Wednesday, May 25, 2011

i am still here

i've never been so happy {{smiles}} my birthday was OH, so fantastic, i wish i could do it again .... that is how fun it was! so much fun in 1 whole day. i did however celebrate on sunday too. oh, and monday. plus im still celebrating today, not to mention my actual birthday on tuesday! as you can see i am just making this the BEST birthday ever, & it is working. because it really HAS been the best birthday EVER! and it is not even over. but hey, who wouldn't want a PERFECT sweet 16?

i did not want to leave my blog hangin, which is why i decided to pop in and say "Hello!" but, it is sad that i have to leave so soon {{sigh}} but have no fear! because my "birthday post" will be coming shortly, just as soon as i can finish celebrating {if that will ever happen... haha!}

anyways, i am so happy to be 16 {if you can't tell}, you have no idea.... say hello to: driving, dances, and dating. i like to call them my 3 D's, and i am incredibly excited to do all 3! i will be back soon my dears! in the mean time, be sure to follow my little blog! much love! {{winks}}


Sunday, May 22, 2011

a very fishy weekend

after school, i went to my LAST time of roading, and i am very happy to announce that,
i PASSED! i will be getting my license the day i turn 16 {which is tuesday}

i went home, and Madi came over. we got ready, ate, and Hannah came over! then we made some ringtones for my phone. after finishing that, my dad took us to Chris' house. at Chris' house, boys played FIFA while we ladies talked, then we did some fireworks, then we watched a scary movie!
people there:
me, Jos, Madi, Cait, Hannah, Chris, Edgar, Dallin, Austin, David

at 11:45 Cait, Jos, and i went back to Caits house. we chatted with
her sister and her fiance until 3, then we went to sleep!

i got up at 10 so i could head home to do some chores. i did some chores indoors, then mowed the front of the lawn. then i shaved my legs, got dressed, made muddie buddies, then watched 3 episodes of LOST {AKA: my favorite show} Madi came over at about 4, then we walked to Caits.

at Caits, we talked, ate pizza, watched part of a movie, then decided to go on a walk! we walked to Petsmart and looked at some animals.... and SURPRISE! we all bought fishies!

Keena's: Timothy / Madi's: Bitsy / Cait's: Vernan
Cait was in LOVE with this parrot....

after Petsmart, we walked to Krispy Kreme's with our fishies

we ate our doughnuts, then walked down to Walmart to purchase some water bottles. we bought 3, then {i, Keena} picked up the fish out of the bag, and put them in these bottles. cute, eh?

so the main reason we went on a walk, was because Cait had these special coupons to get us a FREE strawberry lemonade slushiee at McDonald's! we had this wonderful adventure,
but then we finally decided to walk from Walmart to McDonald's.
we also got some fries! oh, and we took pictures there, with our fish :)

after eating, we saw some CUTE puppies for sale and we just HAD to hold them.
well me and Cait held them... Madi just took pictures :)

THEN, we walked ALL the way to Nielsens Grove Park, but it was PACKED with children.
so we kept walking, and we walked to the park by Alex Larsens house.
then we sat on the grass, with our fish, and talked

we were supposed to go hang out with the "BOYS" but that never really worked out, for many reasons {{sigh}} .... Jos met us at the Park, and we all talked for awhile. then we drove to Cait's to get a Starbucks card. we got some milkshakes there... then drove to Wendy's, where Cait, Madi and i all got chicken sandwich's, then drove to Cafe Rio, where Jos got herself a taco.

{YES, we ate a lot of food that night. YES i probably gained 20 pounds... oh well}
it sorta makes me sick to think about how much we ate....

we then drove to the MV park and sat in the parking lot. we were all extremely tired
i went home, talked for hours and hours with Chris, Madi, and Cait
{keep in mind, all seperate calls that were wicked long} then i finally went to sleep

woke up to find my fish {that i purposely left at Joslynn's last night} on my front porch! STILL ALIVE! i got him a nice bowl, and even found some food! YAY for Tim!

tonight was my Birthday Dinner {more to come about my entire birthday}
and i also got to open all of my presents {{smiles}}

that's all for now my dears!


coming soon: my birthday

Thursday, May 19, 2011

clothing and earrings selling

guess what? i am still selling clothes... down 7Circles! they are wonderful and i am having to work my bum off in order to make all these items in time. a few things have also gone on sale! come check it out! 

starting today, i am also selling earrings! they are WAY cute so come take a peek, and maybe purchase a few, since they are all only $3. what a STEAL! come see!

in case you have never heard of 7Circles:
this is my family's owned store we started June 4, 2010
VERY good deals on TONS of clothing!


