Sunday, July 31, 2011

mountains + friends + Cooper + wedding

remember that one time? that one time when i posted on Friday? ya, i said i was going up to the canyon with my family. here, my friends, is the pictures from that adventure. we ate dinner, talked around the fire, watched the kids do a performance, and roasted mallows

after spending the night in the canyon; i went to Madi's house for a sleepover with Hannah, Madi, Haley, and me. we stayed up till 4... basically doing nothing other than stalking Instagram, taking pictures, talking about each others boy lives, and taking a dip in the pool. we also went to Yogurtland and saw Clint and a bunch of other graduated kids and some seniors as well. it was a great night over all; except for the part where we still had to get up at 7 am to go to Cooper's Run. other then that? it was awesome :)

saturday morning, 8 am, Coopers Run. Hunter did a great job singing and it was a great morning. the sun was shining but it was not too hot. there were so many people there to support the Kofford's it was absolutely amazing. that part where they let off the balloons and doves at the start of the race, literally brought tears to my eyes.

i never actually met Cooper Kofford, but his cute face that i always see in pictures is what i have always wanted to see in person. i hope that when i am in heaven i can meet him. he is so darn cute.

i remember Caitlyn calling me on July 31, 2009. she called and asked if i had heard the news. i was in Seattle with my cousins and hadn't heard anything. so, i said "No?" she said "Hunter's brother Cooper was just run over by a car, and was killed" i burst into tears. Cait tried to calm me down, but that didn't happen. like i said before, i have never met Cooper, but just knowing that one of my BEST friend's brother had just died, made my heart break. i remember going down stairs to my family, telling my mom and my dad. their faces, they were heart broken.

i remember going to Cooper's funeral. i remember how each of the Kofford kids gave their own talk about Cooper. i remember little Lincoln getting up and telling how he misses his older brother, and then he told the audience about how he missed his best friend. when Lincoln said that, i can't even tell you how much i cried. i remember Hunter's talk. i remember her telling everyone how he used to come into her room late at night when he had a bad dream, and snuggling up to her until morning. that makes me so sad.

dear Hunter,
you are SO strong. don't ever ever EVER let someone tell you otherwise. you are a HUGE example to me. i know you already know it, but i know it too, that you WILL see Cooper again. i love you Hunter, XO love Keen PS: you have a gorgeous voice. i love it! don't forget me when you become famous one day. always remember that im the girl you got in a cat fight with for 5 months straight :) haha i love you

here is my Louisa, Haley, Me, Hannah, and Madi at the 2nd annual Cooper's Run

later that night i went to Cait's sister Carley's wedding reception. i went to luncheon earlier in the day. it was at the Old Spaghetti Factory. it was SO SO good. their wedding video? AMAZINGLY precious. ahhh i loved it. anyways, i went to the reception later and it was awesome! i loved it.

much love, keena

Friday, July 29, 2011

hi, and bye

i have to leave, soon, but i thought i would pop in and say hello.

summer is same old same old, im still having a blast with friends and family. i KNOW i shouldn't say this, and i'll probably regret it come September, but im ready for school. i do love summer, but im ready for school to start. i love when i am in school and i can look forward to Friday/Saturday hangouts and parties. i love that i have stuff i do during the day. i love having so much time in the day. anyways, im ready. i have started school shopping a bit, and I've purchased some nice/lovely/needed things

last night Sydni and i had a sleepover. we watched "Life as we know it" i love that movie :) then this morning we got up and headed to the mall to do a little shopping. we both didn't have very much money, but had fun spending what we did have :) i had a little trouble trying to decide what earrings to get, but in the end i got the ones on the left; thanks to my dandy followers on Instagram, they helped me decide :)

so, on Wednesday night i had Madi do my hair for me. Jessica {my cousin} taught us a cool way to do it that will get your hair curly over night! so Madi did it for me, and it worked! i slept in this fancy hair-do, got up and took it out, and it looked beautiful {i thought}

