Sunday, March 30, 2014

today is a really great day

 dress: mia's, H&M / tights: old, target / heels: target / denim jacket: H&M

for many reasons. but mainly because today i got my recommend so i can go to the temple. i can't wait. it was such a special day, and as i was interviewed i decided on a day when i would go before i leave on my mission. April 12. 2 weeks and i'll be a changed woman. (more on temples, here)

oh, AND today makes 5 MONTHS since tyler has left for AZ. can you tell i'm happy? it feels like eternity since i have seen tyler. i miss him. thank the heavens Pday is tomorrow :) also, it's a windy day and i miss the sun (come back! thanks) but i got new clothes for Cali with my sissy's this weekend and we just can't even wait! 

and now i am doing homework in my PJ's and soon to be headed to my grandparents for their anniversary dinner. life is good, and i am counting down the days to so many events it just makes me G I D D Y . xx

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

more college adventures

^^^ hiking for FHE. not having a car forced to walk to our hike too. up past the temple then into rock canyon we hiked our little bums off. such a pretty day we had to take advantage! ^^^

^^^ such a pretty view on our way back down. ^^^

^^^ aydelyn's birthday party! happy 12th to her! fun little partayyyy and a sleepover to end the night. so so fun :) ^^^

^^^ CONGRATS to one my besties, Ang on being called to serve in the ITALY, MILAN mission! we were all so surprised and happy for her. i am so proud of you Ang! can't wait to be sister missionaries together :) ^^^

^^^ saw Divergent with some girlfriends over the weekend. HOLY AMAZING. i didn't even read the book and wow i loved it so so much. it's giving Hunger Games a run for it's money. in my book at least. such a fun night! ^^^

^^^ REUNITED (ang headed home for the weekend) we were happy to be together again! and here is a veryblurry-middleofthenight-girltalkin-selfiestatus picture to prove it ^^^

^^^ sunday babes. love these girls oh so much! ^^^

^^^ monday  P day + a letter from him = one happy keen. yesterday was too good. ^^^

^^^ silly pics with my babe on our way to watch some Harry Potter (just one movie left, then i have officially seen the HP movies!) ^^^

tuesday is one of my favorite days. i have no school, i work at the MTC, and i always start my morning off with a run. the weather is becoming beautiful and i am on the home stretch of school until DISNEYLAND. so yes, life is good my friends :) hope you have a fabulous day too! xx

Sunday, March 23, 2014

he sends me sooooo many pictures

but i'm not complaining ;) and here is just a preview of the dozens and dozens tyler has been sending me as of late. this new wifi camera is awesome, and it's so fun to be able to see what he is up to while he is in Gilbert! this camera is a blessing (haha for me... especially) and we're totally loving it. i decided i definitely need to get one for my mission too!

 just posting these so i can remember them. i love this boy of mine a whole bunch.

^^^ is this temple not SOOOO pretty? i just love it! he sends me so many pictures of it too. the prettiest castle i'm tellin ya. ^^^

^^^ who knew they just had turtles in AZ? haha what the heck! it's so big too! ^^^

^^^ they were the only 4 missionaries to get tickets to the cultural celebration in their whole mission. he was so happy because the tickets were in the first 3 rows too! lucky kid :) ^^^

^^^ yeahhhh he sends me lots of selfies. he'd probably kill me if he knew i was putting them all on the internet ;) too bad he's not here to stop me... hehe. he's a babe. i know... i know. ^^^

 ^^^ he loooveeeees doing service. one of his favorite parts he says. and being with people from his ward! (especially those cute kids.) tyler also says it's already BLAZING hot there. i can't imagine what it's going to be like come July when he is biking around in his suit in 130 degree weather. brace yourself kid... haha please don't die of heat stroke. ^^^

 ^^^ the Gilbert Temple dedication! SO COOL. i have never heard tyler more positive and happy about his mission than when i read his reaction to the dedication. he said it was one of the coolest experiences and he loved every minute of it. so so cool! ^^^

 ^^^ i saved the best for last. HAHAHA he kills me. ^^^

so much love for this elder. i couldn't be prouder of where he is and what he is doing. it doesn't get any easier to have him away (yeahhhh others say differently.) sure, you get used to it, but i miss him every single day. 

however, i LOVE seeing him grow so much in the mission field and how much he loves being a missionary. it makes it all worth it :) PLUS getting these pictures so much with captions reminding me how much he loves me is just a nice little bonus i have to be grateful for. he looks so happy... i love it, and i love him.

also, today makes 11 months for us. so that's cool :)

Friday, March 21, 2014

apparently it's the new thing

overalls, man. they're everywhere now! who knew? apparently i also need to get myself a pair, seeing as they're such a big thing as of late. i'm definitely a fan, and these pair of Briana's are prime. we are loud and proud supporters of this spring trend. also i love this best friend/cousin/roomie of mine. so so much.

just a few extra pics from THIS shoot. oh, and remember how i mentioned doing these pictures for BYU? well, i was interviewed for BYU Journalism for having a fashion blog... so that was pretty cool :) and if you are curious, the final product of the video Maddie filmed for BYU will be out soon!

i seriously can't believe it's already the weekend again. it's crazy! time is flying by, and i think this week did especially because i was so dang busy. but look! i survived! i survived my midterms. which means all i have to do is make it to finals :) HALLELUJAH.

anyways, Tyler's sister Aydelyn invited me to her birthday party for tonight which will be supperrr fun. cause i love her :) also try to get some mission prepping done, & overcome this nasty nasty cold i have. (my throat and nose are slowly killing me i think) oh, AND ill be makin a disney chain with my family of course. eeeeeekk! happy happy weekend! xx

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

wrap up of my weekend

^^^ took one of my besties, Erica on her first hike up to the Y on saturday! i don't think she knew what she was getting herself into.... haha since she was basically dying on the first switchback. (but hey, aren't we all? it's a brutal hike. straight up hill man!) but we loved it, and the view always makes it worth your while! ^^^

^^^ mia and i had a girls night friday night together. it's a long story, but basically we waited for an hour and a half for our food at the first restaurant (Sam Hawk - a korean food restaurant, which i have never tried but mia loves it!) and after getting pretty freakin hungry and mad, we left and went to cafe rio (which we have all the time but nothing else was open after we had waited for so long!) yeah, we were bugged, but hey i do love me a pork salad. prime. ^^^

^^^ love me a temple trip with my girl aubs :) especially when there is no wait! ^^^

^^^ annnndddd here is from sunday night... minutes after we found out we are GOING TO DISNEYLAND. we are pretty excited if you couldn't tell ;) ^^^

on saturday i also went to the blogger clothing sale in SLC with mia, my cousin Alexis and her friend Haley. so worth it because i found some seriously cute things for such a good deal. plus, it was good to see those cute bloggers again :) anyways, this week is going to be a long one (hiiiiiii midterms galore!) but also a good one. i can feel it :) yesterday was awesome (P day, duh.) and honestly i can't even believe how fast the weeks are flying by! it's blowing my mind!

happy happy tuesday, xx.