Sunday, October 17, 2010

UEA, quincey, and a mug

i don't know about you, but i had an awesome UEA!!
it was very fun.

Wednesday i went to Branson's with Amanda
Cait and Kait came over then we all walked to Walmart
then Brian and Jenna came
then me and Cait went back to my house and made new Carmex holders then went to sleep

Thursday me and Cait worked all day
then the "Garvins" came over and me and Sydni babysat
and played with the cute puppy (post coming about that soon:) that they brought
then me and Sydni slept


Friday me and Sydni woke up
went to the mall with Malia
went to Arby's
went to the Dollar Theatre
and saw "Knight and Day"
(AWESOME MOVIE) do watch out though.
F bomb. :(
then we went to Farr's and went out to her house with my family
me and her babysat again
then went to Walmart to buy Carmex
then watched LOST until 3a.m.


Saturday we woke up and ate and then watched LOST until 1
her parents brought me home
i showered
then went down to 7Circles and got Cait
then we went and got a new car:)
then we went to Target and i got some new things (YAY)
my parents then took us and the whole family (including "the new car":)
to a "Thai restraunt" (YUM)
then me and Cait went home and made bows and earrings.

it was a great UEA (i don't know if you can tell from my explanations but it was AWESOME)
i only have pictures of Wednesday night (tear tear)
but check them 0ut

me and Amanda on the Elmo car:)

all the girls on the Elmo car!

Jamba bench!

us through the machines

me and Cait in the ice-cream truck:)

me and Amanda!

Quincey has not been feeling good the last week
i got a call as i am at Walmart and she is in the ER
she had a lot of stomach pains that are very sharp and painful for her
so my parents took her

they did quite a bit of tests and they found
so she got sent home

here is Quince with her bear she got
isn't she cute!?:)

treats for them i made
along with
notes of everything i did Wednesday- Saturday
missed them like NO other!!
good thing they are HOME!

i got my mug back!
shes cute and

cereal in her:)
i named it "Penny"

i don't know why!
the end:)

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