Wednesday, August 31, 2011

the first week of being a junior

ok. this time, my dad taught me how to fix the computer next time it does that, so NOW i have no more excuses for delayed posts :) anyways, sorry this post is 2 weeks late, but, i can't control the dumb-ness of my computer.

its true. im a junnnyyaaa {said in an accent of course}

i feel OLD. school started August 23, 2 Tuesday's ago. although i definitely have more homework then last year, i am lovin' school. really, i AM! here are my classes i am taking semester 1

A1: Peer Tutor
A2: Pre-Cal

A3: Photo

A4: Health Science
B5: English

B6: Chemistry

B7: Weight Training

B8: Seminary

i love my classes and the people in them :)
my favorite classes so far, are; Photo, Health Science, and Weights {ya kids, im gonna be buff}
here are some pictures of the first day of school, and after school a little while ago

now, ladies and gentleman, i am all caught up.
no more excuses. no more delays.

much love, Keena

Saturday, August 27, 2011

2 weeks in Washington

its HERE! my post all about Seattle is finally here... ya ya i know it is 1 week late but what can ya do when your computer is not working? well it finally is working now so here we go!

i don't want to tell you each and every day that we were there, mostly because i don't remember, but also because we basically just sat out at the pool all day and ate, read, partied, and tanned. so, i will just tell you the activities we did :) and if i don't tell you about a certain day, it probably just means we did nothing but sat at the pool!

we left Saturday morning and got to Samammish around 6:30. may i just say, their house is amazing! they have a beautiful home with an awesome backyard! pool, hot tub, showers, bathroom, a cave, water slide, outdoor kitchen, a deck, a fire pit, pickle ball court, loungin' seats, the WORKS! i love it there, its heaven for 2 straight weeks. anyways, we got there and ate dinner, i talked to Chris on the phone then we all got in the hot tub!

bunch of random pictures taken of cousins and i throughout the 2 weeks
THEN i will show you the activities we did!

Henna! i did an Infinity sign on my wrist and a Dandelion into birds on my back

Kenz "fish tail braided" my hair for me on Sunday!

on Monday or Tuesday {i can't remember which day} we headed to the lake! it was cloudy for a little while but it was so fun to go and just relax for the day :)

on Wednesday we headed to the Seattle Zoo! i love the Zoo...

on Thursday or Friday {can't remember which day haha} we went blueberry picking!

on Saturday we went shopping in Downtown Seattle all day! yep, i got some major school shopping done... it was good :) after that we ate some Indian food that was delicious!

during the NEXT week sometime, we went to the Family Fun Center! that place is so fun. i went on the craziest, scariest, most sickening rides EVER! plus there was motor boats, golfing, and go-karts!

Wednesday we went to the mall to eat {yaaa that's a hurricane machine}

THEN, we headed to a Mariners Baseball game! it was so fun!

Thursday we went to Seattle again and went to Pikes Place Market! i love that place.

we also went to the Space Needle :)

that night we also went out for Dumplings at an Asian restaurant. ok, SO good! i love that place!

Friday, the last day. that night we got all dressed up and went to eat at an Italian restaurant

THEN we went to Le Mis! the play :) the last time i saw this play was 6th grade, and i fell asleep. this time, i loved it! i love this play! and the music :)
Briana and i at the play

that's it! these pictures do not even EXPLAIN the wonderful time i had. one of the best trips EVER!!! i love my cousins more then anyone knows

classic quotes from the 2 weeks

'the bear pawed the car'
'this is the last time you will ever see me. drinks all around!'
'mom did you hear about Keena's car accident?!'
'oh my gosh! guys! look! a ride!'
'shuttt upppp'
'beee fattttt'
'you is kind. you is smart. you is important'

my trip?

much love, Keena

Thursday, August 25, 2011

totes frustrating

major frustration... i TOTALLY have the time to put up my post on Washington right now. i am not doing anything, and i would definitely put it up!

