Tuesday, February 28, 2012

meet my sister

Malia. or as i call her, Mia. you can also refer to her as Malia Moo Cow.... she loves that :) this is us last Saturday when we both ran 10 miles. TEN MILES. i knew i had to hit 10 miles and i wasn't going to do it alone... it was crazy hard but i'm glad she was by my side as we finished. {18 days until my half marathon. i know. i am FREAKING out}

okay, not only is she my sister, but she is also my best friend. no matter how many times we fight, yell, bicker, argue, complain, or annoy each other, we are always there for each other.

when we have the MOST fun:

- at night when we know we should be sleeping, but we would rather be jumping on our own, + each others beds. we may or may not act like children once it hits 10:00
- when malia says.... "HEYYYYYYYYYY Keen. " {Mr.... SELF righteous} <--- that one is for you mia!
- on Sunday's when we are SO bored out of our minds and choose to wrestle out our bored-ness until one of us cries because they got beaten too hard.... {just kidding :) haha}
- launching each other. across the room. ENOUGH said
- when we know we shouldn't have brought something up in front of our parents.... just joking around.... then get a lecture instead. then we give each other 'the look' of ooohhhhh heavens
- when we choose to do nothing but sit in our room and watch our favorite movie, Raising Helen. "it's like they've NEVER seen a dress before!" "they just haven't seen.... a..... HALF of a dress" yeah we have it memorized.
- when one of is heart broken or annoyed by our friends and know we have each other to talk about it too
- when we glare at each other for not listening.... because we are texting....

she is my bestie and i don't know what i would do without her! i LOVE you miaaaaas!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

the meet n' greet

i am so glad i gave in and attended the Utah bloggers meet n' greet! i brought miss Joslynn with me, AKA: my new awesome photographer {along with my loving and talented sister, Malia.} this party was quite a hoot! there was giveaways, a photo-booth, refreshments, good company, many smiles + bloggers, and Soel clothing to shop for!

i of course pulled out my '8th grade neon green tennis ball pants' to wear for the event...i was so happy to see Jane again! i have followed her blog for quite some time, and after she announced she was moving to Boston i was so sad! i of course met her before she left, then a couple weeks ago saw her at Target! and when i heard that she was planning the meet n' greet i couldn't wait to say hello again!

it was so fun to be able to exchange blogger cards! i made my own, {ignore the bad quality of this fine iPhone picture.... } and i was glad to be able to get my blog out there a little! it's great to see others new blogs too!
what a fun party it was! i am so glad i went :)

Monday, February 20, 2012

if i could i would

shirt: Forever 21, maxi skirt: Nordstrom, blazer: Forever 21, glitter pumps: Target, watch: Nordstrom

i wish i could wear heels everyday. because i really do love them. i don't though. i really shouldn't because i am just a little high school-er. and although i really could care less what people think, i would get so many people staring at me clunking down the hallway every single day.

don't worry, when i am a grown-up mom, you will see me in heels.... everyday

Friday, February 17, 2012

Valentines dayyyy

i have a love hate relationship with this holiday. the years i have no Valentine i obviously make myself better by shoving my face with chocolate and watching chick flicks while telling myself "who cares anyways. i like being single." yet in reality i want a Valentine. {who doesn't?} i saw a good/hilarious quote on Tumblr about Valentines day....

"oh you don't have a Valentine on Valentines day? well some people don't have a Mother on Mother's day or a Father on Father's day.... so shut up."

i always tell myself that it's a day filled with LOVE. love for friends, for family, and even for that special someone. obvi. i must say though, Valentine's day this year was wonderful :)

Monday night before Valentines day.... Cait, Hannah and i spent the night at Cait's house making our 'Valentines' a little {i use that word lightly. it was 2 poster boards long. TWO} candy gram posters! Cait's mom is quite creative and came up with the cutest saying ever. it took us 4 hours, + delivering them. but let me just say, totally worth it. the boys LOVED them!
Here is the finished result! i think it turned out super cute and fun :) it's always hard to decide what the lady should get her man, and i think this is a perfect idea! Matt loved it too :) *excuse the quality* if you can't read it all, it says:

