Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Seattle :: week 2

{read about week 1 HERE }

over the weekend in Seattle we did a little more shopping saturday, and sunday we spent time at home going trough Briana and Mackenzie's closets. + we watched the finale of The Bachlorette {but didn't everyone?}

we headed to some shops in Bellevue, a close by city. we went to Nordstrom Rack + Old Navy, then enjoyed lunch at Panera!

it was a pink/purple pants, bun on top of the head kind of day.....

on the way home, we picked up a few movies {Breaking Dawn, Captain America, & The Vow} and had a movie night that night with our brothers!

another day spent poolside. reading our books and getting tan. it's what we do best

tuesday night we headed to Briana's boyfriend Will's basketball game! he plays for a college team now and his team won!

we picked my dad up from the airport {he had to fly back down to Utah for work, but came back up!} then headed to a local beach for the day! it was super hot that day, so it felt nice to take a dip in the water

one of the last warm days we would get while we were there, so again, it was spent poolside!

 halfway through the day, us girls took a break from the sun and went to 'the Bubble Shack.' they have some seriously good smoothies

we headed back for more sun. and chicken fights....


 tan lines.... the best of the best. basically our progress of the whole 2 weeks

in the morning we went blueberry picking because we didn't think we had enough raspberries apparently... :)

for our last day we went down to the local fish market called Pikes Place Market! they have a bunch of shops and people yelling at you to buy fish. it's quite fun

 we also went to the gum wall. SO COOL. it's a must see before you die!

sadly, we didn't have gum. so i didn't get to 'leave my print' but that place was freaking cool i tell you.

SO MUCH FUN. am i sad to be home? its good to be back in Utah, but am i sad Briana isn't with me? YES. i love her and Kenzie so much. it's definitely a challenge to be away from them. it was such a fun trip though. i loved every single minute! can't wait to go back again next year

PS: i am leaving to girls camp, like now. so i won't be back until Saturday! ill post when i get home. sorry i can't post much, i have such a busy summer everyone! 

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  1. that all looks so fun! especially the gum wall!