Friday, June 25, 2010


me. things that make

1. im forced to play the piano but i secretly love it..even though i dont practice that often.

2. im ADDICTED to carmex. but SHHH dont tell my mom or she wont buy me anymore...

3. i have 2 brothers, 3 sisters, 2 wonderful parents, 3 grandpas, and 2 grandmas.

4. if i didnt have my family. i would kill myself. since i dont think that living without a possible...especially my familly.

5. i LOVE disneyland. i have been 6 times. if my family went without our best friends the Garvins...i would bawl.

6. lost is my favorite show. although i cant stay into it. i kinda have to be watching it with someone or i will get scared....and im also only on season 3..

7. i have OCD. bad.

8. sewing is my passion. i love it. i love creating the things that i wear.

9. when i was 2. i threw up every night multiple times. wink wink...i have hypoglycemia.

10. i suck at grammer. i gave up on trying.

11. i have a small hole in the top of my right ear. i tell everyone that i got a piercing there...but i didnt:)

12. i am missing 2 teeth and as a result of that....i wear a retainer with 2 fake teeth on it. i tell everyone i got in a fight and had them knocked out...but really...i just wasnt born with them.

13. i miss billy mays.

14. everyone thinks that high school musical is cheezy and stupid. but deep down.
I LOVE IT. which is why my retainer says "HSM"

15. i dont wear tenni shoes...unless im running.

16. i have insomnia. which i hate.

17. i love cornstartch. i always will. i got 3 boxes of it for my birthday. yay:)

18. i wish i could sing.

19. i want to be able to do the splits more than anyone can ever imagine.

20. i made the cheer team. even though i learned to do a cart wheel 3 weeks ago...kinda. i still cant do them.

21. one day.. i will meet Buddy Valastro. i will pay him however much money it takes for him to make me a Mainstreet USA, Disneyland cake.

22. im scared of the dark and creepers. since i almost got raped.

23. i used to think i could see the future.

24. i am scared of dogs.

25. i love my mom who is also my bff.

26. my dad is the funniest person i know and i love him

27. i sleepwalk. a little toooo often.

28. when i was 6 i stood at the feet of a father moose. i thought it was a statue

29. i hate meat. i will eat chicken and an occasional hamburger but that is IT.

30. i love the summer more then all get out.

31. the place i would most like to visit it japan. i have no idea why. i just love japanese people i guess.

32. i want to be a pediatrician when i grow up. no one thinks i can do it but i will.
and when you all have children and they are very sickly. you can bring them to me and thank me that i am so pro.

33. i wish that i could dance. and have strong legs. and could do the splits...okayyy im pretty much just jealous of Amy Allred. :)

34. i have a weakness for popsicles. they are so cold and yummy.

35. i love Disney movies. especially the old classics.

36. i dont read.

37. i make muddie buddies waaaaaay too often.

38. Elder Bednar knows me by name.

39. my dad is famous:)

40. Walt Disney is my hero and i quote him WAY too often.

41. i lost 2 pounds. dont know why and i dont know how but i did.

42. i have no tailbone.

43. im secretly genius at computers.

44. i used to play 2 sports for 6 years but no one believes me since im not the sportsieee type.

45. i am scared of horses

46. i hate whipped creme, pudding, and blueberries.

47. i am a little toooo obbsessed with weddings.

48. i really wish i understood football.

49. i love saundra bullock and hugh grant and i really want them to get married...

50. i love my life and i dont want anything to change about it.


  1. hahaha, Oh Keena.... I love you!

  2. wow you are too funny!!! This list cracks me up :)

    Your one of a kind....and that is what I love!! From Mom