Wednesday, February 27, 2013

in case you wanted to know

as of recently, i have decided i want to serve a mission.

even after releasing the new missionary age for the church, i still thought i would be married // busy with school or work by the time i was 19. i know a lot of people all the sudden started turning in their papers, {especially everyone that has already graduated!} but the thought of me going never really clicked. i was never against it, but never saw myself actually going. 

we were sitting in FHE one Monday and my dad showed us THIS video, and it changed my whole perspective. i was filled with emotion and touched by the Spirit and knew in that moment that it was something i really wanted. i want everyone to have the Gospel in their lives like i do, and i want to share it with the world! i still don't know what i will be doing when next May rolls around and i turn 19 {i could be engaged {how crazy is that?} for all i know!}, but i would love to serve a mission.

i started attending mission prep class early mornings on Mondays and it is amazing what i have been learning about missionary work! i can't believe how real it is, and how much there is to learn. it makes me really excited to see what the future has in store for me, and how Heavenly Father's plan plays out! i sure do love the Gospel :)

and this post is brought to you by a picture of Malia and i

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

5 pictures you have probably already seen

i realize i post enough pictures on instagram//twitter, that by the time the pictures finally get to my blog, you probably think 'Keena. we get it.' but this is my own little online journal that i want to keep memories of and look back on, so what goes on other social media, must go on here too!

1)  Kaylee deserves to be #1 on here. she's one of the best friends i have ever had, and its amazing what this girl will do for me. i love her, and our heart to hearts, more than anything! late night chats, bachelor watching, sluffing class, etc. i love you Kays

2)  okay i lied. i haven't posted this next picture anywhere.... HA! so there. ;) Ky and i watched Caleb's basketball game together this past weekend! love this cute girl so much

3)  Friday after school i joined 7 other ladies on an afternoon Temple trip. we all had such an amazing and spiritual time together and i honestly hope this becomes a monthly thing! it feels so nice and comforting to do Baptisms for the dead, and what a wonderful thing it was to add to my Friday

4)  i already posted this a dozen times, on just about every social media website possible, and guaranteed anyone who reads this blog has already heard, {that just shows how EXCITED i am!} 

but, we were walking out of the temple that afternoon, and i realized the email came from BYU. my heart was racing so fast i can't even tell you...

i burst into tears and immediately called both my parents! we were all SHOCKED. honestly, {and i am telling the truth here...} i really didn't think i was getting in. i know they don't just look at ACT scores, but with the score i got, i had about a 7% chance of getting in. i knew that, so i was planning on not getting in. 

so when i got the email, i couldn't stop crying. all the cute girls in the car with me were just as excited for me, as well as everyone in my family. my parents both couldn't stop crying, and my mom called anyone and everyone she knows to hear the news. 

and.... BRIANA GOT IN TOO. which means our dreams have come true, and we finally get to live together, and go to BYU like we have always wanted to :) 

i can't even express in words how happy i am! i know this is Heavenly Father's plan for me, and i can't wait to live it! and i know this may be a little too cheesy, but i know that because i went to the temple on Friday, i was blessed with an acceptance to my dream school ♥ i love the gospel

5)  we celebrated Kenzie's 18th birthday on Friday! Los Hermanos, girl talk, sleeping over, late night drives + Walmart runs. it's pretty safe to say i have amazing girl friends :)

what a good weekend! no dull moments around here. just a lot of good days and happy people. life is great! i don't have one thing to complain about, and that feels amazing :)

happy happy Tuesday!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

wait... is that a bra strap?

 well that's embarrassing...
 shirt: XX1, pants: Old Navy, booties: XX1, scarf: XX1, hat: Cotton On

yikes. a white bra strap beaming out to all the world. what a sight :)

there isn't much going on around here, but i thought of some definite pro's // con's as of lately that i thought i'd share! nothing too exciting, but i thought i should at least blog once this week... *slacker*

- that's a $5 hat on my head. FIVE dollars. this woman knows how to bargain. {or i'm just really good at black friday shoppping}
- there was no school on Monday for President's day. Mia and i spent the WHOLE day together, shopping + lunch. that's how we do things. blowin' our money at the wonderful Gap sale. nothing better
- and now that we are on the subject of shopping... i have an addiction to online shopping. and the anticipation of knowing something is coming in the mail for me... just exciting 
- it's miss Mckenzie Dalrymple's birthday tomorrow! we're celebrating with a little fiesta at Los Hermanos!
- my cute little brother Marcus went district in his 5th grade science project! he was so excited and did amazing! i love that cute kid
- 98 days until graduation! pro and a con. because i'll definitely miss high school. but 98 days and i'm DONE??? wooooo hooooo!

