Monday, June 28, 2010


my cousin is here.
even though we dropped her off at EFY today just till friday.
but we had a fan-TAS weekend.
it was a blast!
lots of:
eating cheeeese toast
phase 10
saved by the bell
saturday we did chalk on my driveway then we jumped and ran in was fun:)
sunday we went driving and went to the park. SO FUN!
pics are belowwww

Friday, June 25, 2010


me. things that make

1. im forced to play the piano but i secretly love it..even though i dont practice that often.

2. im ADDICTED to carmex. but SHHH dont tell my mom or she wont buy me anymore...

3. i have 2 brothers, 3 sisters, 2 wonderful parents, 3 grandpas, and 2 grandmas.

4. if i didnt have my family. i would kill myself. since i dont think that living without a possible...especially my familly.

5. i LOVE disneyland. i have been 6 times. if my family went without our best friends the Garvins...i would bawl.

6. lost is my favorite show. although i cant stay into it. i kinda have to be watching it with someone or i will get scared....and im also only on season 3..

7. i have OCD. bad.

8. sewing is my passion. i love it. i love creating the things that i wear.

9. when i was 2. i threw up every night multiple times. wink wink...i have hypoglycemia.

10. i suck at grammer. i gave up on trying.

11. i have a small hole in the top of my right ear. i tell everyone that i got a piercing there...but i didnt:)

12. i am missing 2 teeth and as a result of that....i wear a retainer with 2 fake teeth on it. i tell everyone i got in a fight and had them knocked out...but really...i just wasnt born with them.

13. i miss billy mays.

14. everyone thinks that high school musical is cheezy and stupid. but deep down.
I LOVE IT. which is why my retainer says "HSM"

15. i dont wear tenni shoes...unless im running.

16. i have insomnia. which i hate.

17. i love cornstartch. i always will. i got 3 boxes of it for my birthday. yay:)

18. i wish i could sing.

19. i want to be able to do the splits more than anyone can ever imagine.

20. i made the cheer team. even though i learned to do a cart wheel 3 weeks ago...kinda. i still cant do them.

21. one day.. i will meet Buddy Valastro. i will pay him however much money it takes for him to make me a Mainstreet USA, Disneyland cake.

22. im scared of the dark and creepers. since i almost got raped.

23. i used to think i could see the future.

24. i am scared of dogs.

25. i love my mom who is also my bff.

26. my dad is the funniest person i know and i love him

27. i sleepwalk. a little toooo often.

28. when i was 6 i stood at the feet of a father moose. i thought it was a statue

29. i hate meat. i will eat chicken and an occasional hamburger but that is IT.

30. i love the summer more then all get out.

31. the place i would most like to visit it japan. i have no idea why. i just love japanese people i guess.

32. i want to be a pediatrician when i grow up. no one thinks i can do it but i will.
and when you all have children and they are very sickly. you can bring them to me and thank me that i am so pro.

33. i wish that i could dance. and have strong legs. and could do the splits...okayyy im pretty much just jealous of Amy Allred. :)

34. i have a weakness for popsicles. they are so cold and yummy.

35. i love Disney movies. especially the old classics.

36. i dont read.

37. i make muddie buddies waaaaaay too often.

38. Elder Bednar knows me by name.

39. my dad is famous:)

40. Walt Disney is my hero and i quote him WAY too often.

41. i lost 2 pounds. dont know why and i dont know how but i did.

42. i have no tailbone.

43. im secretly genius at computers.

44. i used to play 2 sports for 6 years but no one believes me since im not the sportsieee type.

45. i am scared of horses

46. i hate whipped creme, pudding, and blueberries.

47. i am a little toooo obbsessed with weddings.

48. i really wish i understood football.

49. i love saundra bullock and hugh grant and i really want them to get married...

50. i love my life and i dont want anything to change about it.

muddy buddies {my way}

oh how i love me some muddy buddies!
so easy to make and so delicious!

the recipe is on the back of a rice Chex box but that is TOTALLY the wrong way to make them. (i think) so i make them like this.

-in one bowl 9 cups chex (set aside)
-in another bowl:
*2 cups chocolate chips.
*3/4-1 cup peanut butter.
*3/4 of a cube of butter.
-pour onto chex in the other bowl.
-pour ehnough powdered sugar on to make it look like you see barley chocolate.

favorite cousin

one of my favorite cousins EVER is coming to town like.....NOW!!! well in one hour.but im gonna go pick her up and im pretty much pumped. i love her! below are pictures of some of the bestest times together:)

Thursday, June 24, 2010


i want toms so bad.
i want either red toms. or silver sparkle toms.
i think they are super adorable!
i kind of want them as back to school shoes... but we shall see
i think im gonna get them soon otherwise i think i might pass out and die.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

just some.....buds

sooo...these pictures are way back from 7peaks day but just thought i would post them anyways....since i love my buds.

oh...lovely chalk and my best friend sydni are cool.
we do the funnest things together.
and along time ago me and my cousin did this and i decided to try it with her:)
we drew with chalk EVERYWHERE on my back patio.
we got it all wet...
and had a lil chalk fight:)

oh and i would like to mention that kylie was the one who took all these pictures.
she is so professional and cute!! i love her:)

aspen grove.

3 pictures from aspen grove.
i love ya buddies:)

Friday, June 18, 2010

yes. i have problems.

yes. i have problems.
*i have no tailbone
*i have hypoglycemia
*i have insomnia
*i have a small hole in my ear. which some people say....means i have 10% less brain...but i dunno!
*i have O.C.D
*and...i talk pretty darn fast.

yes i know they are weird but they are true!!!

birth of blog.

this is the birth of my blog. i blogged once. but decided to try it again.
lets see how it goes:)