Monday, March 30, 2015

week 42

man, this week was insane. 

my new companion is Hermana Flake. she is awesome! she is from Idaho, and was actually in the MTC for 5 weeks, and had to leave because she got diagnosed with Celiac's Disease (no wheat) after like 20 doctors appointments and the ER. she luckily got to come back out and i am now training her! and wow, its been quite the adventure. her allergy is super strict because she can't even touch wheat.... so we have had to be extra careful with all our dinner appointments. it has also been quite a fun time since i have been dealing with weird health/stomach problems this week too! and for this.... we get along quite well :) she has such a desire to work hard and try her best, she is so courageous! on Wednesday after teaching a new investigator she invited her to be baptized... haha the investigator was pretty confused, she didn't comprehend much of the lesson or understand the invitation, but im just proud of mi Hermanita :) we saw some small but simple miracles this week that i know God placed in our path to remind us that we are working here for HIM.

i think it was day 3 being together, when Hna Flake and i were out putting up flyers for ESL and talking to people.... it was SO windy and cold and we definitely weren't dressed for it. we were walking back to the car after not much success when in the distance *behind us* i saw this mom and son... i flipped around to Hna Flake and said, i know they speak Spanish. we slowed down so we could talk to them. her name was Luz and she spoke NO English! (i love when that happens :) hahaha because then i KNOW we can teach them!) she was interested in the Gospel and happy to meet us. we haven't met with her yet, but soon for sure. such a small simple miracle that both of us were so grateful to see!

Kendra (16) came out with us ALL day on Saturday! our mission is trying to start up "mini missions" for the Laurels/Priests, and even though they can't come in our house yet... we improvise :) with her we taught English class (which i am now the manager of... haha lots of responsibility that no one told me anything about!) and we also went out and just talked to people! the coolest part was, once she realized how cool missionary work is she started talking about her friends and how much she wanted them to learn. she gave us a referral of her friend and we taught another friend last night! it was actually a crazy lesson.... too many people talking who shared too many of the little details that don't really matter when teaching investigators, but it was so awesome to see Kendra and her family sharing the Gospel :) i know that's exactly what members need to be strengthened themselves.... so guys - SHARE THE GOSPEL!!!

one more awesome miracle! LUZ got confirmed this week. it was amazing because the man that gave her the Holy Ghost knows literally nothing about her. all the words he said and things he blessed her with were SO PERFECT to her. the priesthood is REAL!!!

training has been so humbling. its crazy because i feel like i was JUST in her shoes!!! i remember everything so vividly about being trained, which is good because it has really helped me to be a guide. 1 Nephi 3:7 - i know God will provide a way for me to do everything He asks of me :) 

Womens Conference was Saturday and General Conference is THIS WEEKEND!!! that is straight up Christmas as a missionary. there is only one thing that comes close to as good as going to the temple, and that is conference. I CAN'T WAIT. i challenge all who are reading this to go to Conference with a question in mind of WHO you know that needs the Gospel and how you can share it with them. heck, maybe even have them watch it WITH you!!! :) that, and the question of how you can come closer to the Savior. "Come unto Christ." <3 u="">


discover it, embrace it, share it

some of my favorite pictures of the video, in spanish of course.

Monday, March 23, 2015

week 41

we had such an awesome week!!

we met with Luz everyday this week to prepare her for her baptism. we had to teach a lot since she is a 3 week miracle and got baptized really fast! but Luz is super accepting and we were only able to because she already KNOWS this church is true and couldn't be happier about being baptized! the baptism went really well, really smooth compared to the other ones we have had haha. that's because this ward is AWESOME. (i love Mississauga!) the whole program was in Spanish which was really special for all the Spanish members, and for LUZ!! who can't understand or speak a single word in English. her testimony was so tender too. i can't wait to see Luz progress even more. we are going to help her this week prepare names for the temple!

speaking of the temple, we had the opportunity to go on Saturday! after 6 months, i needed it so badly and it was so wonderful to spend the morning there. we had to wake up at 4 to pick up other sisters and get there in time and we were completely exhausted all day but of course it was worth it! (GO TO THE TEMPLE! it is such a blessing. never take it for granted!)

i spoke in church yesterday. they told me 2 days but luckily i got to pick my topic! also i guess missionaries are just good at speaking/teaching on the spot haha.  i wish i could have done it in Spanish but i did bear my testimony at the end in Spanish which was nice so Luz could understand. i spoke on Pres. Uchtdorf's talk at the general young women's meeting last October "living the Gospel joyful" and man i just LOVE THE GOSPEL!!!!and i love the mission so much. i am sooooo happy here. i also learned a lot this week on the importance of obedience. not only a HUGE part of missionary life, but everything God asks us to do is based off our faith and obedience to Him. its amazing how much i am learning as a missionary. i am so grateful for it! i am especially grateful for the way its shaping and changing my life!!!

we received a transfer call last night from President! i will be training a new missionary. im gonna be a mom! it's a big responsibility, and yes i am nervous... but when the Lord calls, He prepares us! just hoping my Spanish is good enough to help teach someone haha. but that's why i am SO grateful for the spirit and the gift of tounges! anyways, i have training meeting tomorrow and i'll find out who my little trainee is then. im excited to work hard with her and see MIRACLES!

i am so grateful to be here working hard as a missionary, and i just have to say THANK YOU to all who have sent me cards, letters and packages. you're support and love makes me work hard and i am grateful for it! especially neighbors, family, friends and ward members. know that i am grateful for you :) the church is TRUE!!! go share it!


