Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sadie's 2012

introducing my date, Dallin Kelly! i asked him to Sadie Hawkins this year and we had so much fun!

after much discussion and confusion on what to do for our day-date, (we made probably 10 final decisions that all ended up failing) the girls and i decided (VERY last minute) on having dinner + dessert + games + movie (and a spontaneous snowball fight) at Megs house!

we decided for Friday night instead of doing it Saturday afternoon. we met at Megs house at 7 for everything! we had dinner {pasta bar} and dessert! {hot cocoa, muddie buddies, brownies} we also played games and watched 'What Happens in Vegas.'

Saturday night we picked the boys back up (all dressed up in our fancy outfits. which was also MUCH confusion and debating before we finally decided to have 3 tennis player couples + 3 boxing couples) and had pictures!

Keena and Dallin
Kaylee and Alec

Emma and Alex

Joslynn and Jayce

Meg and Edgar

Caitlyn and Austin

we decided to have dinner at Wingers and it was delicious!
after dinner, the dance! which was SO fun. we left the dance and headed to Kaylee's where we watched a movie and mostly all fell asleep! 
  this dance definitely goes on my list of favorites, especially since all my best friends were in the same group! after all the stress that we went through to get this dance prepared, i am so glad it all worked out!

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  1. What a cute idea! I Love Wingers. Looks like you had a great night.