Monday, April 30, 2012

10 things


 shirt: H&M, silk shawl: F21, pants: H&M, shoes: Target, earrings + bracelets: Dillards

1.  as you can see, my sister is on her way for professional photography. she seriously is so awesome at taking pictures for never even taking a photography class!
2.  May starts tomorrow! my all time favorite month. not only cause it's my birthday month, but because we are just rounding up the school year. it is definitely the best month for school cause teachers are getting just as ready for summer as we are. {wink wink, we'll do nothing in class}
3.  i LOVE Twitter.
4.  i'm finally ordering my 'prizes' today {from HERE}, from the contest i won on The Daybook blog! got myself some cute jewelry. can't wait
5.  Meg is sick, Joslynn sleeps through school, and Kaylee is in Canada. MY FRIENDS! come back to SCHOOL!
6.  this weekend i spent more time working out then i did with friends. no seriously though.... Friday i literally had nothing to do so i went to the gym at 7:00 at night. 7:00 on a Friday night i'm telling you! who does that? then Saturday i did the same thing + ran all around Orem. what. has. this. world. come to..... to where i am working out on a Friday/Saturday night..... i have GOT to get a life my friends
7.  we had so much fun yesterday taking pictures of one another, that we started loosing track of time... up to the point where we looked at the clock and we had been gone for 4 hours + it was time for dinner
8.  i miss my cousin so much its KILLING ME. everything happens for a reason. {and that reason better be a good one for us not seeing each other this long} can't wait for college when we can just be roomies + besties + sisters + BFF's..... miss her.
9.  favorite songs right now: If I were a Boy -Beyonce, Take Care (clean) -Drake feat. Rihanna, Happily Ever After -He is We, One Thing -One Direction
10.  i am headed to work! happy Monday everyone! and a happy last day of April!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

MV Prom 2012

SO FUN! seriously one of the funnest dances ever. Edgar was such a sweet date and such a wonderful gentleman! i was asked pretty last minute {like the week of} {which is totally fine, cause of course i am happy i got asked!} so i didn't have much time to find a dress! but luckily i found this gorgeous gold one that i am in love with. i really really wanted a fitted, long, silk dress; and that's exactly what i got!

our 'day date' was Friday night instead of Saturday afternoon. Edgar picked me up {then we picked up Cait and Austin} {SO thrilled that Cait was in my group!} and we headed to a park where we met the rest of the group! we played volleyball and glow in the dark croquet then watched a movie on the lawn! it was cold, but very very fun :)

Saturday morning Cait, Hannah and i got mani/pedi's at a salon! gold glitter nails for my fingers baby. i haven't had a mani'/pedi in like... 3 years! after, we got some Jamba's for breakfast, then Cait and i {Hannah had her day date} shaved our legs! {AND OUR ARMS! we never had. it was quite the accomplishment}
Edgar picked me up at 6:00 and we headed to pictures/dinner with Cait, Austin and the rest of the group! there were plenty of pictures taken at each place we went....

my house:
Cait's house:
our professional pictures:
our group:
Brian, Sidney, Austin M, Wendy, Branson, Misty, Tyler, Emma, Lauren, Alex, Shelby, Nick, Cait, Austin K, Keena {me}, Edgar
dinner was delicious! being the vegetarian i am, i had the Halibut instead of the chicken {yes. i still have fish. i don't eat MEAT}, but it was still divine! we even had some competitions of 'spoon {and a little fork from Edgar} on the nose' ...i won, obvi. {ha, not!}
after dinner we headed to the dance, which was SO DANG fun! after the dance, we went to Yogurtland then to Edgar's to watch a movie. over all? SUCH a great night. loved every minute! my first prom was definitely a success

Saturday, April 28, 2012

like i said, i procrastinate

which is why this blog has been left hanging all week long! what can i say... it's been a long week. but i have plenty of pictures to share! here's the run down of my week

the fam and i visited dad in the hospital! he is doing much better but at this point, but back on Sunday, he could barely stand up! we visited him a couple times while he was in there for about 3 days. it was quite the small hospital room for us all to fit in, but he sure enjoyed our company. he also enjoyed {NOT} the view he got from a man who walked past with his hospital gown... that was not.... all the way tied. the view of an old mans backside... {ew} gotta love hospitals.

