Wednesday, September 28, 2011

dear Christopher Turnbull


i hope you had an amazing day today!!
and i hope ALL your wishes came true.
you are gonna look so hot in those shirts i gave ya!
you are the BEST. love keen

once upon a time i donated blood

donation day = today. my appointment was at 1:00.
first i waited in an hour long line while Chris {the birthday boy!} took a bunch of pictures

then got my finger pricked

then i answered a bunch of pointless questions just asking the same thing
"have you had any sexual contact 'recently'... "
oh ya that's me the 16 year old prostitute in Orem Utah. yaaaaaa NO.

Kait got her finger pricked too, and didn't have enough Iron so she had to be 'Rechecked' and didn't end up getting to donate... poor Kait

i made Hanni wait with me... even though she hates blood {she is a very good friend}

we have a new obsession; planking.
she likes to plank while waiting.. she is rad guys, rad

after 2 hours the needle {the size of a Capri Sun straw... holy huge} finally went in. didn't hurt too bad. but they made me squeeze that dumb stress ball 1,000 times, and every time i squoze {is that a word? i don't think so} it, i could feel the needle moving... sheesh

they took about a pint of blood, and now my arm is sore

by the way
*don't worry, because homecoming post is on its way soon!*

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


today was a no good, very bad, terrible, awful, day. just a VERY bad day.

the only + was that i got to sleep in until 10, but then i went to the doctor to find out i have sunburned lips. then i go to school and everyone is staring at those puffy lips. greeeaaaaattt.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

seriously good yogurt

Yogurtland. ever been there? it's amazing. mostly because it is yogurt and not ice cream, so i know im eating healthy. my favorite flavor there is strawberry and coconut; SO yummy.

on thursday they were having a special, buy one get one FREE! so Hannah drove Madi, Haley, and i there during our hour long lunch to buy some yogurt

clockwise: Hannah's, Haley's, Keena's, Madi's {no toppings on Madi's? she's crazy}

Haley did not want the brownie bites... so here they are sitting in strawberry syrup

guys. today is homecoming. TODAY! i'm seriously so excited. i am being picked up at 2:45 so i am going to go take a shower, and shave my legs. let me tell you a secret... i don't even remember the last time i shaved, and my leg hair is the longest it has EVER been in my life. this could take me hours. i will post about homecoming soon! wish me a great night... bye for now!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

so new, so cool

there is a new Instagram in town; a new update that is. ienjoyed it today.. i love it! something new. Ms Cosgrove and i took some pictures while sitting there all bored in Photo class.

lunch time! Haley, Madi, Maddie, Hannah and i went to Haley's to enjoy some cereal and orange juice {breakfast?} she had fruity pebbles so i could hardly resist! plus, OJ is my favorite beverage!

after school Jos showed up with her BRAND new braces!

aint she cute? now im not the only brace face... besides mads of course

today was Parent Teacher Conferences at our school. the last time there was PTC's at MV, was the FIRST day mads and i hung out. so today was sort of a reunion for us! i love mads

now, i am going to go visit her at work, the Sweet Tooth Fairy. bye for now

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

it's a miracle

guys. i officially have a homecoming dress! for reals this time.

after a million dresses to decide from, many friends opinions, about 40 hours of time looking, and a lot of deciding, i finally got the perfect dress. all i have left to do is get a boutonniere for my handsome date Christopher. 4 days... im SO excited! that's all for now

Sunday, September 18, 2011

that one football game

it's really the only football game that matters, isn't it?
BYU lost to Utah ~ 54 to 10
first half? awesome! second half? terrible.
this was the only game i really care to watch, just because i love to be able to say we are BETTER than Utah. but no, we lost. and we lost BAD.

Hanni and i bought BYU shirts together just before the game, matching ones. she truly is a Ute fan [boooo] yet she bought a BYU shirt? but now, she is back to being a Ute fan because they won. i guess she just bleeds purple; HA!

Hanni, Madi and i all watched the game at Madi's house. at the quarter break we went and picked up Chris, Josh, and David; then went back to Madi's home. Kaylee came over, then at halftime, we all went to Hunter's house for a slammin' jammin' sweet 16 party. many people showed off their Cougar pride at that party. [try to ignore the badness of this picture. darknes + yellow lighting + flash, is never a good thing]

sometimes i would watch the game on that big blow up screen, and then i would get too frustrated and go talk to some peeps. but i would always end up watching it more haha. eventually most people left, but Hannah, Edgar, Chris, Josh, David [and some others] and i watched till the end, then headed home

terrible game, great night
better luck next year cougs

oh ya, homecoming is in 6 days. SO excited. boooo-yah!

