Sunday, August 18, 2013

this past week

Briana made it! she is officially moved in with me! it's been a fun weekend, because her family came down with her for a few days, so we've been hangin with them too!

Friday night when they got here, we headed up to squaw peak to check out the view and catch up on what's happened since we last saw each other!

Saturday morning we headed out to Draper together, to attend the ILY COUTURE blogger event! it was really the greatest thing in the world, because I got to meet some of  my all time favorite bloggers AND buy a bunch of their clothes! ummmmmmm HELLO

SO fun to go out and see them and know that the people I stalk everyday over the internet are actually real people ;)

 ^^^ giddy about our purchases!

and yesterday afternoon Tyler and I headed to the temple again. this time, Provo. it's one of our favorite things to do together these days, especially since Tyler's papers are in.

 it's been a good week! and tomorrow it's back to the grind. workin lots this week, AND my sibs start school Tuesday! we have kissed summer goodbye my friends. yes I am crying about that.

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