Tuesday, August 14, 2012

a little service never hurt anyone

last friday night, Joslynn, Meg, and i participated in the "Vivint Gives Back" service event. we prepared meals for the starving kids in other countries. i didn't exactly know what i was getting myself into when Joslynn's mom signed us up, but it ended up being one of the coolest experiences

each packet we made had 6 cups of food in it. that feeds a child for 1 week. (sad, i know) there was chicken powder, dried veggies, soybeans, & rice. every bag had an even amount, and we packed them into boxes. 

 Joslynn did the chicken + veggies. Meg did the soybeans + rice, and Joslynns mom + i did the weighing! it was actually a race, too. a race to see which set of people could get the most boxes packed. Joslynn was definitely the one that spilled the most, her mom was the 'cleaner', Meg was the slow one... and i was the screw up ;) 

don't we look dang sexy in our hair nets? we know, we know

after packing the meals for 2 hours with 73 volunteers, we packed 139 boxes of meals, with 216 meals per box. this means there were 30,024 meals made by 73 people in 2 hours. i don't know if that seems like much to you, but these meals really do save lives, and it sure feels good knowing it

giving back always feels good. the feeling of knowing you just saved lives, is a great one


  1. That's way cool! That feeling after doing service is the greatest :)

  2. that's so cool, keena! man, i wish i had known about this. it sure does feel great when you're doing stuff for a cause-- and even cooler that you did it with pals and had lots of fun :)