Tuesday, March 17, 2015

week 40

so many miracles this week!!

we have still been teaching Luz, who is progressing SO much! she has participated in service activities for the ward this week, and has even invited her roommates to learn more about the Gospel like she has. Luz will be getting baptized this Sunday! she was so excited when we taught her all about the Temple and Family History. she is so excited to prepare to go after she is baptized! really, she is a miracle. and it is no coincidence that our investigator who is progressing the most/fastest is the one who can't put down the Book of Mormon. there is power in that book, and i know its true. so does she! she is cruzin through it! i can't wait for her to be baptizedSunday :) lets hope we can get everything taught haha. luckily she's super accepting.

on Thursday we got to be volunteers to help cook for 2 other zone's Zone conference... so i got to see ALL the other Hermanas! there are only 10 of us Hermanas in the mission so its awesome when we are all together :) Luz was also there helping to cook, and after all the missionaries sang to her and the other member volunteers. Luz was crying! she's so great. we have found 5 new investigators this week! that is GOOD for us Spanish missionaries haha. they are all miracles and really, our area is on fire right now. its awesome.

cool miracle story: so 2 weeks ago we were out talking to people when a member calls us and asks us if we can pick her up some duck tape on the way to dinner at her house. we walked over to a Shoppers Drug Mart and found some. we talked to this guy who kept staring at us... and he ended up being a little crazy.. haha but we jumped in line and all the sudden i hear 2 words in Spanish right behind us. i flip around and we start talking to this awesome Cuban couple! they were super impressed with our Spanish haha especially when we told them we are learning by talking to people here. this week we went by their house, and Jesus (the father) told us he was pretty atheist but was open to learn. Annia (the mother) is super catholic. the lesson was AWESOME! when we shared the Book of Mormon with them, Jesus couldn't stop looking at it, and knew he could know for himself as he read Moroni 10:3-5. he's going to read AND come to church. i can't wait to teach the whole family!

we get to go to the TEMPLE this saturday! that is a 2x a year thing in the Canada Toronto mission, so you could definitely say we're SUPER excited! i love this Gospel and i love the mission :)


Monday, March 9, 2015

week 39

first of all, shout out to my girl Sydni who decided she is serving a mission! WOO WOO! it's life changing and i am so proud of you :) can't wait to see where you're going to serve the Lord! anddddd to my girl Briana who is getting married this WEEK! #templemarriage #eternity #can'twaittomeetyajase congrats!

we had such an awesome week :) spending last Pday in Toronto to celebrate hump day was SO MUCH FUN!!! it felt so surreal to be back on the subway. i felt so at home! good old Toronto, missed it. first we subway-ed over to downtown and spent some time in Kensington (aka: Spanish-ville) then over to China town! its awesome. Hermana Hoffman was loving it! we had a ton of time left (funny, we actually got to do WAY more there then i ever did when i was actually serving there!) so we decided to go visit the CN tower! something i never had the chance to do while in Toronto! we took awesome pictures, then splurged and went to the Aquarium because it was right there :) it was SO COOL!!! 

the rest of the week has been super great! we have seen some cool miracles. the coolest miracle is LUZ. get this - Hna Schoemaker (a member who LOVES coming to appointments with us) talks to this girl in the elevator while going to an appointment last week... and we end up going in and she became a new investigator. she came to church (she understands NO English "i just love the spirit there." so cute!) and we have been meeting with her this week. we went over yesterday after church again... and she told us she has been loving reading the Book of Mormon. all the sudden she shows us her book and she has read up to ALMA 30!!!!! in a WEEK!!!! Hermana Hoffman and i were in complete awe. anyways, SHE moved up her baptismal date up a week and will be getting baptized March 22! i am so excited for her!

CARLOS would be our next greatest miracle this week. we have started teaching him finally even though he has been coming to church for awhile. his wife is a member :) anyways, he's awesome and is praying about a baptismal date. YAY!!! i also had exchanges with the lovely Sister Mencarelli this week. she is from Italy and was baptized not too long ago. i learned so much from her! we taught our investigator in english/spanish/portugese together and he is ALSO praying about a date. the work is really progressing in this area, i feel so blessed!

i am LOVING the mission. i couldn't be happier! i just love this Gospel more than i can even explain. i love watching it change peoples lives, i love the way it has converted me unto the Savior, and i love being able to testify of its truthfulness. how lucky are we? we have the truth! we are counting down the days over here until we can go to the temple (12 days!) and for conference! eeeek! i can't wait! christmas for a missionary haha. i love you all, and thank you so much for your love and support. you are in my prayers always!


ps: im not even wearing a puffy coat today! its warming up and we're officially above 0 C!

Monday, March 2, 2015

week 38

this week marks HALFWAY for me as a missionary. i can't even fathom that!! time has literally flown right past my eyes. truly, it has been challenging, but the greatest decision i have ever made. i couldn't be happier to be here. i have been reflecting a lot this week on the person i have become, how i have changed, and what more the Lord would have me become as i continue to wholeheartedly serve Him. its amazing to see the person the Lord is molding me into. i am converting myself unto Him.

the miracles we saw this week were incredible, 5 of our investigators came to church yesterday. our area is literally on FIRE right now! we have found a LOT of new investigators this week (one of which is Portugese. the gift of tongues to extreme!! we use all 3 languages when we teach), they are being placed in our path one after the next. all the glory to God and such an answer to so many of our prayers! i do have incredible stories of miracles i should share, but...

to celebrate HUMP DAY we got permission to go to TORONTO today!!!!!! 
downtown here we come!!! im pretty excited :) i get to take Hermana Hoffman there for her first time! my heart is still in Toronto, i really can't even wait to go :) CN tower here we come! and china town! and kensington! and the subways! 

i am so happy here! i want you all to know that i KNOW Jesus Christ lives. He truly guides this work. HIS work! i invite you all to come closer to Him. to submit your will to His. to sacrifice for Him like He did for YOU. "shall we not go on in so great a cause?"