Friday, September 16, 2011

finally; friday

its been a good week, sorry i haven't posted much; i've been busy and tired. but then again, that's always my excuse, sorry guys. its not like i even know if anyone is reading this blog anyways, nobody comments. but that's okay, because i love to blog

Briana, Mackenzie, Malia and i started a new tradition. facetime. every sunday night. 1 hour. it makes me miss my cousins a LOT more. yet, i still love being able to see them/talk to them

lots and lots of classes this week; of course. and homework. not my favorite.
but, i do try to entertain myself; usually with Instagram or Pinterest

i helped Hanni answer Jake for Homecoming on wednesday. we are in the same group and i am SO excited! speaking of Homecoming, i got a dress last night! yay for keena! 8 days!

more classes. more homework. still not my favorite.
STILL entertaining myself by not listening, HA!

enjoying our new hour long lunch at MV this week, its been great having enough time to actually go somewhere instead of eating at the school everyday. today i had lunch at Madi's house

i'd also like to introduce you to my photo teacher. wearing a hat and my glasses. what a pimp

that's all i gotta say
it has been a long week. i have had a lot of homework, and i have been trying to exercise a lot, plus i have Netflix on my phone and the Office is ALWAYS calling my name once i plop in bed!

the BYU/Utah game is tomorrow, and i can NOT wait. go cougars!
that's all for now

Monday, September 12, 2011

something new

i got a new bed! *correction* a new mattress!

something i have wanted for YEARS. thanks dad! now, i am going to plop in it, and watch 2 hours of the office {my favorite show these days, plus, it's on Netflix, which i have on my phone!} i was supposed to go running tonight, but that will have to wait until tomorrow. im so happy!

that's all for now
ps: i miss Briana & Mackenzie

Sunday, September 11, 2011

friday night football + remembrance

MV played Timpview on Friday night. i am proud to say i finally understand football :) Miss. Cosgrove taught me as we watched the game, then we watched the BYU game on Saturday together.

MV sadly lost, by a very stupid call. everyone in the stadium was ticked off, and Timpview was confused as to why they even won. bad call refs, bad call. BUT, our boys played very great and did amazing!

as you all know, today marks 10 years since 9/11 2001. i was only 6 years old when it happened, and although i don't remember it too well, i now understand what happened. today, all day, i have been remembering those families, those people, and those firefighters, and how hard it must have been, and still is. i hope you all take a moment today and appreciate all you have, and how blessed we are to live in America. i just can not even imagine how hard that day must have been. the poor people who had no other option but to jump from the burning World Trade Center's to save themselves. this day will always be remembered ~ 9/11/01
also, here are some videos
on 9/11. watch them, you won't regret it

Thursday, September 8, 2011

my very first concert

Selena Gomez concert? heck YA i went! guys, i have never been to a concert. this was my first! {Sydni's first too!} i had SO much fun! i absolutely love Selena!! and, i can't believe i was like, 100 feet away from her! she's amazing, just sayin. All Star Weekend is the band that opened up for her, and they were super good too!after school yesterday, i drove myself out to Cedar Hills, to Sydni's house.

after i got to Sydni's house, we drove out to SLC and
had some dinner at Zupas. i LOVE their Mango Berry Salad!

we then, drove to the Maverik Center where the concert was!

after listening to All Star Summer, there was about a 10 minute break. Syd and i splurged. we bought shirts :) it was our first concert, who wouldn't buy a shirt? plus, its SELENA GOMEZ!! sooooo, guys.. our shirts cost more than our tickets. HA! so. worth. my. money.

SELENA GOMEZ IS AMAZING! part way threw Syd
and i snuck down to the front, but got booted back up.
it was worth it, it was amazing! i love her!

my favorite songs she preformed:
a year without rain {opening song}
we own the night
who says {encore song}
love you like a love song
magic {closing song}

traffic was horrific on the way home, but very much worth it. after getting back to Cedar Hills, THEN driving all the way back down to Orem, i got home around 12 {no... i didn't get lost.. haha}

when i got home there was a little surprise...

i got asked to my FIRST dance EVER! Homecoming!
who asked me, you ask?

Chris Turnbull
im SO excited, like... SOOOO excited

much love, Keena