Friday, December 21, 2012

over the past week

 its been quite the week! i really haven't had any spare time {not even gym time... which is killing me} because of my work schedule! and although i am making money, i wish i could just slow it down a little and enjoy the holidays.

and now that it is the 21 and i have a few hours until i go to work, i'm going to start my Christmas shopping! {4 days before Christmas.... and believe me, i have quite the hefty list of gifts i have to buy!} + blog! and show my many pictures!

here are some things i have done over the past week

i attended Chris Reyes' mission farewell with some of my best friends!

missed school {i have a bad habit of that lately} to go to Marcus, Kylie, and Quincey's Christmas concert at the elementary school! they were so cute. totally off-tune with the music playing and barely singing the right words :)

enjoyed the snow with my friends + family! snowball fights baby

and even though there is hardly any on the ground here, we were grateful for even a little bit.

went to Kaylee's LAST dance concert, the Nutcracker, with Meg + Tyler + Branson! Kaylee is quitting dance after Christmas to get ready for college + get a job. she is such an amazing dancer though! those 3 hours of dance lessons every single day really paid off Kays!

made + ate SO many treats with my family! this is why i love the holidays. constantly a million treats everywhere around my house. and although it's pretty dangerous, i just told myself that those New Years resolutions are coming right up... and THAT is when we'll stop eating ONLY treats for all 3 meals

cozying {is that a word?} up every day in sweaters and fur. i am basically in some sort of fur {scarf, vest, coat, etc} every single day... but it keeps me cozy!

and i even went to temple square for the 2nd time! date night with Chris + Hannah + Alec seeing the lights in Salt Lake! it was freezing, but i loved every minute

 Hanni and i in our matching red beanies, peacoats, and combat boots!

life is busy, life is wonderful, life is fun. 
getting excited for Christmas, let's hope i can get my shopping done!

happy *end of the world!* do something crazy today... for tonight at midnight it will all be over!
just kidding. i don't believe those crazy mayan people. but if the world were to end tonight i hope to see you all in heaven, so don't sin too much today :)