Monday, August 30, 2010

my random monday

these are some random pictures.
of my random, random, life.
headbands i made, down at 7 Circles
the clips
more clips
full view
this is my wonderful grandma, we babysit her often and i was the other day, i turned on a show for her and she wanted a High School Musical blanket. her favorite TV show to watch is Hannah Montana. she is the greatest grandma. although she does have a disease, i love her to death. she does say some "funny" things, but she is wonderful. i love you grandma!
(her favorite saying: your butt's HUGE) (my favorite saying she has said: WHO ARE THESE DOGS?)
this is just me, walkin. it was raining so i had an umbrella. then it stopped raining so i pulled out my camera and snapped a picture.

that was just my random life.
i will often have that
but now, best and worst

-my cool pink silk DI pants i wore today
-new schedule today
-early out today
-i ate some peanut butter m&ms today
-im going to make dinner in 2 sec's

-i had to go to the orthodontist for a check up. and they had to glue on 2 brackets that fell off. i get home and another one falls off. back to the ortho and they just take the other off. eh:/
-too many peanut butter m&ms today
-no social life today
-i dont know what i am wearing tomorrow
kay bye bye:)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

party, party, party!

today we celebrated Deah's birthday! we decorated and had dinner + presents  at our house!

^^^ that is Deah with the present i gave her!
it is a picture of her and i and our inside jokes!

happy birthday Deah!

Friday, August 27, 2010


kay so i wanted to post a few pictures of "lately" buds and lagoon is basically it:) for now atleast
nicole! (love her natural hair:)
heidi! (jealous of her gorge white teeth:)
amanda! (freakin obbsessed with her beautiful brown lucious eyes:)this is me, kenna, nicole, and amanda, at lagoon on Saturday, August 21. we went for nicoles birthday and i did talk about it in THIS post.

love you all!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

dream? check

ladies and gentleman. boys and girls. keena has gotten her splits.

i had them before! i had them, but i hurt my hamstring a little and lost them a little? anyways before i was about 3 inches away from the floor. BUT here is the real deal. the REAL splits. i am officially touching the ground. it makes me so happy

Monday, August 16, 2010

hair cut

so on sunday kylie needed a hair cut.
i really wanted to cut it
so my mom taught me a lil then i cut, cut, cut
she looks cute eh?
i cut off about 3 inches
check it out

cut, cut, cut

finished ky:)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

oregon + washington

portland, oregon.
seattle, washington.

2 words. SO fun. loved them!

we left on wednesday morning at 5 a.m. and drove all day to portland!
portland was so fun we went to the beach, played wackee six, ate, slept, went to sweet tomato, and went to the Omsi.

saturday afternoon at about 2, we left for seattle!
we got there around dinner time and had the most relaxing and awesome trip ever! 
there pool is just way too fun for words. they fed us the greatest food too.

here is a couple things we did that week.
shopped at the mall, swimming, roasting mallows, pickleball, hot tub, sleeping, hiking, massages, vintage shopping, taking pictures, Mariners game, movies, and saved by the bell!

such a fun time!here are some pictures from our fantastic week! the first few up to the hike are from portland, and the rest are seattle! enjoy!