Friday, February 28, 2014

photoshoot | part 1

me and my girl Aubs. i love this lady. her mission call comes THIS WEEK and i couldn't be more excited for her! since day one we have been counting down the days for each other. can't wait to see where she is called :) so i had to split these pictures into 2 posts. there are far too many pictures and i couldn't narrow it down at all! this one is dedicated to my girl Aubrey.

are they not sooooo cute? Madie is amazing at what she does. part 2 coming soon!

happy friday my loves! this week flew by. can't believe it's already the weekend again. + today makes 4 MONTHS for elder peery being in AZ. 4 down, 20 to go for my T-honey. miss him.

and now i am headed to the temple. the best place on earth :) {along with Disneyland... of course.}

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

picture update

a little update of pictures from recently! i'm staying busy with school lately, and today on top of all the school i work a double at work. 8-5 my friends... i feel like it's summer all over again! not complaining though, because hey, i love working with missionaries. i'm just lookin forward to another bachelor episode tonight! bonus. that's what is gettin me through today ma friends :)

^^^ had to say goodbye to one of my best friends, cait on sunday night. she is headed to Miluakee, Wisconsin for her mission! she leaves tomorrow, and she gave the greatest farewell talk on sunday. im so proud of you cait! and you really are going to be an amazing missionary :) can't wait for all us girlfriends to get home and reunite! missionary work is such a blessing. ^^^

^^^ Tyler sent me some really pretty pictures of the temple this week. i'm jealous of him. just LOOK how pretty that temple is! and he gets to go through like a LOT with investigators. i will definitely visit this temple one day! ^^^

^^^ me and aubs :) showin our school pride at the gonzaga game last thursday! we love our cougs! ^^^

^^^ MUAH ^^^

^^^ the 6 chicks. nan, ang, erica, me, savanna, kaitlyn | not pictured, manager stacy. i love these girls :) we made a music video a few weeks ago... still trying to find a way i can post it but MAN it's awesome! ^^^

^^^ there is only one thing better than getting a letter after a long day of classes and studying. and that is getting TWO letters. i miss ya kid. so so much. (also i love that you are an artist.) ^^^

^^^ 1 am pictures coming to you live from keen and ang :) buns in our hair to keep our curly hair lookin curly and lookin like a mix between george washington + princess leia. fab. ^^^

^^^ dinner at Texas Roadhouse with my girls and erica's parents! they were nice enough to take us to dinner while they were in town. also to the creamery. such a good night! ^^^

i am blessed with such wonderful people in my life. ps: how great was the WEATHER yesterday? it got up to 65! in UTAH! whatttttt? what is happening? i was so so happy i got to run outside yesterday. running outside is always better than a treadmill. + it was past the temple. double yay!

oh, and i am still working on getting all the pictures edited from THIS photoshoot, and i will be sure to share them! happy tuesday! here's to hoping for a good day :)

Sunday, February 23, 2014

the ups and downs of lately

^^^ a preview of my photoshoot from yesterday with Madie Allen photography! took pictures with my cute friend aubrey. i love her soo sooo much. lots more pics coming soon! ^^^

life is like a roller coaster. am i right?

>>  BYU is hard. lots harder than i thought it would be! i am having a hard time trying to stay afloat lately. thankful this week is the halfway mark! cause i am seriously dyin over here.
>>  i have been i lots of photoshoots this week. #bloggerprobs haha! been taking pics with Sister Missionary Mall and boy it gets me all giddy for my mission. we're on the 100 day countdown ma friends!
>>  speaking of mission clothes... shopping has been supaaaa fun :) it's like getting a whole new wardrobe but instead of feeling guilty about buying lots of clothes... it's something you have to do! sooooo boo-yah! see ya later bank account.
>>  missing Tyler lately like crazy. it's super hard and it hits me at the most random times. but hey, happy 10 months to us today.
>>  didn't have to work this week due to the photoshoots i had. a nice little break! except i love workin at the MTC. excited to go back this week.
>>  my test scores this week. umm yikes. who decides to take the 5 hardest classes ever and stay alive? me i guess. and wow i think the teachers think i only have their class. cause they amount of study time they think i have for their exams is like CAARAZZY.
>>  getting more pictures from Tyler. makes my day. not to mention the endless amount of letters i have been getting from him. his letters make me crazy happy because of how good of an artist he is!
>>  mom's cookies. hello yum! those will be missed in about 4 months.
>>  being sleep deprived. deciding to stay up and study every night and have a social life with my girl friends or go to bed early? the struggle is real.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

just cause i like this cute missionary

so Tyler got a new camera, and it sends pictures to my email ( + his mom's!) right when he takes them! hello awesome invention. AND he can put a cute little caption. "love you babe have a good day!" ... wow it's the best thing in the whole wide world. it makes my day to open my email and have new pictures of this handsome boy who i miss and love so so much.

i feel so blessed we are able to communicate in so many different ways. not everyone gets this opportunity, and boy do i feel lucky. anyways, sorry for the obsessive missionary girlfriend overload over here... i just want to remember these moments and this is where i document them :) plus... he's so cute. and it just kills me. 

