Friday, June 28, 2013

guest post || knotted

sun kissed with no make up, tan lines and summer bracelets. cute, right? welcome to summer!
I am guest posting today over at Love, Caroline! be sure to check me out :)

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I am currently playing in NYC and have been for 4 days now. I come back sunday! but I'm enjoying EVERY SECOND in this amazing city.

be back soon! happy weekend!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

two happy months

^^^ pretend I am posting this on Sunday.

April 23 - June 23. 2 months ♥

they have been the very best, (literally.) the very best 2 months with my very favorite person. I couldn't ask for anyone better! happy 2 months, ty


Monday, June 24, 2013

5 things we've been doin together

back with the cousins again! they all came down for a few days before we part ways for EFY + NYC. we haven't let a minute go to waste!

1)  hiking the Y. a tradition we always do but this time we brought the whole fam! my parents have lived here their WHOLE lives and have never hiked the Y. it was hot, but it was fun

2)  tubing down the provo river. another tradition we love! and this time we brought the 2 boys. it's always fun running into trees + rocks AND watching Briana tip over in her tube. haha I was dying of laughter

3)  we even went on a date night together to the full moon ski lift! Tyler + Me, Briana + Austin, and Malia + Mackenzie (haha they just went together.) such a fun night!

4)  we also went swimming, got snowies, had a family BBQ, and stayed up late eating treats we know we shouldn't. that's the fun of the summer!

5)  today/yesterday we have been packing + planning out our outfits for EFY + NYC. stressful stuff I tell ya. Briana and I planning out our outfits is an all day event

busy busy busy! I can't believe i'll be in NYC in 2 days! I have been waiting for this for what seems like forever and it's crazy to think I will be in Times Square in 48 hours with my very best friend. I can't even WAIT

Thursday, June 20, 2013

my first time on Utah lake

CRAZY huh? I have lived in Utah my entire life and I have never been IN or ON Utah lake. which is crazy. because everyone I know has been boating, swimming, tubing, etc. but here I am, 18 years old, my first time on Utah lake.

Tyler's parents bought 2 kayaks last week and they let us take them out! I can't even tell you how fun it was. I loved it! we went out in the afternoon on Tuesday and even brought out cute sack lunches with turkey sandwich's and watermelon.

we loved the sunshine and pretended we were somewhere foreign in the ocean. such a fun day together

happy Thursday! Tyler and I just picked up my cousins. we have a fun couple days ahead of us!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

summer plans

i usually make a summer checklist every year {2011 here, 2012 here} but since they have always been so extravagant and i never really accomplish much, i opted out this year. however, i do have some things i really want to do this summer, and even though we are already almost 3 weeks in, looks like i am making a summer to do list anyways!

 ^^^ picture of my bestie Briana and i. becuase she'll be in lots of summer plans!

as will Ty. this is us at Summerfest on Saturday, {which is on the list... check!}

[ x ]  go to seattle
[ x ]  watch fireworks
[    ]  eat a sno-cone
[ x ]  7Peaks {Tyler and i went yesterday!}
[    ]  sleep out at the parade for the 4th
[ x ]  orem summerfest
[    ]  go to the temple
[    ]  NEW YORK
[    ]  tubing down provo river
[    ]  lake powell
[    ]  move out
[    ]  hike the Y
[    ]  finish Gossip Girl
[    ]  movie night on the lawn
[    ]  boating

this summer will be a good one! i can't wait :)

Monday, June 17, 2013


seeing as it is mid june now, i figured i should post about graduation. i totally would have posted these earlier, but since i was in Seattle, i had no access to them {because i left STRAIGHT from graduation to the airport!} but here i am, finally, with some pictures of me graduating from high school

i got some pictures done with a few of my girlfriends a few hours before gradution. i am so happy i did now becuase if i didn't, i'd have no pictures! {i'll blame the airport for that.}

|| left to right ||

me | meg | sesselja | emma | evelyn | mckenzie | kaylee | joslynn

 the rest are from right before we took our seats at graduation! glad i got to get a few more shots with good friends. we'll never get these moments back