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

monday and tuesday {crushes}

yesterday was an A day. first of all, after having a REALLY warm week last week, it was cold and wet, which was miserable. school was pretty good, during fourth {since i don't have one} i did math homework with Cait in the lunch room, and Chris and Edgar visited us.

after school, Cait and i went to her home. we cleaned her room. then went to Farr's and got some delicious ice cream! after eating it, we Facebook stalked, and then we were looking at REALLY old posts from like, 8th grade! on our own walls! it was pretty funny

Cait left for soccer, and i couldn't get a hold of my mom, so i walked home. after arriving home, i was in a VERY strange mood, and i was in the mood to RUN... just RUN... so that is exactly what i did. i ran a crazy 3 mile route to Madi's house, but when i got there she had to have FHE. i said hi to Chris at the park, then went home, ate, and my family and i had FHE. i then blogged {THIS} and took a shower. after that i Facetime-d with Madi, then i went to bed

B day {{sigh}} school was eh, okay. after school i stopped at Wendy's with my mom, then she took me to the Orem range where i had roading. i road-ed 3-5 with Damon Taylor and Mr Young. it was actually pretty fun! last time i didn't even know the girl i went with, but i actually knew Damon! we drove out to Spanish Fork and Springville, then back through Provo and Orem.

after roading i stopped at home, then went to Cold Stone where i met Deidre and Hailey for ice cream! if you do not know these people, let me just fill you in.

in case you didn't know, EFY 2010 was ONE of the BEST weeks of my entire life. i had SO much fun and i had my life changed a LOT in that week. Deidre is sort of my HERO and my inspiration. i love her VERY MUCH! {see her blog HERE} Hailey, she was/is a REALLY really good friend of mine that i made at EFY. she is one year younger then me, but we bond like glue :)

i then went home, and headed to YW with my mother and sister. and now i am home, blogging.
i hope you enjoyed my summary of the past 2 days
my current crushes

long summer dresses {via}

fedora's for summer {via}

chunky necklace's {via}
7 days till im 16

coming soon: new things i am selling at 7Circles!

Monday, May 16, 2011

my summer list {of 2011}

{ } go to 7Peaks
2 { } mow the entire lawn
3 { } pull an all night-er
4 { } roast marshmallows
5 { } make a music video
6 { } have a sleepover
7 { } burn all of my homework/notes from sophomore year
8 { } go hot tubbing
9 { } TP someones house
10 { } ninja sneak attack someone
11 { } have a movie night on my lawn
12 { } sleep on the tramp with my friends
13 { } swing
14 { } blast music in the car while drivin' round town
15 { } have a picnic
16 { } get snowies
17 { } go on a long walk
18 { } have a BBQ picnic
19 { } go to Lagoon
20 { } go to Girls Camp
21 { } write a book
22 { } color on the lawn
23 { } get a gnarly tan line
24 { } don't wear shoes for 1 whole week
25 { } hike the Y
26 { } make a smoothie
27 { } watch a baseball game
28 { } watch a soccer game
29 { } take a picture EVERY single day
30 { } make cookies for a friend
31 { } fugitive
32 { } night games
33 { } tie dye a shirt
34 { } get up early and watch the sunrise
35 { } have a water balloon fight
36 { } run through the sprinklers
37 { } wash a car
38 { } go laser tagging
39 { } star gazing
40 { } have a lemonade stand
41 { } fry an egg on the sidewalk
42 { } plant a flower
43 { } paint a picture
44 { } hide n' go seek in Walmart
45 { } make muddie buddies
46 { } make popsicles
47 { } blog weekly
48 { } go on the Alpine Slide
49 { } get a cool fake tattoo
50 { } go on a date
51 { } go see a movie
52 { } fly a kite
53 { } make a bird feeder
54 { } have a bubble gum blowing contest
55 { } blow bubbles
56 { } play tag in the rain
57 { } drive to SLC and go shopping at Gateway
58 { } visit Temple Square
59 { } go to St George
60 { } jump in the pool with my clothes on
61 { } invent a new phrase
62 { } draw with chalk then get it wet, and have a fight
63 { } play steal the flag in my culd-e-sac
64 { } pick berries
65 { } hula hoop
66 { } jump rope
67 { } face masks
68 { } get a mani/pedi
69 { } take a nap under a shady tree
70 { } go to the zoo
71 { } try a new food and learn to make it
72 { } walk around the block and pick up all the trash
73 { } don't use my phone except the camera, for 1 whole day
74 { } make a full dinner for my family
75 { } garden
76 { } don't straighten my hair for a week
77 { } swim @2 a.m
78 { } read a book in the sunshine
79 { } make lemonade
80 { } finger paint outdoors with pudding
81 { } make hot bread
82 { } don't sleep in my own bed for a week
83 { } paint someones toe nails
84 { } get a massage
85 { } get my license
86 { } go boutique shopping
87 { } learn to play a new song on the piano
88 { } do 1 math problem
89 { } work 1 full day
90 { } shave my legs
91 { } go to Farrs
92 { } fast
93 { } play with cornstarch
94 { } do a cart wheel
95 { } don't wear any make up 1 day
96 { } get a sun burn
97 { } watch Saved by the Bell
98 { } finish LOST
99 { } make popcorn
100 { } do my Personal Progress
101 { } make a cake
102 { } wrap a present
103 { } run 3 miles
104 { } shower @ midnight
105 { } make Kool-Aid
106 { } french braid my hair
107 { } walk to the mall
108 { } vacuum a room
109 { } do a somersault
110 { } go to Yogurtland
111 { } go to the Temple with friends
112 { } go to the Bishop's Storehouse
113 { } feed the ducks
114 { } make a romper
115 { } go to DI
116 { } start watching a new TV show
117 { } write in my journal
118 { } get my hair highlighted
119 { } go school shopping
120 { } get a new backpack for next year
121 { } earn money, save money
122 { } have a tea party
123 { } make shirts to sell
124 { } go to Trafalga
125 { } ride a bike
126 { } Shhh, this one is a secret