- my cousins are in Rio right now. RIO BRAZIL guys. you have no idea how jealous i am
- those booties are becoming a daily wear. con cause i think people are starting to think they're the only shoes i own...
- Valentines day? i never blogged about that because you wanna know how it was spent? working 4-11:30 and coming home to a chocolate cake. thanks chocolate cake... for being my valentine :)
- i'm out of money now. thanks a lot Gap. and thanks A LOT GOOD DEALS
- i was late again to MATC today. i am terrible at being on time to anything that has to do with school/classes, and it's becoming a serious issue

life is good! loving every moment of it :)
have a happy thursday!

*thanks everyone to emailing me about button swaps! i'd be happy to swap :) i love getting to know new bloggers, so feel free to email me!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

another sweet ♡ 's

Josh Sueldo asked me to MV's sweethearts this year! and we had so much fun together :) for the day date, we went bowling with our group at Provo Beach Resort. *Skittle bowling* to be exact. if you didn't get a strike on your first bowl, you drew a skittle. depending on the color, you had to do a bunch of different things to make you not bowl as 'well.' dance bowl, opposite hand, eyes closed, etc.

i'm really not the best bowler, sadly. and Josh and i were the losing couple... {sorry Josh!} so as the losing couple we also got the honor of buying everyone ice cream! yay for us! well actually yay for him... he bought the ice cream ;)

we had special "hook ups" for pictures, and did them in a studio at the mall! AKA it was too dark to take them outside and the photographer bailed. we used our magnificent charm to beg the worker to use her studio....

we ate dinner at California Pizza Kitchen {my first time!} and danced like CRAZY at the dance. the DJ kinda really sucked at picking any music that was actually from this century, but you know what? we made the best of it and danced our little bums off. 

dessert // games after the dance and a whole lot of laughing in the wee hours of the morning. such a fun dance :) thank you to Josh for asking me and being such a wonderful gentleman. and thanks to Kaylee for letting me wear her gorgeous dress. XO

Monday, February 11, 2013

a bit about sweet ♡ 's

many people already know about this, via social media, {plus i mentioned it here} but i was asked by 6 boys to Orem's sweethearts this year! 6 girls, 6 boys, no specific dates, just a whole bunch of dancin'

for our day date we went to Pizza Factory, made pizzas // bread sticks, then played '3 question speed dating.' the boys just happened to plan out to ask each of us what our favorite thing to eat at Zupas is, then we had what we said was our favorite for our meal before the dance! how creative was that? who knew these 6 boys could be so creative!

dinner was at Tyler's house, eating the Zupas of course. we then played a charades game that was hilarious, and after that... pictures! the boys thought this out as well; to have our pictures done in a photobooth! ^^^^ that way you have a picture with each boy! so cute.

the dance was AWESOME. Orem High, you really know how to party. 
and i even got multiple boys to walk me to the door. multiple kisses too? the world will never know. 

just kidding :) 

what a fun dance. thank you boys {Zach, Luke, Taylor, Tyler, Eli, & Isaiah}, thank you

Saturday, February 9, 2013

10 things, from yours truly

 sparkle shirt: Jcrew, pants: Old Navy, boots: Santa; Christmas, jewelry: Nordstrom // Soel

1)  this shirt was $100 and i got it for $11. can we get a round of applause for keena?
2)  gorgeous Sydney Bruning took her life on Thursday night. i didn't know Sydney well, but we knew each other. she went to PG high school, and was an amazing dancer on the dance team. Sydney and i shared the same birthday and i remember texting each other wishing a happy birthday last May. your family is in my prayers cute Syd. half of Orem dressed up for you on Friday, you will be missed ♥
3)   i got asked to Orem's sweethearts, and we had our day date last night! a group of 6 girls // 6 boys; no specific dates! which so far, is actually really fun. we went to Pizza Factory {after they were closed} and made pizzas! so much fun! and tonight is the dance. 6 dates aint' so bad when you have 6 to dance with. boo-yah
4)  i finally saw Les Mis! FINALLY. it only took me 2 months! Chris and i agreed there was a whole lot of singing but then we remembered it was a musical. Marius? you are very attractive. and that movie was VERY well made
5)  i also got asked to MV's sweethearts, by Josh Sueldo! it's next Saturday and i can't wait!
6)  Briana was in Utah for a total of 40 minutes on Thursday for her layover on the way to Florida {for cheer nationals.} do i wish i could have seen her for 40 minutes? YESSSS
7)  i am now addicted to Gossip Girl. it takes over all my free time and i am totally okay with it
8)  mom and i are doing a 15 minute {which is actually WAY hard for just 15 minutes} workout video for 30 days. we were going to do it 30 consecutive days until we remembered we still have to walk. my legs right now? HOLY SORE
9)  i made more protein pancakes this morning. this time added a few things, such as a banana. heaven i'm telling you
10)  Valentines day is this week! Kaylee is my valentine and we plan to see 'Safe Haven' together as single best friends. but isn't that one of the best ways to spend V-day? with a best friend stuffing our faces with chocolate. **i say one of the best ways, because we all know i'm just "convincing" myself that it's the best way

