Friday, August 31, 2012

during 2nd period today

 aannnnddd the dress hunt begins! wish me luck.... there is only 2746583 other schools in the state about to have homecoming with at least 75% of those girls looking for a modest dress. this should be fun :)

homecoming is September 15! i couldn't be more excited :)

Sunday, August 26, 2012

the best announcement... that we cried over

can you tell? :)
42 days and counting!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

the first day of my senior year

today was the first day of my senior year! i can't believe i am a senior. it's seriously crazy.

 and honestly, as much as i really love having my sister there now, it's super weird to have all those crazy new little sophomore's at Mountain View. i kinda liked having a grade older than me, but i guess i'll have to be a senior sometime ;)

Madi and i also found out we dressed as opposites today! kinda :)

i am pretty excited for this year! today wasn't too great, i spent most the day in the counseling office {who in the world, just randomly decides to switch around my whole schedule after i had it perfectly worked out....? i don't know what wack-job lady did that in the counseling office, but it's seriously screwing up my positive attitude about school} and i also spent most the day in the seminary building. i went to 2 periods there because of that screwed up schedule. {thanks A LOT LADY!!}

i really love school :) and i am thrilled to be back! 
here's to a great start to my last year in high school! hip hip!

Monday, August 20, 2012

guest post!

i am guest posting over on Deidre's blog today {HERE} be sure to check me out! 

happy monday everyone! 

i start school tomorrow, that should be interesting {i'm mostly just excited cause i can finally wear my new school clothes....} wish me luck!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Heber Valley!

 the Horton family reunion this year, at Heber Valley, was so much fun! we had the greatest time together. we even made matching shirts, how cute are we?

games + movies + food + more games + more movies + hiking + sleeping in bunk beds together + walks. let's just say it was a party! getting to spend time with these people is always a party though, who are we kidding.

one of the nights we had together, we played 'minute to win it!' it was super fun! toiled papering each other, doughnuts on foreheads competitions, and vanilla wafers in the mouth without hands. it was intense i tell ya

we also chose to go on a verrryyyy long 2 1/2 hour hike up a 600 foot mountain! it was hard. especially in rain boots {thanks to the only pair of shoes i brought} but that view was definitely worth it!

these silly faces? THAT.... pretty much sums up the trip. 

yes, my family rocks

Saturday, August 18, 2012

the {not so much} accomplished summer list

so, school starts tuesday.
 that's weird. 

 {honestly though, i am seriously SO EXCITED} but, i decided since summer truely has come to an end, {tear...} i would show you what i did end up completing on my summer list this year! 

i have to tell you though, i never looked at this thing once this summer...

