Wednesday, June 29, 2011

update on *my summer list {of 2011}*

*website for pictures still down*
so this is what i have instead

update on my summer list as of June 29, 2011
1 { } go to 7Peaks
2 { } mow the entire lawn
3 { } pull an all night-er
4 {X} roast marshmallows
5 { } make a music video
6 {X} have a sleepover
7 { } burn all of my homework/notes from sophomore year
8 { } go hot tubbing
9 { } TP someones house
10 { } ninja sneak attack someone
11 { } have a movie night on my lawn
12 { } sleep on the tramp with my friends
13 {X} swing
14 {X} blast music in the car while drivin' round town
15 { } have a picnic
16 {X} get snowies
17 { } go on a long walk
18 { } have a BBQ picnic
19 { } go to Lagoon
20 {X} go to Girls Camp
21 { } write a book
22 { } color on the lawn
23 {X} get a gnarly tan line
24 { } don't wear shoes for 1 whole week
25 { } hike the Y
26 { } make a smoothie
27 {X} watch a baseball game
28 { } watch a soccer game
29 { } take a picture EVERY single day
30 { } make cookies for a friend
31 { } fugitive
32 { } night games
33 {X} tie dye a shirt
34 {X} get up early and watch the sunrise
35 { } have a water balloon fight
36 {X} run through the sprinklers
37 { } wash a car
38 {X} go laser tagging
39 {X} star gazing
40 { } have a lemonade stand
41 { } fry an egg on the sidewalk
42 { } plant a flower
43 {X} paint a picture
44 { } hide n' go seek in Walmart
45 {X} make muddie buddies
46 { } make popsicles
47 { } blog weekly
48 { } go on the Alpine Slide
49 { } get a cool fake tattoo
50 {X} go on a date
51 {X} go see a movie
52 { } fly a kite
53 { } make a bird feeder
54 { } have a bubble gum blowing contest
55 {X} blow bubbles
56 { } play tag in the rain
57 { } drive to SLC and go shopping at Gateway
58 { } visit Temple Square
59 { } go to St George
60 { } jump in the pool with my clothes on
61 { } invent a new phrase
62 { } draw with chalk then get it wet, and have a fight
63 { } play steal the flag in my culd-e-sac
64 { } pick berries
65 { } hula hoop
66 {X} jump rope
67 { } face masks
68 { } get a mani/pedi
69 { } take a nap under a shady tree
70 { } go to the zoo
71 { } try a new food and learn to make it
72 { } walk around the block and pick up all the trash
73 {X} don't use my phone except the camera, for 1 whole day
74 { } make a full dinner for my family
75 { } garden
76 {X} don't straighten my hair for a week
77 { } swim @2 a.m
78 { } read a book in the sunshine
79 {X} make lemonade
80 { } finger paint outdoors with pudding
81 { } make hot bread
82 { } don't sleep in my own bed for a week
83 { } paint someones toe nails
84 { } get a massage
85 {X} get my license
86 { } go boutique shopping
87 { } learn to play a new song on the piano
88 { } do 1 math problem
89 {X} work 1 full day
90 {X} shave my legs
91 {X} go to Farrs
92 { } fast
93 { } play with cornstarch
94 {X} do a cart wheel
95 {X} don't wear any make up 1 day
96 {X} get a sun burn
97 { } watch Saved by the Bell
98 {X} finish LOST
99 {X} make popcorn
100 {X} do my Personal Progress
101 { } make a cake
102 { } wrap a present
103 { } run 3 miles
104 {X} shower @ midnight
105 {X} make Kool-Aid
106 { } french braid my hair
107 {X} walk to the mall
108 {X} vacuum a room
109 { } do a somersault
110 { } go to Yogurtland
111 { } go to the Temple with friends
112 { } go to the Bishop's Storehouse
113 { } feed the ducks
114 { } make a romper
115 { } go to DI
116 {X} start watching a new TV show
117 {X} write in my journal
118 {X} get my hair highlighted
119 { } go school shopping
120 { } get a new backpack for next year
121 { } earn money, save money
122 { } have a tea party
123 {X} make shirts to sell
124 {X} go to Trafalga
125 {X} ride a bike
126 {X} Shhh, this one is a secret

43 out of 126
i've got a ways to go... wish me luck!

girls camp post coming soon dears, bear with me!

Monday, June 27, 2011

this is the life baby

*website for pictures still down*
so this is what i have instead

just got back from Madi's home. we swam, laid out, and had some snowies {{smiles}} check out that tan line.... no big deal or anything. yeah, i do look a little red... oh well, im happy! how about that blue mouth? blue hawaiian snow cone baby. gotta love that!

girls camp post coming soon dears, bear with me!

