Thursday, January 30, 2014

this is what 3 months looks like

nobody will care about these pictures of this cute missionary half as much as i do... but HEY! as of today, January 30, Tyler has been out for 3 months! THREE. 92 days and 1/8 of the way done. it's crazy.

^^^ this was just 2 weeks in. he must have been lovin it already! ;) ^^^

 i am proud of him for everything he has done! he is really loving Arizona. he has loved his companions and people in his district, along with everyone in his zone + the president and his wife! the members feed him well and he loves being on a bike {he had a car for a few weeks and hated it because he didn't feel like a missionary... haha!} he has also been helping out with the temple open house for the new Gilbert temple! he has loved that. Elder Peery i think you are the best lookin missionary in the world.

isn't he handsome? i know, i know. i am so happy we have made it this far :)
keep on preachin T-money. i love you lots kid.

Friday, January 24, 2014

mission papers.... CHECK!

as of today, January 24, my mission papers   A R E   S U B M I T T E D.

crazy huh? I KNOW. i'm freaking out just a little. i can't wait to serve the Lord in wherever i am called, and i should be finding out where i am being sent for the next 18 months in just under 2 weeks!! i'm sure my roomies and family are both getting pretty sick of it by now, because all i ever talk about is where i think i might get called. but i just can't contain my excitement! 

time has flown by, and i can't believe i am already submitting my misison papers. the little countdown has been on my phone since the summer, and has been counting down the days since there were 150 left! and now, it says 0. i feel like it was just yesterday when Tyler submitted his mission papers too. i was just as giddy for him! also, if you have read this blog for awhile {or have known me for awhile!} you would know i discovered how badly i wanted to serve a mission about a year ago. {see HERE}

spending 18 months away from my family will be very hard for me, but i know this is God's plan for me. i experience so much joy from this amazing Gospel and all i want is for others to experience it as well. i want nothing more than to bring others to this Church! and i would be happy to do that wherever i am supposed to be :)

and now..... we wait. get excited.

happy Friday! i can't even tell you how happy i am that it is the weekend... again! i feel like we just barely had a weekend, but i'm not complaining here. even though i have a Saturday lab, i am thrilled to have some down time + family time. cheers to the weekend! xx

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

livin the college life

 just some pictures from my life lately! trying to make lots of good fun college experiences over here :)

^^^ i love my roomies. V {far right} has left for her mission now in Florida... we miss her dearly!^^^

 ^^^ the BEST part of my day. always ^^^

 ^^^ temple time. always amazing! i love the temple.^^^

 ^^^me and my girl ky. love this lady! we have both been sick with a nasty cold as of late. glad i have someone by my side who i adore!^^^

 ^^^ from when Elder Ballard came to dinner :) him, his cute wife, and a member of the 70 + his wife. such an amazing day and one i know my family and i will never forget! {to know more about Elder Ballard and the other members of the 12 apostles, see HERE} ^^^

 ^^^ Tyler's parents gave me this little beaut for Christmas. super cute huh? i am in love with it :) ^^^

^^^ having good college girl friends is seriously awesome. ^^^

^^^ a very blurry and unattractive picture of me and my girl Nan, but i have to document these kind of moments. one of our favorite things to do is stay up suuuupppeeeer late {3.. 4 am late} and watch chick flicks and Netflix series. especially with our other girl friends. theres are the perks of being a college kid my friend... having classes that don't start until 10 or 11 in the morning :) ^^^

^^^ the girls of the 2nd floor in building 25 all hugging our cute RA, Lacy goodbye. she headed on her mission to Washington so we wished her well with a surprise party! we miss her already. ^^^

^^^ Tyler sends me lots of pictures, but this one is one of my favorites. he looks so happy :) i love to see him in front of that gorgeous Gilbert temple. what a handsome lookin missionary! i sure do love him. ^^^

happy wednesday night! i am headed to another mission call opening for another one of my girl friends, miss Kenzie! crazy that we are all getting mission calls at the exact same time. it's so awesome :) life is good, life is beautiful! xx 

Monday, January 20, 2014

how i feel about my life right now

there is nothing i can complain about, and i have been feeling extremely blessed lately. i feel the need to express my happiness and gratitude for everything that is surely blessing my life lately!

i am going to school at an amazing university that i have always wanted to attend. it's always been my dream & now i am here!
i have awesome girl friends and roommates who i love to hang out with and be around.
my mission papers are being turned in shortly and i have the opportunity to serve an LDS mission.
i have a wonderful family who is nothing but supportive and loving.
my love and best friend Elder Tyler Peery is currently serving a mission in AZ and is starting to loooveeee it.
i was born with a healthy body. i can exercise and run and lift weights.... and WALK. not everyone gets that chance.
i have a job that i LOVE. i get to work with missionaries and be a nurses aide. what's better? i love working.
Tyler is nothing but loving and supporting of me even from Arizona. he is perfect to me and my whole world.
i love all of my new classes at BYU... lots more than i did last semester. anatomy is brutal but seriously awesome.

life is good. life is great. life is absolutely wonderful. and i feel blessed every single day to be given the life i have been!

cheers to a brand new week and a fresh start to a busy schedule. life couldn't be more perfect :) xx

Saturday, January 18, 2014

another one bites the dust... sister francis!

another mission call for another one of my very best girlfriends! i love that we are all going on missions... and all around the same time too! :) Hannah has been one of my very best friends for the longest time, and here's another thing to note..... we're cousins. well, that's what we tell people. because we look so much alike :) and hey. cousins/sisters at heart right? i love my girl Han!

this lovely lady has been called to serve the Lord in the BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS mission! she is speaking English and leaves to the MTC on June 4. so so cool!

