Sunday, December 6, 2015


since i didn't post much about Thanksgiving, i decided i wanted to post a few of the many things i am super grateful for -- especially at this time of year, and especially when there is so much going on. with Tyler, but also with my health! i have such a grateful heart today, and couldn't help but share it. (brought to you by more cute pics of T$ and i:)

grateful for the Gospel. for everything it means to me and for the way it has changed me.
grateful for my Savior. who i know knows me personally. and everything i feel and am.
grateful for the Book of Mormon. which gives me so much strength everyday!
grateful for a modern day Prophet. who receives such divine revelation from our Father in Heaven.
grateful for my eternal family. i don't know what i would ever do without them. especially my parents.
grateful for Tyler. who does soooooo muccchhhhhh for me. he treats me like a queen.
grateful we have such strong testimonies of the Lord Jesus Christ.
grateful for the little miracles we have seen during all my tailbone problems.
grateful we found the infection when we did, and grateful for doctors who know what they are doing.
grateful for an amazing plastic surgeon who is totally going to fix this dang tailbone for GOOD!
grateful for SO MANY BLESSINGS. a warm home, food at every meal, an amazing job, and so much more.
grateful for challenges and trials, even when they are hard. i know they help me grow stronger.
grateful for the memories and laughs Tyler and i share. i love him.
grateful for this month, to celebrate Christ. the reason for the season.
grateful for all i have been given. and because i have been given much, i too must give. 

happy sunday! count your blessings.

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