Thursday, August 8, 2013

wednesday night at vivian

last night when i got off work, Tyler and i decided to head up the canyon with a camera and have some fun together. we went to Vivian park! we went on a little hike up the mountain {carefully. since i was wearing wedged sneakers {which are my new fav}... ha! it was a sight i tell ya} and found a pretty sweet view, + a river to take pictures by

 even though it was starting to get dark once we got to the top, we used the flash and did what we could! mostly just being silly and trying to balance ourselves on a large log. and taking as many pictures possible! *beware. there are lots.*

 ^^^ that smile. I mean..... really.

 ^^^ i couldn't stay balanced for the life of me! i guess tyler thought that was funny. but hey, i'd like to see HIM do it in heels...

 we kind of really like each other. a whole bunch.

we eventually hiked back down because the sun had set, then had more fun at the park together. we brought a blanket + stargazed. annnnndddd maybe took more pictures. yeah we took lots more pictures...

and even though we got attacked by mosquito's and got freaked out by animals in the bushes.... AND risked keena falling off the mountain in wedged sneakers... it was a really good night.

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  1. you guys are too cute!

    samantha (: