Sunday, November 24, 2013

living like a college kid

happy sunday! this past week i have been doing more and more "like a college kid." which means hanging out with friends more, going to games, staying out late, not buying groceries because i am poor, and making the best of the few hours not doing homework! 

now that Tyler is in AZ, i am trying to get in my "college experience." (butttttt i am not going to lie i still see my fam all the time during the week. but who wouldn't when you live 10 minutes from home? maybe i'm crazy.)

anyway, it's been a pretty good week

^^^ byu basketball game with my new friend Megan! and even though they lost by 2 points, it was a really great game and we loved it lots. ^^^

^^^ Briana and i went in a photo-booth together. who doesn't love a good photo-booth film strip?^^^

 ^^^ check out what the Peery fam + i received in the mail this week! i sure miss Tyler's voice lots. (there is a file for me and his fam... it's 30 minutes long and i have listened to it 3 times. also a file for me. i can't get enough.^^^

 ^^^ Friday night date night at the Chocolate with Aydels. we shared a cazooooooki. which is the tastiest treat ever. ^^^

 ^^^ last night Briana and i spent the night in SLC at the Gateway together! we just happened to be there on the most perfect night ever. they had carols for Christmas and they lit up the tree. so festive we LOVED it!^^^

 ^^^ and to finish off the night we saw Catching Fire! which was A M A Z I N G. i give that movie a solid 10.^^^

and here's to a week with 2 school days and a vayyyycayy with my fam to St. George! woo hooo! 3 cheers to a BREAK. i can't even tell ya how happy i am. ( + black friday. HECK YES.) and i will be back later this week... i promise!

happy sunday!


  1. This is making me so excited to FINALLY graduate and go up to Utah for college!

  2. We went and saw Catching Fire last night too...I LOVED it! Looks like you are loving college life, have fun in St. George!!

  3. wow you and your cousin have theeee most gorgeous eyes!