Friday, February 17, 2012

Valentines dayyyy

i have a love hate relationship with this holiday. the years i have no Valentine i obviously make myself better by shoving my face with chocolate and watching chick flicks while telling myself "who cares anyways. i like being single." yet in reality i want a Valentine. {who doesn't?} i saw a good/hilarious quote on Tumblr about Valentines day....

"oh you don't have a Valentine on Valentines day? well some people don't have a Mother on Mother's day or a Father on Father's day.... so shut up."

i always tell myself that it's a day filled with LOVE. love for friends, for family, and even for that special someone. obvi. i must say though, Valentine's day this year was wonderful :)

Monday night before Valentines day.... Cait, Hannah and i spent the night at Cait's house making our 'Valentines' a little {i use that word lightly. it was 2 poster boards long. TWO} candy gram posters! Cait's mom is quite creative and came up with the cutest saying ever. it took us 4 hours, + delivering them. but let me just say, totally worth it. the boys LOVED them!
Here is the finished result! i think it turned out super cute and fun :) it's always hard to decide what the lady should get her man, and i think this is a perfect idea! Matt loved it too :) *excuse the quality* if you can't read it all, it says:

** Matt... you BIG HUNK!!!! there are a BUNCH of RIESENS i want you as my valentine!! you are an EXTRA GOOD guy!! you always make me SNICKER. our CONVERSATIONS ROCK!! you are quite the HOTTIE!! we have GOOD & PLENTY of FUN together!! your smile DAZZLES and your eyes are AWESOME!! when i see you i get teh BUTTERFLIES!! you are X-TREMELY SWEET to me. i am NUTS about you!! i hope you CHEWS me to be your valentine!! LOVE Keena XOXO **

Matt's house was the only one we weren't sure about when delivering them. and since it was midnight when we finally finished, we were searching/running around in the dark! we found it though! {this is the best pic Hannah could get i guess :) *excuse this quality too!*}
Valentines day was also the day of the MV vs Orem. yeahhhhh i am not going to go there. anyways, after Matt and i went to the game, we went to the crepe place filled with treats that i know i shouldn't eat but did anyways. but hey, Valentines day = foods i shouldn't eat sooooo DUH :)
it was definitely a good day :)
and not only is it now the weekend.... but its a THREE day weekend :) tomorrow is a WAY fun event at Megs house that i will be attending with Matt and a bunch of friends! more on that after it actually happens!

have a weekend filled with fun everyone! i'll be running my tush off. haven't on the streets for a while, and my 1/2 Marathon is in 29 days. crazyyyyy

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