i am so happy for you Han :) Boston is going to LOVE you! almost as much as i do. you are going to be the greatest missionary they have ever seen! annnndddd i can't wait until i get my own call, mission sisters real soon hanni franni :) the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the greatest blessing in my life. i can't wait to preach this amazing gospel!

oh, and happy 3 day weekend to me! i'll be back soon. xx

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

sometimes // for T-MONEY

▲ sometimes i wake up with so much motivation in the morning and remind myself that 2 years is going to flyyyyyy by.
▲ sometimes i don't think i will make it through my day without you by my side.
▲ sometimes i complain about you not being here. especially to Briana + my fam. they are patient and i love them.
▲ sometimes i wish you would be on a mission forever because i am so proud of you for serving the Lord.
▲ sometimes i don't get a letter for several days. it's the worst.
▲ sometimes i remember how blessed i am that we can send letters. thank youuuuu state side mission.
▲ sometimes i cry so much i think my eyes get a little swollen. my roommates walk in and comfort me and i love them for it.
▲ sometimes i wish i could see you do your amazing mission work all day everyday.
▲ sometimes i feel so happy that i am lucky enough to have you in my life.
▲ sometimes i don't know why i complain. a mission is the greatest blessing in the world, and i wouldn't want it any other way.
▲ sometimes i remember how important God's timing is.
▲ sometimes i get really frustrated with the BYU mailing system when they lose my long letters.
▲ sometimes i wish i could just call you up. this is usually when i think of one of our many inside jokes.
▲ sometimes i feel really blessed that we get to send things like packages, voice recorders, and emails. they keep me sane :)
▲ sometimes i am really happy you aren't here right now, cause i don't know how i would survive BYU & get my homework done.
▲ sometimes i am really grateful for the power of prayer.
▲ sometimes i really need my best friend by my side.
▲ sometimes i remember to think of the good in life. and that the hard trials we face can be overcome with the Lord by our side.
▲ sometimes i can't wait to serve a mission like you. we'll grow together spiritually through letters of our experiences.
▲ sometimes i re-read the dozens of letters you have sent me. they truly are the greatest.
▲ sometimes i think, why do i worry? 2 years is such a short time.
▲ sometimes i miss you.
▲ sometimes i love you tyler.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

10 things

 dress: XXI / vest: Christmas gift / leggings: Zella / boots: Malia's / jewelry: boutiques + Nordstrom

1)  more pictures from this photoshoot. which i absolutely loved! have i mentioned i love pictures in the snow? and the snow in general. i didn't realize how much i love it until now
2)  the days are numbered my friends! under 2 weeks until my papers go in. i can't even tell you how excited i am :) soon to be missionary keen!
3)  PINK lips. a new obsession of mine.
4)  the work load that came with semester 2 at BYU..... yikes. most of my classes are a lot more entertaining and fun, but i have lots more homework and studying this semester. trying my best to focus and work hard! but wow it's been a busy busy week.
5)  Elder Ballard came to our stake conference today. AH! and since my dad is stake president we kinda got the hook ups. pretty awesome. he came to our home for a nice lunch (yes. i had lunch with a general authority. no big deal.) with his wife, + a member of the 70 and his wife. Elder Ballard is amazing and his talks on missionary work really touched me. needless to say our Sunday has been pretty amazing!
6)  been working like crazy this week and i am loving that i have more hours at the MTC! i even got to run into Kaylee there this week and it was awesome :) we both started crying and she even bore her testimony to me in the Filipino language. she is going to be such a good missionary out there!
7)  Tyler sent me the recorder and a 4 (four!!!) page letter this week.... best thing ever. 
8)  the Bachelor has started up again. HECK YES! my guilty pleasure. love watchin that show with my roomies. and the Bachelor is the best because you can sit and laugh at all the girls and their stupid drama. and although it's wicked hard to hear anything that is going on when there are a dozen screaming girls in there... i just love that show
9)  this vest. cozy as can be and i can't take it off
10)  the fact that i have school on Saturday's now. just let that soak in for a second.

^^^ one of the reasons i LOVE today. it's a semi relaxing Sunday (even though i have heaps of homework + studying to do) and i love being with my fam. here's to another week!

shop my outfit below, happy sunday!

Friday, January 10, 2014

congrats to sister whittaker!

one of my very best friends Meg got her mission call this week! she is going to serve the Lord in the HUNGARY, BUDAPEST mission! she is speaking Hungarian and leaving to the MTC on May 21. so awesome!

SO SO happy for you Meggie! i know you will be an amazing missionary and the people of Hungary are going to fall in love with you for 18 months. i love that you are so excited!

^^^ the last few, who aren't on missions ourselves! most of these beauts have their mission calls too! ^^^

seeing Meg open her mission call makes me sooooo excited to open my own very very soon. i sure do love missionary work! this gospel is amazing. it amazes me every single day. i feel so blessed to be a part of it.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

a winter wonderland

during the holidays my cousins and i decided to have a photo shoot together! cute girl named Mila took these gorgeous pictures for us. and even though it was probably 5 degrees outside, we loved every minute of getting these cute pics taken. i will cherish these forever! i love these ladies.

one of my favorite things has always been pictures in the snow. the lighting is ALWAYS perfect and the white is just too pretty! i know i may sound crazy, but i love the snow. i haven't always, but this year as we have gotten aaaa lootttttt i have really come to appreciate it and love how beautiful it is! even when i am trudging to class in 2 feet of it! i'm a fan of winter now. as crazy as i may be. 

sorry i have been MIA this week! that's what happens when i endure a new semester with 5 crazy hard classes. (really though. SO HARD.) but i love it. and i love my new classes! but i can definitely say i am super happy tomorrow is friday. woo hoo! XO