my computer is being ridiculous and not letting me put up any pictures :( im slightly peeved. i tried yesterday, and the day before, AND today. but no, it's not working. don't worry, my dad says he will try and fix it tonight. don't loose hope on me. i WILL get it up here. that, and the post of 'the first day of school'

as for right now, i will share with you:
things i accomplished on my Summer List of 2011
1 {X} go to 7Peaks
2 {X} mow the entire lawn
3 { } pull an all night-er
4 {X} roast marshmallows
5 { } make a music video
6 {X} have a sleepover
7 { } burn all of my homework/notes from sophomore year
8 {X} go hot tubbing
9 { } TP someones house
10 { } ninja sneak attack someone
11 {X} have a movie night on my lawn
12 { } sleep on the tramp with my friends
13 {X} swing
14 {X} blast music in the car while drivin' round town
15 {X} have a picnic
16 {X} get snowies
17 {X} go on a long walk
18 {X} have a BBQ picnic
19 { } go to Lagoon
20 {X} go to Girls Camp
21 { } write a book
22 {X} color on the lawn
23 {X} get a gnarly tan line
24 { } don't wear shoes for 1 whole week
25 {X} hike the Y
26 {X} make a smoothie
27 {X} watch a baseball game
28 {X} watch a soccer game
29 {X} take a picture EVERY single day
30 {X} make cookies for a friend
31 { } fugitive
32 { } night games
33 {X} tie dye a shirt
34 {X} get up early and watch the sunrise
35 { } have a water balloon fight
36 {X} run through the sprinklers
37 { } wash a car
38 {X} go laser tagging
39 {X} star gazing
40 { } have a lemonade stand
41 { } fry an egg on the sidewalk
42 { } plant a flower
43 {X} paint a picture
44 { } hide n' go seek in Walmart
45 {X} make muddie buddies
46 { } make popsicles
47 {X} blog weekly
48 { } go on the Alpine Slide
49 {X} get a cool fake tattoo
50 {X} go on a date
51 {X} go see a movie
52 { } fly a kite
53 { } make a bird feeder
54 { } have a bubble gum blowing contest
55 {X} blow bubbles
56 {X} play tag in the rain
57 { } drive to SLC and go shopping at Gateway
58 {X} visit Temple Square
59 { } go to St George
60 {X} jump in the pool with my clothes on
61 {X} invent a new phrase
62 { } draw with chalk then get it wet, and have a fight
63 { } play steal the flag in my culd-e-sac
64 {X} pick berries
65 { } hula hoop
66 {X} jump rope
67 {X} face masks
68 { } get a mani/pedi
69 { } take a nap under a shady tree
70 {X} go to the zoo
71 {X} try a new food and learn to make it
72 { } walk around the block and pick up all the trash
73 {X} don't use my phone except the camera, for 1 whole day
74 { } make a full dinner for my family
75 {X} garden
76 {X} don't straighten my hair for a week
77 { } swim @2 a.m
78 {X} read a book in the sunshine
79 {X} make lemonade
80 { } finger paint outdoors with pudding
81 { } make hot bread
82 {X} don't sleep in my own bed for a week
83 {X} paint someones toe nails
84 {X} get a massage
85 {X} get my license
86 {X} go boutique shopping
87 {X} learn to play a new song on the piano
88 {X} do 1 math problem
89 {X} work 1 full day
90 {X} shave my legs
91 {X} go to Farrs
92 {X} fast
93 { } play with cornstarch
94 {X} do a cart wheel
95 {X} don't wear any make up 1 day
96 {X} get a sun burn
97 { } watch Saved by the Bell
98 {X} finish LOST
99 {X} make popcorn
100 {X} do my Personal Progress
101 {X} make a cake
102 {X} wrap a present
103 {X} run 3 miles
104 {X} shower @ midnight
105 {X} make Kool-Aid
106 {X} french braid my hair
107 {X} walk to the mall
108 {X} vacuum a room
109 {X} do a somersault
110 {X} go to Yogurtland
111 { } go to the Temple with friends
112 { } go to the Bishop's Storehouse
113 {X} feed the ducks
114 { } make a romper
115 {X} go to DI
116 {X} start watching a new TV show
117 {X} write in my journal
118 {X} get my hair highlighted
119 {X} go school shopping
120 {X} get a new backpack for next year
121 {X} earn money, save money
122 { } have a tea party
123 {X} make shirts to sell
124 {X} go to Trafalga
125 {X} ride a bike
126 {X} Shhh, this one is a secret

