Saturday, November 30, 2013

10 things

 shirt: old navy / flannel: Malia's / pants: American Eagle / booties: boutique / jewelry: thrifted + Nordstrom

1)  it has officially been ONE MONTH since Tyler left. sometimes i think wow okay... not too bad i guess. i can do this. and other times i think okay that was the longest month of my entire life. but 23 more those? i've got this.
2)  tomorrow is December. and now that thanksgiving is over we can all start celebrating Christmas! the happiest time of the year! i can't even wait to get that Christmas tree up
3)  it's back to the grind come Monday morning. and i have 2 weeks until finals. yikes.
4)  got myself h o o k e d on a show called Hart of Dixie. it's on netflix and i can't go a night without watching a few episodes. love me a good tv series
5)  black friday? well, St. George people don't go quite as crazy as the people of Orem, but there were still plenty of people out all night long. Mia + mom + i went to a few of the outlet stores including Old Navy where we met up with the Peery's and waited in the 2 hour long line together. but hey we got some good deals so it was awesome!
6)  mom + dad + Caleb + Mia and i did a workout video together last night. that was interesting to say the least
7)  cafe rio leftovers. nuff said
8)  took a trip to the temple today. the St. George temple is beautiful, and so white that sometimes it blinds my eyes when the sun shines on it!
9)  doing nothing but relaxing all week.... wow i am lovin it.
10)  meeting with my bishop this week to start on my mission papers. just let THAT soak in for a minute.

today was a really good day. i am wearing flannel and it's not freezing. more pictures to come soon of our last few days in St. George!

+ + + tomorrow the winner of the GIVEAWAY will be announced, so enter now! 

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