Thursday, March 21, 2013

that one time i was in a fashion show

 aka: last night. that's right! i modeled in a little fashion show. my good friend Kylee is in hair school, and needed a model for her "runway modern era" fashion show. yes, i realize i look a little like a monster, but by the end, Ky did an amazing job!

the hair doing alone took just over 2 hours, then we had to do make up and outfit. corn rows, twists, hairspray, ratting, etc. let's just say this hairdo definitely wasn't easy!

after 2 hours of hard work, and an entire bottle of hairspray, a masterpiece was created! next, makeup. smokey eye and some seriously awesome feathered eyelash extensions!

+ GLITTER LIPS. these, were awesome.

the finished product, after 4 hours of hard work! {don't judge my 'half smile.' keeping my mouth closed was almost the only thing i could do! there was so much glitter on my lips it was getting hard to talk because i would just eat glitter. so a creepy closed mouth smile is what ya get.}

 Kylee did an amazing job! she is honestly amazing and is going to be so successful becoming a hair stylist when she graduates from cosmetology school.

+ we got 1st place! FIRST PLACE! wahoooooo! my mad walking in heels skills really paid off!

and 3 cheers for supportive friends!

honestly so fun! and even though it took me an hour to calm my hair down, and a TON of conditioner, it was worth it. good job Ky! my future is definitely looking bright in the modeling area now. i just know it ;) totally kidding guys, totally kidding. i'll leave that job to Miranda Kerr.

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