86 out of 126

So i didn't accomplish everything obviously, BUT, that is pretty stinkin' good i would say! over all summer was really great. i loved all of the vacations i went on and spending time with my family, cousins and friends. have no fear, i will be posting again soon, ALL about my Seattle trip. until then, buh-bye!

much love, Keena

Monday, August 22, 2011

home sweet home {quick shoutout}

hello there! yep, i am back from Washington. it is supposed to be a 13 hour drive, but instead it was 17 hours of death; my dad missed a turn on accident, AND there was major traffic, plus construction. not fun, at all. but we made it back :) i wish i was still there.

i am currently at Madi's. to re-unite we decided to sleepover since it is the last night of summer that we actually can! this is just a 'pop in and say hello' post, because i need to give a quick shout out to Mads :)

dear Madi
i missed you very much. it was weird not seeing you for 3 whole weeks. we have talked about so much tonight and we still have so much to talk about :) we have a long night ahead of us. love you best friend!

*YES i will post all about Washington; tomorrow, probably {look out, lots of pictures}*
ps: i finished Eclipse

that's all for now
much love, Keena

Thursday, August 11, 2011

checkin' in ~ greetings from Seattle

Hello! its thursday, sadly. this trip is going by fast, faster then i want. i was debating whether or not to post you guys a picture of the trip, but then i remembered that they are all still on my phone AND i just want to wait till i arrive home... to make it 1, huge, picture post.


im lovin' it up here. its awesome! amazingly awesome. there hasn't been a day with sunshine until today. yep, we have been swimming, hot tubbing, and picnic-ing in the clouds of Seattle. i really want to explain every day to you, but i will be saving that for when i get home [to go along with that realllllllly long picture post] on the bright side, its supossed to be sunny all day tomorrow, AND it was sunny all of today. plus ~ there is all of next week.

Even though it has been cloudy, doesn't mean cousins and i haven't PARTIED it up still. plus i have been reading my book so dang much. Briana has cheer 8-12 so when i wake up she is gone. all i do till she gets home is either read or watch the Office [love that show] what am i reading you ask? Twilight. hold in your giggles, but i love it. who's team am i? Edward. ALL the way. i love him and i love this book. i am trying to read all 4 books before Breaking Dawn part 1 comes out November 18 [i can't remember if i have already mentioned that on here or not] but, yeah. i know i can do it. it has been 4 days and i am almost done with book 1.

I am currently

in a competition with Christopher Turnbull as to who can get the most tan by Satruday August 20. by that point, we will have not seen each other for 3 weeks. ya, we have texted and talked on the phone, plus i wrote him a letter, but that ended today since he headed to powell until i get back!

He will probably win. he always does, but it was worth a shot, and the prize is just a frosty and i'm pretty sure i can afford to purchase one for him. [notice the 'pretty sure'] all my money right now is going straight to school clothes. cousins & i are headed to Seattle [they live in Sammamish which is 30 minutes outside of Seattle] on Saturday to do a little shopping. i even have a list of what i am looking for.

i have a lot of things i need/want for school,

1. a new backpack ~ i do not have one for school. my one from last year was taken to girls camp, and now that backpack is history my friends, history
2. new shirts ~ this is a need, not a want
3. new sunglasses ~ all the ones i have right now are at their breaking point
4. pants, black ones ~ this is definitely a need
5. pants, jeans ~ i own 1 pair of pants people, ONE
6. new swimsuit bottoms ~ i know you are asking yourself why i would need those for school, which i don't, BUT, the only pair i have now are ALL stretched out so, this is a must
7. a Camelback waterbottle ~ i need i need i need
8. anything in Urban outfitters, Free People, Forever 21, or H&M. my cousins have PRIME shopping in Seattle, prime. i must attend these stores and purchase everything. must must.