as you can see, some of these things are VERY easy to accomplish over this summer
others, are not so easy, but i obviously will NOT be bored this summer!

this list can officially start on June 3, 2011
anything that i do on this list before then, will not be checked off

this list will be posted often on my blog so you can see what i have accomplished
wish me luck as i try to accomplish all of these things
by the time school starts again in August


{there are some things on this summer list that were borrowed from Erika Mouritsen's summer list of 2010, all other ideas came from me, Keena Horton}

Sunday, May 15, 2011

friday-sunday {lovely weather}

im just going to come straight out and say that i really will NOT be better about it until
June 3 when school gets out. {{CHEERS}} i am just WAY to busy.
SO, bare with me as i try to find some time to blog these last 3 weeks

since i haven't blogged since last sunday {HERE} that is a lot of days i have missed this week. im not going to tell you what happened all of those days, mostly cause i really don't remember, but also because it will drag on and you will get bored. i will be summarizing
this past week has been VERY sunny and beautiful here in Orem, here are some things i did

i wore sandals and shorts {basically every day}
i hunt out with Madi {we went on a lot of walks this week}
Madi and i tanned, a lot
i got this {ugly, hard to eat with, medal, huge} appliance in my mouth
let me just tell you right now. it really really really .... stinks. i dislike this thing in my mouth. it really doesn't hurt, it is just really hard to eat food.... {{sigh}}
i drove around town with Madi and Chelsea
{check out Madi back there, yes kids, I GOT shotgun..... hehehe}
i got to hold baby Ryat
{AKA: Madi and Chelsea's new nephew}
other things i did:
math homework with Cait
watched movies with Cait
eat popsicles
oh and, homework
i will still tell you about my weekend, cause we all know weekends are WAY better than weekdays...

after school i met Madi at her bus stop, then we went home to her house and tanned until 5:15. we took a shower {NO, not together, but she let me USE her shower}
then my dad came and picked me up and we went to the Westmore Carnival
where the rest of my family was. i face painted there until 7 then i went home.

Madi came over, then by 8:30 Cait and Jos picked us up and we all went to Chris' house. party party party, i had a great night at Chris' house :) it was a blast!
people there:: me, Madi, Cait, Jos, Edgar, David, Josh, Omar, Chris, Dallin, Austin.

i woke up at 9:30 and my family and i headed over to my grandparents house to do some yard work. we worked and worked and WORKED. we did a bunch of digging, planting flowers, and just cleaning their yard in general. it looked SUPER nice by the time we were done, which was like 1:00. we finished and this is what my feet looked like. SO SO sick. my body was just completely covered in dirt.... {nasty}

after we finished we all ate some wonderful picnic food. hot dogs and hamburgers, salad, chips, fruit, and some homemade root beer! {you should have seen me TRY to eat this hot dog. not so easy when you have these things in your mouth}

i went home and showered, then Madi came over. we sat at my house for awhile. we made food like muddy buddies, eggs, tortillas, popcorn {yeah, SO random} then we went back to her house. Madi had to clean her room so i helped her. we cleaned and talked, then changed into some "PINK" sweats.... {YAY}

we made popcorn, got ice waters, and ate muddy buddies, while watching THIS MOVIE!