1 {X} go to 7Peaks
2 { } mow the entire lawn
3 {X} pull an all night-er
4 {X} roast marshmallows
5 { } make a music video
6 {X} have a sleepover
7 { } burn all of my homework/notes from junior year
8 {X} go hot tubbing
9 { } TP someones house
10 { } ninja sneak attack someone
11 { } have a movie night on my lawn
12 {X} sleep on the tramp with my friends
13 {X} swing
14 {X} blast music in the car while drivin' round town
15 {X} have a picnic
16 {X} get snowies
17 {X} go on a long walk
18 { } have a BBQ
19 { } go to Lagoon
20 {X} go to Girls Camp {just like in 2011!}
21 { } write a book
22 { } color on the lawn
23 {X} get a gnarly tan line
24 { } don't wear shoes for 1 whole week
25 {X} hike the Y {just like in 2011!}
26 {X} make a smoothie
27 {X} watch a baseball game
28 {X} watch a soccer game
29 {X} take a picture EVERY single day
30 {X} make cookies for a friend
31 { } fugitive
32 { } night games
33 { } tie dye a shirt
34 { } get up early and watch the sunrise
35 { } have a water balloon fight
36 { } run through the sprinklers
37 { } wash a car
38 { } go laser tagging
39 {X} star gazing
40 { } have a lemonade stand
41 { } fry an egg on the sidewalk
42 { } plant a flower
43 { } paint a picture
44 { } hide n' go seek in Walmart
45 {X} make muddie buddies
46 { } make popsicles
47 { } blog weekly *how sad is it that i didn't even accomplish this one.... HAHA!
48 { } go on the Alpine Slide
49 {X} get a cool fake tattoo
50 {X} go on a date
51 {X} go see a movie
52 { } fly a kite
53 { } make a bird feeder
54 { } have a bubble gum blowing contest
55 { } blow bubbles
56 { } play tag in the rain
57 { } try sushi
58 {X} visit Temple Square
59 { } go to St George
60 {X} jump in the pool with my clothes on
61 {X} invent a new phrase
62 { } draw with chalk then get it wet, and have a fight
63 {X} freeze out: exit to exit
64 {X} pick berries {just like in 2011!}
65 { } hula hoop
66 { } jump rope
67 {X} face masks
68 { } get a mani/pedi
69 { } take a nap under a shady tree
70 {X} go to the zoo {just like in 2011!}
71 {X} try a new food and learn to make it
72 { } walk around the block and pick up all the trash
73 {X} don't use my phone except the camera, for 1 whole day
74 { } make a full dinner for my family
75 { } garden
76 {X} don't straighten my hair for a week
77 {X} swim @2 a.m
78 {X} read a book in the sunshine
79 {X} make lemonade
80 { } finger paint outdoors with pudding
81 { } make hot bread
82 {X} don't sleep in my own bed for a week
83 { } paint someones toe nails
84 {X} get a massage
85 {X} go to Seattle {just like in 2011!}
86 {X} go boutique shopping
87 { } learn to play a new song on the piano
88 { } do 1 math problem
89 {X} work 1 full day
90 {X} shave my legs
91 {X} go to Yogurtland
92 {X} fast
93 { } play with cornstarch
94 { } do a cart wheel
95 {X} don't wear any make up 1 day
96 {X} get a sun burn
97 { } watch Saved by the Bell
98 {X} finish Parenthood
99 {X} make popcorn
100 { } finish  my Personal Progress
101 { } make a cake
102 { } wrap a present
103 { } run 10 miles
104 { } shower @ midnight
105 { } make Kool-Aid
106 {X} french braid my hair
107 { } walk to the mall
108 {X} vacuum a room
109 { } do a somersault
110 {X} go to Cafe Rio
111 { } go to the Temple with friends
112 {X} shopping at City Creek
113 { } feed the ducks
114 { } make an item of clothing
115 {X} go to DI
116 { } start watching a new TV show
117 {X} write in my journal
118 {X} get my hair done
119 {X} go school shopping
120 { } swim in Madi's pool {just like in 2011!}
121 {X} earn money, save money
122 { } have a tea party
123 { } make something new to sell at 7Circles
124 {X} go to Trafalga {just like in 2011!}
125 {X} ride a bike
126 {X} hug my cousin
127 {X} get henna
128 { } make homemade ice cream
129 { } find myself a boy
130 {X} pass junior year with a 3.7 GPA

63 out of 130
 which is nothing compared to last year when i accomplished 86 out of 126. i decided that making such an extravagant list to do during the summer really doesn't work out too well! next year i think i'll make one a little more.... simple

i'll be back soon for pictures of my camping trip! as for now, i am cozy-ing up and watching myself a movie. after a loooonnggggg 9 hour work shift today. in my matchy-matchy Disney pajamas.

be jealous

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

this woman is going camping!

.... and this would be my 3rd camping trip this summer! and yes, the rainboots are making their appearance again. they usually only get worn for occasions when i am up in the mountains. that way the critters don't touch my feet...
i am off to a family reunion at Heber Valley camps until Friday afternoon, with my dad's side of the family! junk food + games + camp fires + hikes + junk food + bunk bed cabins  for 2 days.{so i guess this is hardly camping... with the bunk beds n' all}... woo hoo!

be back soon!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

a little service never hurt anyone

last friday night, Joslynn, Meg, and i participated in the "Vivint Gives Back" service event. we prepared meals for the starving kids in other countries. i didn't exactly know what i was getting myself into when Joslynn's mom signed us up, but it ended up being one of the coolest experiences

each packet we made had 6 cups of food in it. that feeds a child for 1 week. (sad, i know) there was chicken powder, dried veggies, soybeans, & rice. every bag had an even amount, and we packed them into boxes. 