** Matt... you BIG HUNK!!!! there are a BUNCH of RIESENS i want you as my valentine!! you are an EXTRA GOOD guy!! you always make me SNICKER. our CONVERSATIONS ROCK!! you are quite the HOTTIE!! we have GOOD & PLENTY of FUN together!! your smile DAZZLES and your eyes are AWESOME!! when i see you i get teh BUTTERFLIES!! you are X-TREMELY SWEET to me. i am NUTS about you!! i hope you CHEWS me to be your valentine!! LOVE Keena XOXO **

Matt's house was the only one we weren't sure about when delivering them. and since it was midnight when we finally finished, we were searching/running around in the dark! we found it though! {this is the best pic Hannah could get i guess :) *excuse this quality too!*}
Valentines day was also the day of the MV vs Orem. yeahhhhh i am not going to go there. anyways, after Matt and i went to the game, we went to the crepe place filled with treats that i know i shouldn't eat but did anyways. but hey, Valentines day = foods i shouldn't eat sooooo DUH :)
it was definitely a good day :)
and not only is it now the weekend.... but its a THREE day weekend :) tomorrow is a WAY fun event at Megs house that i will be attending with Matt and a bunch of friends! more on that after it actually happens!

have a weekend filled with fun everyone! i'll be running my tush off. haven't on the streets for a while, and my 1/2 Marathon is in 29 days. crazyyyyy

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

happy LOVE day!

my day so far has been quite eventful, and there is so much more to come. i spent hours and hours last night, making a special someone a pretty sweet valentine. more on that later! for now, its time to celebrate :) have a happy love day filled with not only your soul mate, but family and friends! XO XO

{photo: via my girl, Deidre's blog}

Sunday, February 12, 2012


shirt: H&M, pants: PacSun, scarf: Target, black booties: Target, blazer: my brothers closet, watch: Nordstrom

look! no cheetah today! miracle. and yes, that is my brothers blazer/suit coat. thanks Caleb! this actually wasn't today, it was last Friday, but you all know i slack off so no big deal

the Vow? ahhhhh-mazinggggg. Channing Tatum is so dang sexy. most people hated it, mostly the ending. but me? i loved it. i loved how it ended and i loved the whole movie in general. of course Jos, Kaylee, Matt, Alec and i were the last ones to get there and had to sit on the front row... so that wasn't the best since my neck was a little cramped up, but i still loved it :) Matt and i made a bet saying first one to cry owes the other an Ernie's sandwich. lets just say he came closer then i did. hahaha 'Boys just aren't used to chick flicks and the emotions they bring!' That's his excuse

this week is Valentines day! I'll be spending it at Orem High while i watch some basketball! wahoo! oh, and in case you wanted to know why this is titled 'embarrassing'.... i had one of my most embarrassing moments in church today. gotta love when you are trying to fix your skirt and you pull it down 'too much'. that's right, halfway down my butt. hope you old folk enjoyed that view of me, as i was standing on the front row....

Friday, February 10, 2012

10 things

1) this picture says it all. lets just say it's been an awesome week and nobody will take the smile off my face!

2) Monday was Kylie's birthday, as i mentioned HERE. she turned 8 years old and is being baptized really soon! we did a lot of celebrating for her, including 2 family dinners and opening presents :) this little girl is growing up and got her own little beach cruiser! she is adorable this girl

3) THIS MOVIE COMES OUT TODAY. as you can see i am a bit excited. lottsaa my friends and i are going and planning on drooling over Channing Tatum all night. mmm mmm good