^^^ wow i just wanna squeeze him. how dare him look so attractive while i can't be there to do so.^^^

^^^ the voice recorder! our favorite thing.^^^

 ^^^ hahaha... he's such a dork. but i love him for it.^^^

 ^^^ he'd probably kill me if he knew i was posting all these selfies he's been taking for me. so shhhhh.^^^

 ^^^ he got my Vday package! i went above and beyond but he totally loved it.^^^

Tyler has been out for 3 1/2 months... 112 days. they haven't been easy. but seeing him so happy while he is serving the Lord and bringing people to the Gospel in Arizona makes it all worth it :)

i love you elder peery! love you like crazy. 

Sunday, February 16, 2014

on a sunday

 ^^^ im home for the weekend. we have school off tomorrow so i came home for the weekend with my fam! love my sister mia. so so much. along with the rest of my family! ^^^

today i am grateful. for so much! i feel truly blessed and thought i would share of my gratitude. seems pretty appropriate for a sunday afternoon! especially when i am putting off all my homework and studying :)

▲ grateful for an eternal family.
▲ grateful for a home cooked meal after eating peanut butter toast + salad all week.
▲ grateful for my loving missionary, Elder Peery.
▲ grateful for his dedication to the Lord and being hardworking in Arizona.
▲ grateful for the ability i have to exercise and go running and experience the outdoors.
▲ grateful for missions. so excited i get to serve one so soon. i know it's what i am supposed to do and where i am supposed to be... and i can't wait to serve the people in Toronto.
▲ grateful for my friends (special shout out to my girlfriends at college. i love you all.)
▲ grateful for desserts. always.
▲ grateful for the opportuinity i have to go to BYU. such an amazing school.
▲ grateful for technology. for the fact that Tyler can send me pictures straight from AZ (thank you new camera!) and that we can communicate through email (and thank you P days.)
▲ grateful for my parents and how supportive they are.
▲ grateful for the weather. it's a good thing i love the cold because it's going to be mighty frigid in Canada! just realized the other day though that i probably won't get a good solid tan for about 2 years. but Utah's weather is awesome. 
▲ grateful for the power of prayer.
▲ grateful for my siblings. they are the best. 
▲ grateful for my dorm! i have love my roomies and i have loved living there this year.
▲ grateful for memories. one of the main reasons i have this blog is so i can look back at them.
▲ grateful for my job. i love working with the missionaries at the MTC.
▲ grateful for learning. sometimes i feel like i study my bum off and still can't get the score i like, but i am happy i get to be in school and learning. even if i don't get very good grades.
▲ grateful for life, grateful for love.

happy sunday! feeling blessed lately. 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

because freshman year is awesome

it totally is though. when i look back on how much fun i have had and how lucky i have been to make such awesome girlfriends this year, i feel really really blessed. it has been the best! and it's not even over! also, life in general is awesome. i've been thinking about that a lot lately. there is just so much to be happy about!

anyways, here are some pictures of what i have been up to lately! life as a college kid my friends.

 ^^^ out to dinner at P.F. Changs for Briana's 19th birthday... which is this weekend! the whole gang was there. and it was best food ever. also she is the best cousin ever :) i love you nan. rooming with you this year has seriously been one of my all time favorite memories we have had. i am so lucky to have you! and even though i am wicked jealous you are going to Hawaii for your b-day, i love you forever. ^^^

 ^^^ celebrating Ky's 10th birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY little twin! i love you babe :) you are the cutest thing in the world. you have no idea how much i will miss ya when i am on my mission for 18 months. don't grow up too fast while im gone okay? you can't be boy crazy till i come back, either. i love ya little girl :) i hope you loved your special day. ^^^

^^^ puppy holding! for FHE this week we rented a puppy for an hour. is he not the cutest thing you have ever seen? and yes, we realize we only have one boy in our group. missionary age change baby! but we love havin him with us! ^^^

 ^^^ not really related to college, but i love this girl! savanah did so awesome in her halftime! i was so happy i got to go see her :) she is crazy good at what she does. ^^^

^^^ showing our cougar pride and cheering on our favorite cheerleader ever! GO COUGS. ^^^

^^^ who doesn't love a good photobooth strip? ^^^

 ^^^ remember how when i opened my mission call i had this cute handsome elder beside me? yeah. well selfies were needed. he almost looks real huh? he's going to love when i send him these! i wanna keep the cardboard cut out forevvvvvaaaa. well, just until he comes home haha! ^^^

life is good and i am blessed. i am still totally on cloud 9 from opening my mission call, and i constantly catch myself googling things about Toronto, or downloading Spanish apps when i should be doing homework. today i even bought my first bit of mission clothes! eeeeekkk! the giddiness never quits i tell ya!

happy wednesday! i have a crazy amount of studying to do for the 3 midterms i have this weekend. college life baby! crazy busy and hard... but CRAZY fun :)