*in the fancy doo*

in the morning*
i am now off to a family BBQ in the canyon where we will enjoy watermelon, salad, mallows, and each others company ~ buh bye for now dears

much love, keena

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

the Y

this morning, Hannah, Madi and i got up at the crack of dawn, to hike the Y in Provo. it was quite fun :) im not gonna lie, it was hard. i have never hiked the Y before, and i knew it would be hard, but man, i was out of breath! ALL of us were just panting as we trek up those steep hills. it was a great hike though, im glad i got up to get the exercise

much love, keena

hikes + peaks + crushes

my dad had a speaking assignment in Aspen Grove on sunday, so the whole family went for dinner, to go on a walk, take many pictures, and to listen to him speak! we all didn't really know if we were supposed to dress up or not to go up there, but i did anyways. i wasn't allowed to wear shorts anyways, and its not like i believe in wearing pants when its summer so, dress up it is!

the Horton family from Oregon is in town, so we are hanging out with them a bunch! on monday we went to 7Peaks with the WHOLE Horton clan {as in all 6 brothers and sisters, and their kids} it was a lot of fun! i don't always love the slides, the lines are long and boring. so instead, i like laying in the shallow part of the wave pool for 3 hours while gettin' my tan on :) i suppose for others this would be a waste of money, but i have a pass, so why not?

monday night i went and saw the new Captain America with Joslynn. okay, we love movies. Jos has gotten me addicted to movies! there are so many i want to see right now that are already out on DVD and a bunch of movies that aren't even out yet that i am just counting down the days for! i can not WAIT! gahhh i love movies :) ps: Captain America was SO good! i am also going to try and read all of the Twilight books before the first part of Breaking Dawn comes out November 18. i have never read any of them but i LOVE the movies, so, im gonna go for it.

this morning the Horton clan met up again to go hike Stewert Falls! i love hiking. lots. it is something i have never done a lot of, but now that i have discovered it again, i enjoy it, and plan to do it more often.

after, i took Caleb, Marcus, Ky, and Quince over to Madi's house to swim for an hour. then we all {including Madi} went to a Horton BBQ at the Carlson's

Madi and i are NOW about to have a sleepover. tomorrow we will be up at 8 to hike the Y! we are hiking it with Cait and Hannah. i never have, so i am quite excited. im obbsessed with a few things lately, check it out

my current crushes:
Pinterest, ALL movies, Blow Pop suckers, Blistex chapstick, feather earrings, quotes, hiking, reading, being tan, Tumblr, simple necklaces, counting down for things, Otter Pops, family time

much love, keena

Saturday, July 23, 2011

summer livin'

i haven't been blogging as much, but i guess that is just what happens when you have a life. i have been playing with friends all week long and haven't thought about it. No, i am not going to tell you everything i did this week, but, here are some pictures to summarize it for you.

it was a great week in all, it was my last week with Chris, for a week, since he is leaving for Idaho {for EFY} on Sunday morning. after he gets back, we have one more week together, then i am headed up to Seattle for the rest of the summer, when i get back he will be in Powell, then school starts. MAN, this is a busy summer

monday night at Trafalga
this was a fun night :) Cait drove me on the Go-Karts 2 times.
people there: Kaylee, Cait, Jos, Me, Edgar, David, Branson, Chris

*** note to self: when Branson asks if you will help HIM up, DON'T. seeing that his weight will over power you and you will fall on your back on the golf turf AND destroy your elbow. THEN the guy at 7Peaks will wrap it up all nice and tight when the scab falls off and is gushing blood *** thanks Branson

Malia and i at the SLC airport
waiting for our cousins flight to take off. Malia and i were not aloud to go through security cause only my mom was able too. so, we people watched for 2 hours. that was.... fun

sunday night
i held baby Claire for an hour, then talked to my cousin on the phone for an hour.
i love sunday nights

Cait and i on Tuesday
MAJOR shopping got done on this day. Ya, we like to spend our paychecks

Hannah and i on friday
we went to 7Peaks yesterday together! it was fun. i guess you could say im a rebel, since Chris convinced me to go on the yellow slide... {ooo. shiver. im not a fan of those slides} it was scary, but fun. oh, that wedgie i got was enjoyable too

people there: Hannah, Me, Chris, Edgar, Dallin, Josue

Cait and i on friday
we played roading. HAHA i love Caitlyn Jean Cosgrove

Caitlyn and Joslynn friday
*playing mommy daughter* don't ask

i will write back soon dears
much love, keena