Malia and i both chose to wear polka dots. we're pretty cute

ahhhhh the little hole in the wall! i tried to fit in..... fail

work work work! working at 7Circles of course. and i thought i would let ya'll know... we have some new jeans in! {Sevens, Rock n' Republics, and True Religions} these pants all have the original tag on them, and they range from $200-$400 dollars. guess what we sell them for? $75. you heard me! and they are WAY cute, im serious. {we even have tons without the white stitching on the side, since i am not exactly a fan of that} i am definitely picking up a pair of my own!

my day off. love those days. i tanned on my trampoline {since it was EIGHTY FIVE degrees} and then hit up the gym. cause that's what i do best. i also had mutual and later a math partayyyy with Joz and Kaylee.

more work! later Joz and Branson came over so we could figure out who to ask to MORP. Branson came up with the ways to ask while Joz and i decided WHO to ask. i had a list of about 10 seniors i wanted to ask, and basically i was super determined to ask a senior. {seriously, all i wanted} and that is because it's the last chance! they graduate....

long story short, ALL TEN SENIORS on my list had already been asked. seriously? Prom was 4 days ago!! so i gave up on that whole 'im definitely asking a senior' idea. so anyways, i asked Taylor Camp :) brought in an Orem boy! our group is going to be pretty random, since we'll have MV, Orem, and Provo boys all mixed in. i am guessing that will be the fun of it though!

MEGGIE'S 17th BIRTHDAY! Kaylee, Joslynn, Hannah and i kidnapped her at 6am to take her to breakfast at Einstens! she as super surprised since her mom changed the clocks, so she was all ready for school! it was still dark, we were all exhausted, but we had SO much fun :)

we also went to lunch that day, and i got meg a cute little ring + cookie. i hope your birthday was amazing meg! i love you so much best friend!!!! :)
a. very. long. day. a VERY... long day to say the least. Morningside at 6:30 {2 mornings of waking up early? KILL ME} so i was very exhausted all day. after school i took a bath so i could relax for a little then decided to go to the gym. after the gym i took a shower {at 8:00 on a Friday night? random i know} then Joslynn, Hannah and i went to a dollar movie. it as called Chronicle. anyone seen in? well i have never felt so overwhelmed in a movie in my entire life.

today? more movies. Joz and i love movies. Meg is joining us too and we are headed to the dollar theater for 2 movies in a row. a Thousand Words and This Means War. first one starts at 12:20 and i can't WAIT!

post coming soon: PROM

Sunday, April 22, 2012

sunday memory!

graduating the 6th grade! leaving elementary school. that's my 6th grade teacher, Mrs. Kenley

this was a day i will always remember! this ceremony was a huge event, and i even played a piano solo! Ms. C and i as besties even back then. we're so little it's crazy.... and seriously, check out my teeth. gawwwwgeous

Cait and i received the Hope of America award {which, i am still not too sure as to what that is, but it's an award :)} along with Punu (right) and Kaleb (left) {which i will now admit was our elementary school crush that we FOUGHT over everyday... and when i say fought, i mean we played soccer against the boys, and whoever lost had to say who they liked... pretty sure he switched off between me and Cait every time the boys won... HA!}

i miss elementary school.. the good old days

Thursday, April 19, 2012

10 things

dress: H&M {similar}, blazer: my brothers closet, scarf: Nordstrom {similar}, jeggings: 7Circles, booties: Target {similar}