 Joslynn did the chicken + veggies. Meg did the soybeans + rice, and Joslynns mom + i did the weighing! it was actually a race, too. a race to see which set of people could get the most boxes packed. Joslynn was definitely the one that spilled the most, her mom was the 'cleaner', Meg was the slow one... and i was the screw up ;) 

don't we look dang sexy in our hair nets? we know, we know

after packing the meals for 2 hours with 73 volunteers, we packed 139 boxes of meals, with 216 meals per box. this means there were 30,024 meals made by 73 people in 2 hours. i don't know if that seems like much to you, but these meals really do save lives, and it sure feels good knowing it

giving back always feels good. the feeling of knowing you just saved lives, is a great one

Friday, August 10, 2012


This woman is an inspiration. She is a fighter. She is the cutest grandma I have come to know, and I don't know what I would do without her sweet personality and funny quirks in my life. 
I know I have mentioned this before, but my grandma has Dementia. A disease that has been with her for about 6 years now. It slowly makes you act like a child, younger and younger until you die. she used to act like a 5 year old, 4 year old, and slowly went down, until now she acts like a baby. Which is sad. She can no longer walk, and has to be in a wheelchair. She can still eat somewhat by herself, but takes a long time and requires patience. 

If she speaks, which is hardly ever, she shouts. Grandma also doesn't remember anyone's name anymore, but you know what she does remember? Songs. The BYU fight song, even. If you start singing "I'm trying to be like Jesus" she knows all the words, which kind of makes my heart melt.

I don't know how much longer my grandma will live, but every minute i spend with her is a great one. I love you grandma! Never forget that

Thursday, August 9, 2012

something must be said

Dear haters of my blog,

So, I get a lot of crap about my blog, and I usually just ignore it all, but I feel like something should be said here. This is not to anybody specifically, but it's to all those people who I thought were my friends, that actually just bash on my little hobby of blogging. 

First of all, this is MY blog. I can choose what I would like here on my blog. I can choose how I post, when I post, and WHAT I post, and frankly, I could care less what you think of it, but please stop being so judge mental about it. It's not your blog!

Secondly, if you do not like my blog, nobody is forcing you to read it. You don't like what I post or say? Okay cool! So don't read it? There is no need to tell the world how "obsessed I am with myself," or how "stupid I am for blogging." I don't know what makes you say these things people, but I seriously do not care anymore. Don't like my blog? Good for you! But there is no need to spread the negativity about it.

I could care less what anybody says about my blog, I blog for myself. I blog as an online journal of memories so one day I can look back on them. I don't care if you don't like what I say or post on here, because I never said you have to read it, and I am not going to stop blogging because you specifically don't like it. In case you people haven't realized, there are actually people that DO like this blog, and they read it enjoying it. If that's not you that's fine!

If you have something mean to say about my blog, please keep it to yourself. Thanks! :)

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

girls camp!

Girls Camp. It's the: no showering, no cellphones, dirty bathrooms + cabins, sleeping on the ground, greasy hair, hikes, canoes, no outside world, testimony meeting, ALL GIRL camp. The kind that no boy will ever experience, and no girl will ever forget.

I have always LOVED girls camp! It's 5 days that I have up in the mountains with some of my favorite people, away from all the social media + drama. {who am I kidding. It's a camp FULL of girls. That aint' drama free.} But, I think it's the fact that I can finally not shower {AT ALL} for 5 days and nobody can say a thing about it. Us girls try to embrace the grease in our hair and the dirt on our bodies for those 5 days, constatnly making new roll calls + cheers about how we SO BADLY want a shower, when in reality, I think we are all pretty content having 5 days without one.

It was such a great week having my mom, dad, and sister: Malia there. {half the family.... HA!} the hikes were hard, but the food was wonderful {seriously. I just let myself run free. Doughnuts, cake, ice cream, candy, smores, you name it. Hopefully the constant hiking made up for it...}

Oh, and those pot guts? Pretty sure those pot guts enjoyed the trashcan. And the grapes + trail mix we gave them. I tell ya, once we tipped the trash can to let them free, they just stayed put! They were just wanting more trail mix though, who are we kidding :)

If you are a teenage girl, and you've never been been to girls camp, you are missing out. BIG TIME

** previous girls camp's: 2010, 2011