 ^^^ barely snagged this last one as i'm running out after graduation for the airport. but i HAD to say goodbye of course

sad to think high school is all over. it made me really sad once it set in when i was not able to go to the all nighter party, and knowing that i may never see some of these people again. sure, i'll keep in touch with some, but this chapter is over. i'll sure miss ya Mountain View. those 3 years you gave me were unforgettable.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

adventures in seattle // part two

well, I am home! we got back yesterday afternoon after the wonderful 2 week vacation. it was super relaxing and we had so much yummy food, it was awesome. week two of seattle was great! we did lots of fun things and loved all the time we had together with our families!

lots of swimming, of course. because who wouldn't want to get some sun in the pool and relax there all day long. THAT, was the best. + jumping off the rocks and going down the slide? sooooo fun.

one of our last days, we also went to an amusement park. it was acutally a pretty sad excuse for one... it was half waterpark half amusement park and the rides were.... okay. we also got rained out at the end... quite the adventure!
 ^^^ we're on a rollercoaster... weeeeeeee!

we also headed into the city {they live in Sammamish which is 30 minutes away from Seattle} one day and went to the EMP museum, and out to eat at one of our favorite restaurants there, called Din Tai Fung. they have some seriously amazing dumplings there

and, to finish off the time we had, Briana's high school graduation. so fun to be able to see my babe graduate! BYU HERE WE COME

she also had a HUGE party for graduation, + I attended her seminary graduation

I miss the beautiful city of Seattle already! but it's good to be home.

I missed tyler {obviously...} and it's definitely good to be back with him. Briana is also coming back down next week, before we head to NYC for our senior trip! love that we can spend so much time together now!

happy Saturday! I am heading to Summerfest with the rest of Orem. gotta love those fireworks!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

just bragging about a boy

I just need to talk about this for a second. I just need to brag about this cute boy named tyler. because I have never had someone care about me this much. and I have never  M I S S E D  someone this much.

tyler sent me off to Seattle with a bag full of envelopes. {HOW CUTE is that. seriously} there was a letter for everyday I am gone. I have opened one every morning, and every letter makes me feel like the happiest girl in the world. it's the cutest thing, knowing he stayed up way later than he shouldn't have the night before graduation, to write me a letter for everyday I am gone. precious.

I miss him more than anything. and like I mentioned HERE, we have been on the phone quite a bit. skyping, and seeing his face on that computer screen... oh I can't even tell you the joy I felt! I didn't think it would be so hard to be away from someone for 2 weeks. and thinking about these 2 weeks, and comparing them to the 2 YEARS he will be gone for a mission.... that just makes me sick.

he's the cutest. and I am bragging because he's all mine ♥

Monday, June 10, 2013

adventures in seattle // part one

we have been having so much fun together as cousins in seattle! it has been sunny {surprisingly} all week long and we have honestly spent almost everyday laying out in the sunshine. nothing better though... right?

somehow every summer we come up here the sun comes with us! we haven't really seen the rainy + cloudy seattle that they get year round. so thank you sun, for following us up to WA.

we even spent a day at the lake with our families, which is basically a beach! reading on the dock and getting a tan/sunburn. perfection.

we also spent a day at Pikes Place Market; an every year tradition! Pikes is a fish market, with a bunch of little side shops. we walk the market and get freshly baked doughnuts.

 ^^^ sugar lips from doughnuts! kissy kissy, muah

below Pikes Place is the ever so famous seattle G U M  W A L L - which is actually really, really cool. we went last year, and I have yet to even put gum on it! I always forget... dang it.
 ^^^ the fam! minus dad. who stayed for 5 days {for the wedding} and left to go back to work. miss you dad

one day after laying out for the entire day, we headed to a local farmers market in Sammamish to get snowies. it was the perfect little place with even a live band!

also just spending lots of family time. it's been awesome having all my little cousins running around and playing together. so fun that lots of the family got to come up here for the wedding!

what an awesome week last week was! and this week has brought lots of fun moments too! {more to come, of course} having so much fun up here :)

and although I miss my boy Ty like crazy {to be honest, at least 2 phone calls a day and or skyping has been going on. yeah I miss him okay? }, i'm spending every minute I can with my favorite people in the world. we leave on Friday so we are making every moment count!

more to come of our fun times in WA!