in between nurses coming in
i eventually got my IV in {which, didn't hurt... YAY!}

while i was waiting, and watching TV,
mom took some random pictures of the room on my phone
so they just barely got some new gowns in and on the gowns, there is 5 holes! in the holes you stick a tube and out of the tube, comes HOT or COLD air! it blows all over your body, so that you can have a nice temperature for the whole surgery! i used the HOT air, and it was so warm!

the IV bag

the, machine... that monitors my heart, or something!

this is me, right before i went in to have the surgery done
they made me wear this cap, so my hair would not get everywhere!

i woke up pretty quick after the surgery, mom got a picture of me right after

right after, i was in much pain
my tailbone {or, where it used to be, and i guess the stitches}
were THROBBING. i waited there, drinking sprite, for about 30 minutes
to let most of the Anesthesia wear off

i got changed, and we headed out
i obviously can't sit, so i laid in the car with a bunch of pillows
mom drove to Kneader's where i got a breakfast sandwich, and a smoothie

so... i guess while you are in surgery, the doctors stick a tube down your throat
so that you can have plenty of oxygen and maintain breathing, while you are asleep
well that tube, makes your throat and mouth very dry and scratchy

so after arriving home with my sandwich, i could not even eat it
my mouth and throat were SO DRY that not even water would help
the smoothie did taste good on it though

this is what i saw, when we got home
i spent the day watching movies/TV {you could've guessed}
and i had many, many visitors with many gifts

the Lanes, Chris, Cait, Jos, Madi, Hannah, Madi's mom, Nicole, Amanda,
my G&G Gillespie, Kelly, Grandpa Horton, George, Rachel, Taylor, and Sister Black

{THANK you to all of you that visited, i really do appreciate it}

today i have watched more movies, and TV, and i did get to wash my hair this morning
Madi also came and visited again. we watched Karate Kid and Toy Story 3.
Cait, Jos, Dallin, and David, also just visited for about 30 minutes

im now off to sleep because i am greatly tired

thanks again to everyone for your prayers and visiting!


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

day15 {April 7, surgery}

something you want to do before you die



i have been counting down everyday for about a week
until the actual date of my surgery, which is
April 7, 2011

im basically excited for tomorrow, to get the surgery over with.
mostly just knowing that my tailbone will FINALLY be better,
and i will finally be able to sit, really makes me happy!

today was my last day of school for awhile,
since next week is spring break and i will be out longer than that,
i will be out of MV for quite sometime

i got some grades made up, and took a test
i also got my report card {my grades were good... YAY!}

after school, mom and i went to the Ortho since my chain broke yesterday
i just asked to switch the color as well, since i was already getting them changed

i got Aqua, LOVE!
after the Ortho, mom and i drove to AF
to get some blood work done before surgery tomorrow

my mom was filling out some paperwork for me
{since i have never even been to this hospital}
and usually when she does this, we just mark "NO" on everything
since we all know that i have never had
Cancer, Strokes, Diabetes, Lung Cancer, ETC, ETC

but this time, we actually found something i HAVE!
it ws marked
pretty cool, i thought

i got some blood drawn
{3 tubes... 3 TUBES!! who knew they would need so much?}
and i also had to give some of my Urine up....
oh dang, i was planning on saving it {hahaha}

they DID give me a sweet bandage though
green, with blue dinosaurs... cute eh?

tomorrow i will be arriving at the AF hospital at 6 a.m.
yes its early, i know, but a tleast i will be home
at a decent time so i can sleep, sleep, sleep
my mom is also excited because at my last surgery,
in June, she was in the hospital with me until like 4:00 in the afternoon

now i am off to get a priesthood blessing from my wonderful
Father and Grandpa

please pray for me

thats all


someone who inspires you