{due to procrastination i am finally getting these pictures up that were taken way back in February.}
1) yes. i realize i have hips and a booty people. AKA: curves. and i accept them, embrace them, love them.
2) my dad is getting back surgery tomorrow. please pray for him
3) i got asked to prom! for reals this time. i was 'prank' asked 2 weeks ago..... {weird. i know} i got asked to Orem's prom with Carson Bown which is on May 5! i also got asked to Mountain Views with Edgar Cordova on April 21! 2 proms? okay!
4) guess who has 2 thumbs and a new prom dress... THIS GIRL!
5) i have heaps{HEAPS} of homework i really should be doing right now. procrastination at it's finest peeps
6) that awesome moment when a EXTREMELY hot guy talked to me at the gym.
7) have i ever mentioned i love the Kardashians? cause i do. i don't exactly love their potty mouths. or their lack of integrity. but they still definitely qualify as my favorite celebrities
8) I'd like to share a quote i heard this week... "Suffer the pain of discipline, or suffer the pain of regret." shared by miss Judy Stowell {on Instagram} that quote keeps me motivated for SURE.
9) paychecks come tomorrow and i think this is one of the first times in a long time that i haven't wanted to spend every penny.... probably because I'm in debt and have bills to pay, but i am still proud, ok?
10) something you may not know about me: i love school. always have, always will. most kids/teenagers HATE it. complain allllll day about wanting to leave. but what fun is that? sitting at home? i for one love school. and not just the social part {but that is my favorite part, obvi} i love it all, except homework... {another obvi}

happy happy weekend!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

bunch of nonsense

i have never been more bored than i am at this very minute. {so obvi i come to my blog} i am also exhausted. please enjoy this picture of my brand new emerald green trousers. and my new nude flats.

i am tired. extremely tired. got into bad habits of staying up late, and it's starting to catch up to me. have i also mentioned im bored? very bored.

this has offiically been the most pointless post ever.... and that's all i gotta say about that!
now i should really do something productive... ta-ta!

ps: i got a twitter today. don't know what im doing exactly, but feel free to follow along! @keena_horton

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

once upon a time

there was a blizzard. a HUGE BLIZZARD. 
on the way home from St. George on Saturday, we ran into a little..... detour
{that i totally forgot to mention HERE}

we were about 2 hours into the drive and it was snowing. HARD. we were on the freeway of course, but only going about 50MPH. then cars started sliding, and so did we! we stopped, along with everyone else, then after 5 minutes or so {which is kinda a long time to be stopped in the middle of the freeway....} we were confused.

we eventually talked to a man + called a non-emergency police number, and come to find out that there was a 20 car pile up of accidents just a couple cars away from us! {seriously, we couldn't even see it. SO snowy outside!}  anyways, we ended up waiting a full hour with the car turned off. just sitting there. in a blizzard. but we made the best of it {like we always do!} and watched 'The Muppets' as a family.
it was quite the adventure, i will say. especially the part where i was minutes {minutes!} away from taking my business {yes, my bladder was full from that XL lemonade i had at lunch....} to the snowy shrubs. me + my business + a bunch of strangers staring at me + Little Ceasers napkins + the outdoors..... now THAT would have been a sight.

Monday, April 16, 2012

St. Geeeeeeezy

was absolutely wonderful. just the vayyyy-cay i was hoping for! it wasn't exactly.... 'hot' but it was toasty enough to hop in my swimsuit and jump in the pool! not to mention lay out... which we did for about... 7 hours?? yeahhh

the family and i + our family friends, drove down on Wednesday morning, arrived at about 4:00. had some dinner and spent the night in the pool/hot tub. we also ate some Cafe Rio that night and watched LOST {started back up with season 1 and got my sissy hooked on it. love that show} 

Thursday was the sunniest day we had! that's the day we chose to lay out for 7 hours and FRY ourselves. Malia, Sydni & i didn't realize we were getting fried since it was only about 65 degrees outside. but laying out in those UV rays for 7 hours? hello 3 little lobsters.
we also went to a WAY cool park with a bunch of creative and fun swings! so many crazy swings. we had been to this park before when we went down in 2009, but they added more since then! they have lots of things you sit on, then spin. and go fast. i got dizzy. wayyyyy dizzzzzyyyy.

Friday was a little more cloudy and windy, but we still made the best of it! of course. the girls and i spent most of the day loungin' around {cause that's what vacations are for} and watching more LOST. once you start watching that show... there is just no stopping i tell you. 

after awhile, we all decided to go to Fiesta Family Fun Center! another place we had been to before, but they seriously have the BEST go-karts ever! hugest track, fastest cars.

it was such a wonderful getaway! yes, im still burnt. not as bad, but those lines are still there! but i'm not going to lie, i love the lines. and the comments of: "YOU ARE SO TAN!" those are the bessssttt