Monday, June 20, 2011

a tuesday {flashback}

so, this was this past tuesday... but im barely getting around to posting it. me, Madi, Hannah, and Kylee all laid out at Madi's for like, 3 hours. oh and then we swam for a bit

Ky had to leave, but then Madi's sister Chels took us to get some snowies!

we wanted to walk after snowies. so Chels went home. we walked to the mall to get a Crunchwrap Supreme from Taco Bell since last week {and last week only} they were only .99 CENTS! that is a steal. yeah, call me fat{or: tubby, chubby, muffin, chunky} ... but i had 4 last week

then, we went to my Mutual, which was swimming at this one house, that we swim at every year. i drove us out there, and we... sat in the pool a little, and ate, and talked!

cute Quince came to mutual too {since my mom is pres}

Yep. i got fried. BUT now? im tan :)


PS: today, i am packin up to head to girls camp until saturday. im SO excited! i'll be back soon lovies! i will post about girls camp when i get back of course! pray that i don't get eaten by a bear

coming soon: my venting. about... LOST

Sunday, June 19, 2011

its fathers day!

to the greatest dad there is

dear dad, since i already wrote you a 3 page note, i will make this short. i love you! you truly are the GREATEST dad ever and i love you SO much! i do not know what i would do without you! just so you know, since i am the oldest child, i think you are doing an excellent job at being a dad :) i love you so much dad! thank you for everything you do for me! love keen

and here are some pictures, of my dad, that i think you will enjoy
first of all, check out this first one. he has HAIR! {that's me, as a baby}

here is one of my favorite pictures EVER! the night my dad and i went on my first date {HERE}

for my dads present {i actually got him a lot, just cause they were all inside jokes} i made him something he has been asking me to make him for about 6 months now. i finally got around to it when he stopped begging me, and now he is getting it for fathers day. it is an earphone sleeve. he almost ordered one off the internet, but its a good thing i know how to sew, cause i just made him one instead! i also got him a crushed water bottle {inside joke, don't ask} and a framed picture for his office, of the picture above. i think he will really like it :) i also wrote him a 3 page note. he will probly like that to.... :) sorry, no pictures of the actual presents, just the little box with the earphone sleeve in it, and the note {which is inside the itty bitty shirt with the tie}

i am also speaking in church today, on fathers, since it is fathers day. oh yeah, i better go prepare that talk. i speak in 30 minutes {{winks}} jokes! i prepared it.... sort of.


Monday, June 13, 2011

yet again, another thing for my room

as i mentioned HERE Malia and i have been redecorating our room and putting up new frames all around. i think this was one of the last things we will do for awhile. {maybe} HERE and HERE and HERE you can see some canvas paintings that i have painted in the past. these were done {i think} about 2 years ago. i like these canvas' i have painted, but was getting sick of them. i took down those 3 canvas' and painted them yesterday on a lovely sunday afternoon.

{HERE} is where i originally painted this one with the bird on it

i put the 2 smaller ones together next to the window

and the bigger one, on the large wall next to the "jewelry tree"{HERE} {yes, this wall has already changed from the last time you saw it, HERE}

Sunday, June 12, 2011

a sunday night stroll

family and i went on a walk tonight, right after eating. we walked down to UVU to a stream first, then to some hills to roll down, then to a very cool pond with like, stairs in the water. while there we also played some freeze tag :) it was a lot of fun. family walks are so great! we were all laughing our heads off the entire walk, just crackin' jokes, and really enjoying each other. good golly i love my family :)

wish i could have been in this picture, but no, i am just the photographer :)

THESE are the stairs in the water {there is another view coming up} and on all this grass, is where we played some very intense freeze tag

pretty cool huh? it was a lot of fun to play on, let me tell ya

yeah, you could call me cute AND awkward...

same colors? {i know madi would want me to say this, yes, its her shirt}

on the way back, we saw some ants. we gave them some mints.


Saturday, June 11, 2011

a yard sale and redecorating

this morning, Malia and i went to a yard sale. not just any yard sale. but THEE yard sale. a yard sale we have had marked on our calenders for 2 weeks and cleared our schedules for.

if you have been reading this blog for awhile now, you would know that i got a blog "redecoration" done back in April. this was done by Jane Rhodes of See Jane Blog. she is AWESOME, i love her! she did it for me and ever since then, i have just loved my blog. Jane lives here in Orem, and her daughter Kiana even goes to school at Lakeridge with Malia. i have actually talked to her a couple of times, but i have never actually met anyone in the Rhodes family.

i follow Jane's blog and noticed that they will be moving to Boston {{frowns}} this made me extra sad when i read it, especially since i have not even met her yet! i keep reading and keep reading, about a week later she says she is having a HUGE yard sale! {{cheers}} YAY! this made me happy, i would finally be able to meet Jane! that leads us to today, where we woke up at 9, and drove down to the Rhodes home. Yep, you better believe i met Jane. she is the cutest!

why am i talking about this? oh yeah, i just remembered. at the yard sale i bought a couple things. 1) a gray sweater from Gap 2) a Macaroon that her daughter was selling 3) some lemonade that her daughter was selling 4) a pink/red/gray fabric frame

as much as i DID love that fabric on that frame, i did want it to match my room, so i bought the frame knowing i would want to recover it! so that is exactly what i did!
recovered it with some fabric, then added lace around the frame

it looked good, but needed some flare, so i added some buttons!

and here it is hanging on my wall

Malia and i did some MAJOR deep cleaning of our room yesterday as well, and it ended up taking us like, 6-7 hours. we decided to hang ALL of our frames above our book shelf, instead of having them just sit on top. so we printed new pictures and hung everything up!

this was an old fabric bulletin board that Malia got for Christmas forever ago, but it never matched our room, so we kept it in the closet. yesterday we pulled it out and i recovered it with some cute striped fabric from an old dress! it looks super cute i think :)

flowers from different occasions

you better BELIEVE that i printed out a picture of JB AND had it framed for my wall, uh huh, you can say your jealous
i also finally hung this little beee-utie up. my birthday present from Chris.
I LOVE IT. {he knows me too well}


Friday, June 10, 2011

its called summer {4 days in pictures}

yep. summer has been pretty freakin' AWESOME so far. i love it!