Anyways, we shall see how all that works out.

So, i love my cousin.

i refuse to leave her resort of a home next Saturday. i love love love love Briana with all my little heart. she is my best friend. my BESTEST friend. i can not wait to move in with her when we go to college. i also love Alexis and Mackenzie. Malia, Briana, Mackenzie, Alexis and i are the lovely 5 that do everything together.

Last night we went and saw "The Help" if you have not seen this yet, i HIGHLY recommend it. it was so amazing. cousins and i were bawling the entire movie. it is super sad yet super funny, so you should all go see it.

So, i get depressed when i know that i have hundreds of people reading my blog and yet NOBODY leaves me a comment. it truely makes me sad, so, if you're reading this you should leave me a comment, or whatever you know..

that's all for now, sorry if i bore you

much love, Keena

Sunday, August 7, 2011

i made it

hello from Seattle! the fam and i made it safely here last night at around 6:30. happy Sunday!

much love, Keena

Friday, August 5, 2011

suprise! buh-bye

i re-did my blog today :) im quite fond of it. i like the new font and the fact that i just added in my favorite color. yellow. yellow, peach, and grey are my favorite colors. they always have been! so; i am loving this new look for my blog.

i am currently supposed to be packing, but i got sick of it. i have a lot to do and not much time to do it *holy cow, gasp* i just looked at the clock. almost 4?! im DEAD.

i will probably not be blogging as i am in Seattle WA for 2 weeks. its a possibility, but if i do, it will just be one of those quick *pop in and say hello* posts... {kinda like this one... } so, we shall see on that one. don't worry, cause i still will be putting ALL the pictures from Seattle on; right when i get home. {and just so you know, there will be a LOT of pictures; just sayin}

now, im off to finish packing, then to the shower

much love, Keena

Thursday, August 4, 2011

just a random note

i got a parking ticket today; rough. stupid BYU cops... don't even ask me where i will be getting the money to pay for that. also, im not in the best mood. but my mom just dropped off a Jamba, that should help. im currently at work, and bored of it. but i need to go tag more pants now!! ps: for all those men who are reading my blog right now, $2 t-shirts and $6 sweats today, tomorrow and Saturday @ 7Circles. after this i'm off to the hotel for a swim and hot tub. yay :)

my hair is a little crazy today. i tried a new "do" for today. i slept in 6 french braids and i woke up to a frizz bomb on the bottom, but a nice wave up top. up it went!! {to a nice "messy bun"} anyways, i have pictures that i should post but i guess i will do that later! oh, and i am going to Seattle WA on Saturday at 4a.m. so basically tomorrow, its a day full of packing. thats all.

much love, Keena

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

parks & swimming

may i just say, i love Sunday's. i love spending the whole day with my family. we are crazy and fun and its just the BEST! ahh i love it :) so my dad is directing an EFY this week at BYU. this past Sunday he had to go speak at the counselors meeting. i babysat. i took the kids to UVU so we could play tag at the pond {like we always do} then to Nelsons Grove to feed the ducks. and here is an example of Marcus, acting like Marcus. don't ask
like i said above, my dad is directing an EFY. when he does that every year, he automatically gets a free hotel room! its awesome. so on Monday i took the kids to the pool and we swam for like, 4 hours. after going home and cleaning up, we headed to my GREAT grandma's 87th birthday party! YES, she is my GREAT grandma and YES.... she IS 87!! i love her. her and my great grandpa are SO cute together.

Kylie and i took a bunch of pictures that night, at the park.
she is a wonderful photographer! she's only 7 yet she took this 1st picture

i love Kylie :) we are best friends

today i woke up at 8 to go running with my mom. she is a good runner, and runs a lot; but, i kept up with her the entire 3 miles we ran. after that, we headed back down to the hotel for more swimming. then, we went to the Legend Grille down at BYU for lunch with my dad {in that hour of a break he had} ps: i was babysitting my cousin Tayson this morning/afternoon, this is him

anklets. my new obsession. i made 3 today haha :)

much love, keena