Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter with the Horton fam

to kick off the Easter holiday, last night we decorated//colored 3 dozen eggs! dying and dying until each one is creatively colorful and fun. we use rubber bands, stickers, a white crayon, etc. and we do it every year :)

this morning we discovered that the the Easter bunny did, in fact, visit the Horton home. gathered our baskets, met in mom + dad's room, and headed out to gather all the candy

our tradition, that i talked about last year, is gathering ALL the candy, pouring it out, and sorting it by color and style. we are perfectionists. and everything must be exact. this usually takes us about an hour, just to line up all the candy. but it is our FAVORITE part.

^^^ the loot. and now, the sorting begins!

all of our hard work and dedication. proud kids

and then, it ends up in our baskets. perfect, huh??

Easter is one of our favorite holidays because of our fun traditions we do every year! mom also makes french toast. which we love. she also spoils us with new Easter clothes. she is kind of the best :)

*** i also love Easter because of the special memory of our Savior. he died for us and was risen on this day. i love that we can be reminded of that on this day, and celebrate it. i actually get really excited every year that i can go learn more about what the atonement + resurrection each year for Easter.

happy Easter everyone! hope yours is amazing too

Saturday, March 30, 2013

10 things

 sweater: old navy, leggings: XX1, scarf: Target, boots: Santa; Christmas, vest: my mom's 80's closet

1)  spring break. FINALLY. no more school for an entire week :) hallelujah!

2)  heading down to St. George on Sunday night with my girl friends for spring break. 80 degrees, multiple swimming pools, delicious food made by Meg's mom, + left over Easter candy. this week is looking amazing already!

3)  let's talk about Easter, just for a second. the candy that is around during this holiday? EVIL. but seriously amazing. every time my mom cracks out a bag of Cadbury eggs in this house, the Horton's go MAD. just wait until Sunday, we'll each have a dozen bags all to ourselves. *we wish*

4)  yes. i have more pictures of me in winter clothes with snow in the background. why? because i took {well, Mia did} a million pictures and i needed to blog. winter pictures it is!

5)  Briana and i signed up for our housing for BYU next year. we are living in the new Heritage Halls and move out August 28. how WEIRD is THAT??? me moving out?? what the heck... {but we are SO excited!}

6)  my parents sold 7Circles.

wait, WHAT?

my parents sold 7Circles!

been in the process of doing so for a couple weeks, and it is now finally okay for me to announce it! it is actually doing very well, but mom + dad just don't have the time for it anymore! dad has too much to do being a stake president, so we decided to turn over the business. definitely going to be a weird switch!

7)  hung out with my gorgeous Orem ladies last night. doing absolutely nothing except talking with them, and the Orem boys was actually so much fun! me, Maddie, Naomi, Taylor, Zach, Tyler, Luke, and Tysen. party at Naomi's house :)

8)  working both jobs today and having to miss the General Young Women's broadcast makes me pretty sad. thank heavens they'll post it on the internet so i can watch it later

9)  i saw The Host with some friends on Thursday night. anybody else seen it? kinda weird... but i thought the story line was way good! but the acting? YIKES

10)  i got asked to Prom! Tyler and Alex set up a HUGE scavenger hunt for Malia and i with 14 clues. i promise to share more about that really soon! because it was quite the adventure. so exciting i can't wait!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

best friend weekend

hello hello! it is almost Wednesday {aka: blogging at 11:30 on a Tuesday night} and i thought i would share the adventures Nan and i had this weekend! it was SO FUN while it lasted. and not a minute went wasted :)

friday started off with Alexis' wedding dress fitting that we went to, then lunch at Cafe Fresh. i had to go to MATC, and Alexis had work, so Briana hung out with mom and Quince. later, we had nothing better to do, so went and explored BYU campus. we got reallyyyyyyy excited for next year!

my aunt Kelly went through the temple that night, so mom + dad {and some other aunts//uncles} attended, so we babysat the kids. we endured those 3 hours then visited grandma + grandpa with Tanner and Alexis. THEN we had an in-n-out run at midnight, which was delish.

Briana had her BYU cheer clinic until noon, {which went well. in case you wanted to know :) she's amazing!} then Zupas for lunch. we headed up to City Creek in SLC to do a little shopping. Me, Mia, Nan, Alexis, and Tanner. 
 ^^^ we made Tanner take the pictures ;)

dinner at a new restaurant we discovered, Blue Lemon, which was to DIE FOR. {ahhhhmazing.} and we finished off the night with a 10:00 showing of Safe Haven. a new favorite

our last day. church took up majority of the day, then dinner with the fam. my fam is a hoot i tell ya ;)

and farewell! for 13 days. until i see you again :)

won't be long until we don't even have to say goodbye at all!

i love this lady.

hope your weekend was amazing too! annnnndddd it's midnight. so, happy wednesday!

Friday, March 22, 2013


SHE'S HERE. she is here and we are FINALLY together again. after almost 5 months. i love you nan. this weekend is going to be so much fun. i'm so happy you are home again best friend :)

i'll obviosuly be spending every waking moment with this lady, so see ya later bloggin world!