happy Saturday!

xoxo, gossip girl

..... just kidding ;)

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

oatmeal protein pancakes!

one of my absolute favorite things, is finding a new recipe for foods that are healthy AND delicious! ever since i have changed my eating habits extremely, a lot of doors have been opened to me of the many different kinds of foods out there are that are so healthy! the healthy eating community always has so many new recipes for me to try, but it is pretty rare when i come across one that doesn't say Stevia, kale, or PB2 {powdered peanut butter i guess?}.

i love to try all these new things, but i can't exactly make my mom buy a whole grocery list just for me, so i have to improvise. which is why i love to find new healthy recipies, and revise + add to them!

i LOVE pancakes // french toast // waffles, and i love trying all of the protien kinds out there! i found a pretty great recipie for one i thought i would share! i added and took out a couple of things, but my own revision worked, and the pancakes tasted amazing!

Oatmeal Protien Pancakes
1 1/2 cup old fashioned oats
1/2 cup white or wheat flour {whatever you have // prefer}
1 cup protien powder {i use chocolate Whey}
2 tsp. Baking Powder
1/2 tsp. salt
1 cup milk {or almond milk. your choice}
handful of chocolate chips {optional}

strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, nuts, bananas, peanut butter etc

cook, {spray the pan!} use whatever syrup & toppings you prefer, and enjoy!

i even had some a couple days later... great as leftovers for busy mornings :) next time i am going to add some mashed bananas in there! can't wait to try more recipes.


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

kylie's birthday celebration!

 as of tomorrow, my little Kylie will be 9 years old! i can't believe it! i love this girl to death, and because we love her so much, we decided to celebrate her birthday last night with a little bowling.

i'm kind of terrible at bowling, it's pretty sad. i had a score of 36 for 3 turns in a row... because my mom said no bumpers. i guess i need practice? we'll work on that... ASAP.

happy 9th Ky! she even got EXACTLY what she wanted. chicken n' biscuit crackers. her favorite snack, 2 large boxes. what little girl asks for crackers for her birthday?? this cutie of course! + we got Brick Oven after bowling. which is always bonus. cause who doesn't love that amazing pasta bar am i right? i tried their spinach linguine last night; prime i tell you.

happy Tuesday! looking forward to round 2 of the bachelor tonight. love me some late night drama with Tierra whom everyone hates. right? right. i especially just love when i can watch it with my girl friends :) OH. and just the fact that Sean is the bachelor. SUCH A BABE. i love you Sean. i love you

Sunday, February 3, 2013

some news

 sweater: XX1, parachute pants: Target, booties: XX1, watch: Nordstrom

so a few posts ago i mentioned i had some wonderful news to share! Briana and i are going to New York! our parents surprised us with the news of our senior trip a few weeks ago and we are SO EXCITED! neither of us have been, so it should be super fun to walk the streets of New York City for our first times, together.

right when my parents told me, my dad said, "sooooo Keen, what do you want to do there?" so i responded how any girl would who is going to NYC for her very first time. "shopping, shows, shopping, and more and more and more shopping." and my dad, being the cute little dad that he is, says "Keen why would you need to go shopping there. there is a mall down the street from our house."

oh dad. because shopping in Orem, Utah is totally the same thing as shopping in NYC. yeahhhhh no. nice try dad, we'll be shopping our booties off while you hold our bags ;) HA!

so there's my big news! 
we leave on June 26, 143 days!

and i would just like to wish you all a happy Super Bowl Sunday. i can't wait to watch it! oh wait, i'm not.the Horton's just aren't much of a... "Super Bowl watching" type of family. so we're enjoying the day celebrating Kylie's 9th birthday! can't believe that little girl is already almost 9. craaazzzyyy