4) today, i only went to 4th period. wahooooooo!
5) ok, lets be real. there has to be some reason i skipped the whole day.... yeah. doctors appointments. member that one time when i got surgery on my butt? TWICE?? well the pain is back. dear tailbone.... you are not wanted anymore so QUIT GROWING BACK! anyways, mom and i sat in 3 doctors appointments today while i got X-rays and Catscans. i guess i am taking some sort of medicine for 6 months? or maybe i'll just go to a new doctor. can't believe this is happening to me AGAIN.6) i watched the bachelor last night finally.... no one likes you Courtney so LEAVE!
7) i got asked to Sweethearts last night by Kevin! it's tomorrow and i don't even know what i am wearing.... wooo this should be fun!
8) my sisters are watching HSM right now, boy have i missed that movie. classic
9) since Matt thoughtfully reads my blog every time i post, i think i will give him a shoutout. dear Matt, you are hot.
10) for all those haters out there who truly feel like bagging on my blog... i really don't care what you think of it!! i blog for myself and people who enjoy reading it, and if you don't like it, no one is forcing you to read it!! hate what i say? hate what i wear? hate my pictures? good for you! but don't judge

have a happy weekend everyone! I'll be doing the usual. eating and working out. typical me

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

i basically wear cheetah every single day

shirt: Old Navy, pants: 7Circles, cheetah scarf: PacSun, black pumps: Target, watch: Nordstrom

no but seriously, some sort of cheetah.... everyday.

i really should be typing my 2 page essay that's due tomorrow. ask me if i have started it.... nope. AND its on the Great Gatsby, which we just finished reading. ask me if i understood it.... nope. i also have a psychology test on Thursday, another essay to write for Health Science, math homework, and on top of all that, 5 catalogs to take pictures for that is ALSO due tomorrow. awesome

on a happier note, i am fully signed up for my senior year {that sounds SO weird} i am old. it is now a fact. knowing i am halfway done with high school is such a weird thought. time is going by quickly and i am so excited! yet sad

anyways, my classes are basically ALL medical. it really is all i want to focus on and i really want to get prepared/ready/ahead for college; which i am also super happy about, yet scared. let me give you a run through of my crazy crazy schedule:

i am taking 5 medical classes IN school {3 of which are concurrent enrollment}, MATC to get my CNA at UVU, an internship at the hospital for a period AND after school, + i am running for student council, and if i make it.... early morning seminary. HOLY INSANE SENIOR YEAR. lets hope i make it out alive. i luckilly don't have to worry about any of this right now :) finishing my junior year off happy as a clown

annnnnnddddd now i have wasted 20 minutes. thanks a lot bloggin' world

Sunday, February 5, 2012

my sister is professional

shirt: Forever 21, maxi skirt: Forever 21, cheetah scarf: Forever 21, glitter pumps: Target, watch: Nordstrom

you may as well call me a forever 21 mannequin since i am wearing 3 things from there, no big deal. Malia took pictures for me today, and let's just say she really could be a professional photographer. she took some really great pictures with awesome lighting + coloring. lets just say there are some great posts/pictures coming real soon!

tomorrow is Kylie's birthday so we're doing a lot of celebrating today, tomorrow, and Tuesday. {because everyone is too busy Monday, so we're celebrating Tuesday} it should be really fun. birthday's are big in this house. my mama makes whatever you want for dinner and dessert, and tonight at Kylie's request, it's Chicken + Rice soup, chocolate covered strawberries, and Golden Graham s'mores dessert. diiiiviineeeee and totally against all my healthy eating rules, awesome :)

Saturday, February 4, 2012

basketball games on friday's rule

last night was the MV vs Provo game. yes, we lost. our team is pretty good this year, but so are a lot of other teams! we played Orem 2 weeks ago (no, i don't want to go there) and we lost then too. don't ask me to get into debating that! i could go on all day. i think school rivalry is fun though, i think it keeps things interesting :) i love it.

some times i just want to get outta this death trap of high school, and sometimes i just don't want to graduate. high school only happens once! but let's be real honest here.
school work/sitting in classes < social part of school. am i right?
after every basketball + football game, everyone goes to the Wendy's down the street. (for some reason ALL the Orem kids come too. pretty sure its cause MV is THAT cool) Hannah and i drank 2 large lemonades last night. yeahhhhh bad idea. however, very delicious!don't you think Hunter, Hannah, and i could be sisters? or cousins? i think soas you know, i am missing 2 teeth. well, Maddie Palica is too! it's creepy, but legit. popping our retainers out like toothless hotties. yeah we are kinda cool like that.