Tuesday, November 1, 2011

halloweeeeeeen festivities

like it? pretty creative i thought. my aunt and uncle made a whole bunch of them at the annual "Gillespie family Halloween party" along with this little beauty...

a cat made outta veggies. wow my family ROCKS.

this year i didn't dress up for school... but Meggie had a little party at her house last night that she made me dress up for {she literally said i couldn't enter unless i dressed up... ha so i did} i wore my cow costume that Cait and i were {twins} together in the 6th grade! her mom made them

sorry i don't have a full picture {what a slacker i am} but it was a white sweatshirt with black felt spots + 'got milk?' stamped on in black + a bell on pink ribbon + cow headband with felt ears + leggings + boots and socks + a little white milk mustache to tie it all up... cutest

also, gotta love my punkin i carved.... very last minute, but darling of course. YES i basically do a Mickey head every year. what can you say? I'm Disney obsessed.

PS: happy November guys!

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