Thursday, March 21, 2013

that one time i was in a fashion show

 aka: last night. that's right! i modeled in a little fashion show. my good friend Kylee is in hair school, and needed a model for her "runway modern era" fashion show. yes, i realize i look a little like a monster, but by the end, Ky did an amazing job!

the hair doing alone took just over 2 hours, then we had to do make up and outfit. corn rows, twists, hairspray, ratting, etc. let's just say this hairdo definitely wasn't easy!

after 2 hours of hard work, and an entire bottle of hairspray, a masterpiece was created! next, makeup. smokey eye and some seriously awesome feathered eyelash extensions!

+ GLITTER LIPS. these, were awesome.

the finished product, after 4 hours of hard work! {don't judge my 'half smile.' keeping my mouth closed was almost the only thing i could do! there was so much glitter on my lips it was getting hard to talk because i would just eat glitter. so a creepy closed mouth smile is what ya get.}

 Kylee did an amazing job! she is honestly amazing and is going to be so successful becoming a hair stylist when she graduates from cosmetology school.

+ we got 1st place! FIRST PLACE! wahoooooo! my mad walking in heels skills really paid off!

and 3 cheers for supportive friends!

honestly so fun! and even though it took me an hour to calm my hair down, and a TON of conditioner, it was worth it. good job Ky! my future is definitely looking bright in the modeling area now. i just know it ;) totally kidding guys, totally kidding. i'll leave that job to Miranda Kerr.

Monday, March 18, 2013

in which you see my brown roots + news

 it's true, though. that i have brown roots.
sweater: Old Navy, fur snood: Cotton On, pants: Old Navy, booties: XX1

*random hair fact*
it is pretty weird. because the top of my hair has always been blonde, and the bottom, brown. all that dark under there you see in all my pictures? all n-a-t-u-r-a-l. my hair likes to go REALLY blonde up top in the summer, but the dark always stays dark. so in the winter, the roots must be highlighted.

and now, some news.
i really can't hold in my excitement any longer :) she is coming and i can't even wait! Thursday night Lex and i will pick her up from the airport, and we'll spend every single second together until she leaves Sunday night. i haven't seen my best friend since November. so a visit is LONG overdue. i miss her.

and we will finalize living in the dorm plans. and we will talk about BYU. and we will stay up late and chat. and we will eat lots of foods we shouldn't. and we will laugh for hours on end. and we will enjoy every single possible minute that we have together. and soon enough, this kind of thing will happen everyday :) when we live together.

i'm a little bit excited. can you tell?

Sunday, March 17, 2013

the 11 year old birthday boy

what a birthday weekend! so much celebration going on over here. Hannah's 18th, Marcus's 11th, + today was St Patties day! even though this isn't a big celebrated holiday, i still sport my green every year!

we celebrated Marcus's birthday today, because it's the only day the whole family has together without other conflicts {besides church. and the 3 farewells/homecomings i attended today. so much church!} we had dinner + presents + dessert with the whole fam! which is the way we usually celebrate our birthdays. mom makes whatever you want, and both sets of grandparents + a few cousins/aunts&uncles come enjoy with us!

we've had extra cousins staying with us this weekend. my aunt and uncle are in Hawaii so Trey, Kaden, and Avrey spent the weekend at the Horton home! 9 kids running around here and my mom manages to stay alive with a clean house, lots of food on the table, and a smile on her face. she's a saint, that one

homemade lettuce wraps + noodles for dinner and presents//dessert for mr 11!

tomorrow is back to school. back to reality and back to homework. which i suprisingly have none of, and it's the end of the term. this doesn't usually happen?

and here are some green nails. more supporting of this Irish holiday

hope everyone had a fabulous St Patrick's day! happy happy Sunday

Saturday, March 16, 2013

because im a slacker

lots of photos from the past 2 days!

Thursday was another soccer game, so me and my #1 fan Hanni decided to go watch! it was BEAUTIFUL outside on Thursday! after a long winter, the sun came out and the weather was super warm! such a perfect day for a soccer game! 

yesterday was quite the day! skipped 3rd period with my main boy Branson, to enjoy Costco samples and Cafe Fresh. i thought the fresh carrot juice might be good. it wasn't...

endured a 5 mile run after school, then joined my lovely ladies to dinner at Cubby's for Hannah's birthday! i have never been to Cubby's until now, and boy it was good! grilled chicken wheat sandwich with avacado/lettuce/tomato. delicious

enjoyed lots of cousin time, since my cute little cousins are staying with us for the week! this is Avery, and she is cute as can be. love her to death

headed to a crazy party at BYU later that night, and happened to run into Arie from the Bachelorette last season! he was getting swarmed by girls, but luckily i snagged a picture! what a babeeeeee

David, Josh, and i stayed with Hannah until midnight so we could wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! i love this girl to death! which is why we are doing even more celebrating tonight!

it's also my little brother Marcus' birthday today! and we will be doing lots of celebrating for that tomorrow with family! can't believe that cute boy is already 11 years old.

happy Saturday everyone! im having a great weekend myself over here, hope you are too!