Tuesday, September 7, 2010

fish and horses

last night i went to a family party
we go to this family party every year
but i usually dont like to go, because im scared of canoes
(kinda haha)

yes i did go this year.
and it was actually quite fun!

i never fished.
my dad wanted me to try
he said if i caught a good enough fish we would keep it.....and eat IT!

i was definitely hesitant but i did fish!

its hard since last time i caught a fish
(lake powell 2 years ago)
i caught the fish, and we ate it for dinner.
the next morning i threw ALL that little cat fish RIGHT up!

but anyways, i did fish and we did catch 6 good ones. they are all diced up
(tear) and in our fridge.

here is my fishing experience

my dad had to help me:)

tried it on my own!

i caught one! commeee onnn little fishy come ON!!!!

there is me. holding my fish!

mmmm YUM! (not)

i dont know how many of you know this but i AM scared of horses. (Lost made me scared) they frighten me. but last night there was a single horse just a-grazzin in the pastures. so i went and looked at it with malia. and guess what! i touched it! AND i petted IT!!! AND i fed it!!!!!! epic i know.

i touched it!

FED it! (it has HUGE teeth and mouth)

thats me. with a horse:)

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