we all know we are a bit jealous that Madi now OWNS this movie ON DVD.... {love}

we watched the movie for about 45 minutes, then Hunter, Britt, and Nicole all came over! SINCE we are all 15 and couldn't go to MORP {{sigh}} we decided to have a GNO instead! we talked and talked about..... whatever girls talk about, then by about 11, we all left Madi's

i woke up at 7:30 since the family and i had my cousins baby blessing {Claire Christine Gillespie} at 9 and it was all the way out in Eagle Mountain. we went, and it was really good. we all headed over to their house after the blessing for some brunch! bagels, muffins, fruit, and juice {YUM}

while there, i was sitting on a wooden chair on their porch, and i got a REALLY bad sliver. people thought i was acting like a child, when really, that was one of the most painful things i think i have ever had. {OUCH}

that is all for now, and i DO promise that i have a really nice list coming soon, so stay tuned

9 days till im 16

coming soon: a delightful LIST

Sunday, May 8, 2011

friday-sunday {mothers day}

another day of fast {this time with Chris} during lunch, i went with Kenz, Hannah, and Cait, to ask Cline {to MORP} with Kenz. it was fun! during 4th, me and Mad wandered the halls, then Chris came out of class to say hello! he ended up staying awhile, since they had a sub, and all they were doing was watching a weird movie. we talked and talked, and eventually Chris and i broke our fast... on water and PB M&M's... YUM!

after school got out, Madi and i walked to her house. we wanted to layout, but first we went with her sister to Victoria's Secret. it was SO nice outside, mmm so beautiful :) drivin round town with the top down and my glasses on, yeahh man!

can you see me back there?we went back to Mad's, and soaked up some RAYS

and ate popsicles...

i got some color on my legs and arms, but i also got some sun, on my face and chest

after tanning for about 2 hours, we showered off, got dressed {Madi got ready} then Hannah came and picked us up, and we went to my house so i could get ready!

we then walked down to a BBQ that my family and neighbors were having. we had some hot dogs {which i haven't had since i found out how they were made about 9 months ago} salad, chips, fruit, and Capri Suns

after eating, we decided to go on a walk. we walked over by Old Navy, and such. we found these cool petals and were having fun BLOWING them on each other

at Old Navy, we found these hats. YEAH Hannah is a Utes fan {SICK SICK SICK}
Mad and i dominated her with our powerful BYU LOVE!

after that, we kept walking. we walked down to PetSmart and looked at the animals. Hannah got in trouble for scaring the birds, so we left! we kept walking, and we were walking down Main Street, when all of the sudden, Jos and Cait pull up! {and scare us} haha. so we hopped in the car with them, then they dropped us off at Chris' house. Chris, Edgar, Hannah, Madi and i all walked to the park, and then Jos and Cait eventually came too. then they left again, and we walked back to Chris' house.

la la la it was a good night {there is much more detail i could go into, but you'd get bored}
Madi and i went back to her house, ate, got in sweats, and went to sleep!

woke up, went home. i got ready, then my mom, Malia, Kylie, Quincey, and i all went to my aunts for a delightful mothers day tea party!
it was quite fun! there was cute sandwich's and tea cups

cute hat, eh?

after the wonderful tea party, i went home and got into some SHORTS, since it was such a wonderful day out. Malia and i wend to the mall to try and find some sandals. i DID find sandals, but i also found, sunglasses, a hat, 2 shirts, and a romper. YAY!

after the mall i went to Madi's to hang with her and Hannah for a little over an hour

Madi had to babysit in SLC that night, so Hannah and i left. i went home and helped my mother. went and got Caleb and Malia, then my entire family besides Malia and i went to the Garvin's house for the night {Syd couldn't hang, so i stayed home} Malia and i chilled here at our house until she had to go babysit at the neighbors @7:30

guess what i wore on saturday night? my new sandals. i LOVE them!

la la la i am {NOT} explaining all the details from this night. {mistakes were made, but i also had a fantastic night with Chris} there it is for ya.

dear mom, i love you, i have NO idea what i would do without you in my life. i dont always tell you how much i love you, but i really do, and i REALLY appreciate what you do for me each and every day. you do so much for our family, {don't even get me STARTED as to how much you do} i LOVE you mom!

my present to her? 1 free foot massage and pedicure by ME

i hope you all have a great day, and tell your mom you love her MORE than a million times


coming soon: a delightful LIST